Video Selector

Featuring some of the best videos from the depths of the independent scene

We Are Band Nerds – Doubt Day

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Mr. Strange – Black Magick

Mount Sinai – Weightless

Peter118 – Money & Lies

Van Rockman’s Honeybus – Poppy Fields

Das Fluff – Anxiety Dreams

Verni – Night Of The Swamp King

MeMe Detroit – Churchside Inn

Hard Ball – Dirty

Imperial Leisure – RRRRRollin

U-Foes – No More No More

Das Fluff – Millennial

Spreading The Disease – Greed


Mr. Strange – Lizard Man

Youth Killed It – Headbutt

ASHRR- Sometimes

The Survival Code – Along The Way

The Silencer – Within

The Lazlo Device – Beetle

Lara Smiles – All For You

The Moods – Carnival

Shotty Horroh – Dirty Old Town

Ace Mafia – Snakes ‘n’ Ladders

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Repeating Patterns

Pretty Little Enemy – Never Say Goodbye

The Black Frame Spectacle – Kick It Around

Dirty Sister – Middle Class Busker

Das Fluff – Ringmaster

Bugeye – I’m Not The One

RXPTRS – Bound

The Nika Riots – Knock ‘em Dead

Blast Bomb – Born To Lose

Frauds – Sandwiches

Slumlord Radio – Holy Smokes

Jack Of None – Brainwashers

Playboy Manbaby – Cheap Wine

New Jacobin Club – Blood on the Stage: Behind the Makeup & Masks

Enamel Animal – Damocles

Bullets and Octane – Bad Mother Fucker

Nine Miles South – White Lines

Ghosts of Social Networks – Outside The Wheel

Electus! – Ticket to Nowhere

6:33 – I’m A Nerd

Blindness – No One Now

Imperial Leaisure – Animal

Grumpynators – Take The Last Dance With Me

The Monster Ones  – Always Elm Street

Dead Animal Assembly Plant – Rise With Me

To Bear Sir – The Begging Ends Here

Air Drawn Dagger – The Banshee

Jingo – Sirens and Vices

RIP Mark Tighe

CoA – Circle of the Absurd (Directed by Carl Arnfield – Chalkman Video)


Discomister – Magical


 Gaa Gaas – Close Your Eyes (directed byBoldizsár CR

PIST – Detached (vid by Chalkman Video)

The Muff Wigs – Teenage Asbo (vid by Chalkman Video)

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