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Formed in 2011, UK alternative rock band Frazer has earned a potent reputation and an increasingly growing loyal fan base for their live presence. Now the band is trying to awaken broader national attention with their debut single Two Hands, and it is fair to say that the band probably could not have made a more engaging and enjoyable fist of it. The song is a lively bounce of virulent infectiousness and creative enterprise but equally it has a drama to it which just as quickly involves the imagination as it does ears and feet. It is simply a wake-up call destined to earn the band the attention they deserve.

Picture 1    The Sheffield quintet of vocalist Ashley Clarke, guitarist Harvey Fletcher, bassist Andrew Battey, drummer Alex Owen, and Matt Marsh on keys brought Frazer to life in 2011 and since their emergence has continually honed their sound and invention through writing, recording, and playing live. References to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, and The Black Keys have been offered for their stage tenacity, often in glowing reviews and acclaim. Now we have Two Hands to give the rest of us yet to discover that joy a clue as what the fuss is all about and though only one song, it is easy to make early assumptions that the reports of their potential and qualities are right on the money.

The track opens up with a juicy groove right out of the Queens Of The Stone Age songbook and is right away courted by thumping rhythms and an equally tangy tempting from the keys. Things relax a touch as Clarke enters the scene, the spicy flames of guitar dropping to a lively simmer as the singer impresses alongside a just as magnetic and thrilling throaty bassline. The early hook soon appears again for a swift seducing before another calmer moment leads the listener towards a raucously catchy and tempestuous crescendo from which the cycle starts again. Openly though there is no essence of predictability to the rotating passage of the song or its increasingly gripping and anthemic riot of melodic, bluesy, and rhythmic revelry.

The song is a thrill a note and syllable, an encounter which lingers long past its physical departure and backs up the acclaim offered the band before. Completed by the fiery I Openly Admit and the Arctic Monkeys like Take Her Out, two songs showing there is good variety to the Frazer songwriting and sound, the single is a potent full introduction for the UK indie scene to the band and their song Two Hands, the show stopper.

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