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Not Your Mannequin is probably the heaviest track from our new album ‘Look at Me Now’, with a blend of big juicy riffs and carnival-esque synths. Lyrically it’s about some of the injustices faced by women in the music scene.

Obviously I can’t speak for every other woman in music and their personal experience (they didn’t ask me), but I’ve faced plenty of bullshit across my time as a musician and this track expresses some of these frustrations.

“Am I a paper doll and once I get too old, you toss me out, replace me with a younger model? Will I just disappear?… Well how come my time’s so much shorter than his? We’re taught to be ashamed of the ravages of age, like all at once we all just cease to exist.’

I was told in my early twenties that I needed ‘to get a move on’ because I was ‘getting on a bit’, by a man in his mid to late 60s. A man comfortably sitting in the same age bracket of a lot of the staple metal festival headliners (Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC…). What use is this uninvited comment to me as a musician anyway? Ah yes thanks for that invaluable tip, I will just halt the aging process. Perhaps I will 3D print a mask of my current face and use that for future shows.

I’ve had horrible things said to me. I have been openly treated as though I don’t belong in music. Luckily I’m incredibly grateful to be surrounded by supportive allies who are equally incredulous at the pathetic stuff that still happens. Being able to talk about and ridicule these injustices with friends is a lot easier than tackling them alone.

It hasn’t stopped me, because I love music, I love to perform and I am surrounded by brilliant supportive people. I am also an obsessive, driven and stubborn motherfucker… But it isn’t easy and it frustrates me that so many aspiring female musicians might not persevere with their passion because of having to endure dumb shit like this. I feel like even writing a casual opinion piece like this is a risk, because of some of the knuckle-dragging cockwombles that will knee-jerk react when reading a woman’s negative opinion online and lose themselves in a keyboard pounding frenzy (“Other people have it worse!!!” “This hasn’t happened to me so sexism doesn’t exist!” “You’re an attention seeking whore!” “Stop asking for the sympathy vote” etc.).

When I was little, I remember my Dad warned me that people were going to tell me that I couldn’t do things because I was a girl- and not to listen to them. That was so important. Don’t let other people shit on your aspirations.

Kitty- Vocals and guitar for Novacrow Spotify:

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Firstly, thanks to Behind The Roar for this opportunity to write a paragraph or three about myself. As an introduction, I am the artist ‘Skidders’; guitarist, writer, producer and session guitarist with usually several projects on the go. The name comes from my surname (Steve Skidmore), not my underpants – I thought the name was a bit boring!

Ok, so what do I do, why should you read any further, why is my friend’s initial ‘W’ when his name is Bill? All good questions and if I was you, I’d be getting bored by now (is that reverse phycology?). Enough of that – let me just say, I have three solo albums and in particular, my last one is blummin’ good if I say so myself. I cannot sing to save my life, so nearly every song is instrumental, moreover, electric or acoustic guitar. I think you’ll like it; if my mom was still alive, I know she’d like it.

Like me, it’s very eclectic and very nice to listen to. It’s called “Friends & Family Vol 2” and you can listen for free on Spotify, Apple Music etc. or on my website. The title gives the theme away somewhat – each song I have written for a particular friend or relative, both past and present. Eclectic as those people are or were, so are the songs. It starts off with a fairly heavy rock instrumental “Aunty Bulgaria”, dedicated to a Bulgarian friend of ours who’s a bit of a rocker. Second up is a lively instrumental reggae tune, dedicated to our daughter, who is a lively character herself. I guess you can see the pattern?

It was particularly nice to write some of the tracks for those no longer with us, never the less, each track is for someone very special. That led me to writing a song for my long suffering wife, but it had to have lyrics. However, me trying to sing what is fundamentally a love song was never going to work, so I drafted in the not inconsiderable talent of Cotswold’s legend, Andrew James who did an amazing job of the vocals. Hence the lyrics “These words that I bring you, I wish I could sing you” – oh stop it!

I’ve been really pleased with the number of plays the album has had and in particular, the number of YouTube views for the tracks from all three albums. Incidentally, the first album, ‘Skidderslectric’ was all electric guitar with just one vocals track; album two ‘Friends & Family’, the precursor to volume 2. I had to write further songs for more deserving friends and relatives, hence the third album.

Ok, if you got this far, I thank you from the heart of my bottom and really hope you’ll look me up and listen to my music. It is eclectic and there’s something for everyone, but no middle of the road (yuk!).

Please use my website. I am really proud of it and it has all links to social media, streaming, merch etc. –

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