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The Ringmaster Review links up with the UK’s finest radio pluggers, Pluggin’ Baby to explore and spotlight the most exciting new tracks lighting up ears and radio shows across the UK and beyond.

Hurricane #1 – Autopilot Man

Since emerging in the late 90’s HURRICANE #1 have continued to bring warmth and a spark to the UK indie rock scene, despite the darkest life disrupting moments, and do so again with the release of their new single, Autopilot Man. It is a three-track adventure proving that the band only gets brighter and more irresistible with age.

Formed by vocalist/songwriter Alex Lowe and former RIDE member Andy Bell in 1997, HURRICANE #1 soon found themselves under the attention of Alan McGee, signing to his label CREATION RECORDS which housed the likes of OASIS, PRIMAL SCREAM and TEENAGE FANCLUB. They soon were breaching the UK Top 50, the classic single Step into my world especially devoured by media and public alike, whilst their albums similarly lured plaudits and success.

Even so they split in 2000 with Bell joining OASIS and Lowe going solo as an acoustic artist before he was diagnosed with cancer with a poor outlook ahead. But he forged ahead and reformed HURRICANE#1 with a new line-up and went on to release further well-received tracks and albums. In 2018 he got the all-clear from cancer but subsequently suffering renal failure, his cancer treatment destroying the one kidney he had been born with. Lowe entered into dialysis in November last year but the ‘fighter’ used the time on the machine to write and now ears have the pleasure to embrace the outcomes of his far less enjoyable moments within Autopilot Man.

With the band’s line-up completed by bassist Mark McCinness, guitarist Richard Rapa, and drummer Chris Campbell, the band has been working on their new album, Can’t get there from here, with its release scheduled for early 2023, and instinctive anticipation is growing and growing courtesy of their new single.

Autopilot Man is a song which despite is calm entrance instantly shares a virulent breath. It is catchiness which fully erupts as the song hits its stroll soon after, Lowe’s magnetic tones riding its vibrant riffs and punchy rhythms as melodic enterprise smiles from within. There is also an old school punkiness to the track at times which only energises its forceful contagion and dynamic textures.

The outstanding track’s companions within the single, The Reason and Shine on Mr Harvey, proved just as lively and manipulative and revelling in the great variety within songwriting and sound. The first has an Americana-esque hue to its indie pop saunter to which Lowe offers heartfelt and intimate lyrical reflection; a creative romance of ears and thought which effortlessly slipped under the skin as physical and vocal participation keenly came forth.

The third of the three tracks merges nineties indie pop with the freshest breath and invention within the band’s music yet; a whiff of sixties pop adding to its addictiveness to add further variety. It too is virulently infectious, a body and voice urging slice of pop which had bodies bouncing and throats warbling in no time.

Together the three songs make up a single which is destined to be another landmark in the history of HURRICANE #1 and to be one of the 2023’s brightest moments. 

Autopilot Man is out now with Can’t Get There From Here released early 2023.

Upcoming Live dates

28th January in Oxford at the Jericho Tavern – SOLD OUT

25th February – West Hampstead Arts Club – London




Pete RingMaster 17/01/2023

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The Survival Code – The Heart Will Bleed

December 2023 sees the release of the new album from British alt rockers THE SURVIVAL CODE but a wait for fans more than tempered by the fact that the duo will be unveiling it single by single, one track coming every month until that full unveiling  of Whispers of Woe digitally, on CD and vinyl and as a book. Track one comes in the shape of The Heart Will Bleed, a single proving that the band’s sound is as explosive and adventurous as ever.

Formed over a decade ago by vocalist/guitarist Gary McGuinness, THE SURVIVAL CODE has become a potent lure and formidable incitement within the UK rock scene. A variety of line-ups accompanied their beginnings with the London based band’s sound similarly varied as it sought its true voice.  That came with the release of the album Hopelessness of People; the Matt Hyde produced release also seeing the band become a duo with the joining of drummer Simon Hartop. It was a proposition in personnel and sound cemented by the following Crosses to Carry, Coffins to Fill EP. Certainly their offerings before grabbed ears with craft and enterprise but the two releases bred true SURVIVAL CODE individuality and prowess whilst showing its appetite to keep growing; an intent again fuelling The Heart Will Bleed.

The track is, in the words of a McGuinness, “a song about loss and necessary separation from something. That something can be a person, place or thing. The distance and time will help but there’s a part of you that will always be with it for better or worse, some things just can’t ever be fixed.” It is also one, from its opening breath, drenched in drama, emotively and sonically, roaring into life as guitars wind their multi-stringed persuasion around ears and rhythms with eager agility jab.

 Similarly, vocally McGuinness is a theatre of expression, observation and intimacy, his delivery equally as fertile and animated as the sounds around it with every second a twist and turn in the striking landscape of the song.

Fluidly woven yet unpredictable in every moment offered, The Heart Will Bleed is another evolution in THE SURVIVAL CODE’S invention and sound but most of all another addiction tapping offering we greedily devoured.

The Heart Will Bleed is out now via GOOD DEEDS MUSIC LTD.


Pete RingMaster 17/01/2023

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WREX – Recovery

WREX is one of those bands we have found an instinctive ear for across their singles and last year’s impressive debut EP, Paradise, yet maybe nothing before has gripped as fiercely as new single, Recovery.

Consisting of Brighton based vocalist Mae Seaton and multi-instrumentalist George Donoghue, the alt rock bearing duo has always had a powerful nature and urgency to their sound but within Recovery they have tapped into a snarl and heaviness which thrusts their music to a new enlivening plateau. Yet it is as infectious, dare we say poppy as anything the band has unleashed to date; a song aligning two contrasts of virulence in one fiery roar.

WREX draw on the craft of guitarist Tom Stevens (Freeze the Atlantic), bassist Joe Constable (The Rocket Dolls/Circus of Horrors) and drummer Sam Barnes (Fake Your Death/Lazy Bones) for their reputation and plaudit escalating stage performances, a ferocity and energy they have instilled  within Recovery. Its low key entrance belies that intensity though it is soon in full flame as the song unveils its creative landscape.

From vocal dexterity to sonic animation, things are soon aflame; the song’s roar equally entangled in scorching guitars, rampant rhythms and lyrical anxiety cast in the impassioned prowess of Seaton and Donoghue. As we said though, there is a pop courting catchiness to the track which had song and listener swinging as enthusiastically as its drama had the imagination fired up.

2023 looks like being a big year for WREX with Recovery a mighty spark to its touch-paper.

Recovery is out now via FAVOUR THE BRAVE RECORDS.

https://www.facebook.com/wearewrex  https://www.instagram.com/wearewrex/  https://twitter.com/WeAreWREX

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2023

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Mike Ross – The Preacher


Spring 2023 sees UK rocker MIKE ROSS uncage his new album, Third Eye Open, a record which if already keenly anticipated in numerous quarters will surely feel a new surge of hunger as its lead single sets about ears. The Preacher is a stomping roar of Ross’ lustily individual sound but a track which almost preys on the listener as it unveils fiery contagion.

Ross creates a heavy blues hued sound but rock ‘n’ roll with a classic heart and an exploratory instinct. Previous releases have proven its dextrous agility amid the embracing of varied flavours and styles but equally a sound cured to be thickly individual to the Brighton based, DIY driven artist. In regard to upcoming Third Eye Open, Ross describes it as “…a real bone-shaker of a record”, going on to say it is “the fattest, nastiest, chunkiest thing I’ve ever done!” It is a description that The Preacher more than backs up.

With bassist Derek Randall and drummer Darren Lee alongside Ross, the song flames into life with the latter’s guitar, its blaze inviting yet confrontational and keenly embraced as ears welcomed Ross’ potent tones and its subsequent discourse of craft and twists.

Blues fired yet pop infectious within its muscular stroll shaped by punchy beats, the track proved a scorching pleasure with its chorus, which features the supportive tones of Jack J Hutchinson, extra virulence in its rampant exploits.

The Preacher is another mighty ear exciting outing with MIKE ROSS and alone a spark for impatience in the wait for Third Eye Open.

The Preacher is released January 20th through TALLER RECORDS.

 Upcoming live dates:

April 9th HRH Blues Festival, Sheffield

May 2nd TNMC, Coulsdon

May 26th Riverside Music Club, Gillingham

May 27th Blind Cat Festival, Tamworth

https://www.mikerossmusic.co.uk  https://www.facebook.com/themikerossband  https://twitter.com/spindriftmike  https://www.instagram.com/mike_ross_music

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2023

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King Kraken – Green Terror

 As if anticipation for their debut album was not keen enough, KING KRAKEN have raised keen to desperate with their new single, Green Terror.  It is fair to say that the South Wales hailing metallers had our eager attention joining  a growing horde of fans through their previous track, Haddonfield ’78, a mere handful of weeks back and the new track suggests there is plenty more power and adventure in their creative arsenal to embrace.

Formed in 2018 by rhythm guitarist Pete Rose, KING KRAKEN announced their powerhouse sized arrival on the UK metal scene with their plaudit hailing run to the final of the South Wales Metal to the Masses competition in early 2019, its success swiftly backed by the release of a self-titled EP. The following Chaos Engine EP saw the band link up with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon).

With the quintet consisting of hardened veterans who have served their dues within the South Wales bearing hard rock and metal circuit over the past couple of decades, they soon proved that experienced dexterity and maturity fuelled their bearish yet acutely designed sound. It is in some ways akin to a Mastodon meets Metallica proposal but with fiercely stamped individuality which as we say has meant that their first album, MCLXXX due for release late January, 2023, is the centre of eager attention and we repeat ourselves again, one now intensified courtesy of Green Terror.

The track initially teases with guitar bait, that in fact more of a taunting of ears to instantly whip up eager curiosity for which the song swiftly uncages rhythmic coaxing and a thicker tide of riffs quickly joined by the dextrous roar of vocalist Mark Donoghue. With a barbarous rhythmic swing and a web of guitar hookery cast by Adam Healey with Rose as manipulative alongside, Green Terror was soon deep under the skin and drawing the keenest participation through its bullishly rousing chorus.

With the snarling breath of Karl Meyers’ bass aligning its own virulent trespass with Richard Lee Mears’ voracious beats, and a theatre of hooks which had rock instincts drooling, Green Terror simply ignited our day the moment we heard it with the thought of diving within the skin of MCLXXX revealing a new wave of impatience.

Upcoming live dates:

28th January, 2023 – The Redhouse, Merthyr – King Kraken album launch with Blak Tree Vultures and Six Sins to Sunday

25th February – Pentrefest, Wrexham North Wales

30th April – Station 18 Festival – Hanger 18 in Swansea

28th May – Call of the Wild Festival, main support to Black Spiders, Lincolnshire Showground

28th October – Sharkfest at The Station, Cannock

www.kingkraken.co.uk  www.facebook.com/kingkrakenuk 

Www.twitter.com/kingkrakenuk  www.instagram.com/kingkrakenuk 

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2022

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INDYA – Raise ya Vibration

Raise ya Vibration is the new single from UK’s INDYA, an artist who continues to equally surprise and cast a predictability in that success and enjoyment.

INDYA is the stage name of rock artist and songwriter Laudez Rose with her band of the same name formed for live performances only fully emerging after INDYA played its first ever live gig playing for Noel Gallagher’s after show party for his High Flying Birds tour, Rose hiring session musicians for the event. Trained in music at the Brit School for performing arts in Selhurst Croydon and in turn at Colins Performing Arts College in Romford, she has constantly grown and evolved her inventive songwriting and sound across her releases while live the band has drawn just as many keen plaudits sharing stages with the likes of SPACE, EMP, REPUBLICA, TOPLOADER, UB40, DUB PISTOLS, GUN, SOAP GIRLS, SHVPES, SONIC BOOM SIX, and many more as well as playing a host of notable music festivals.

February 2023 is scheduled to see the new INDYA album, Leather n Lace, released and if Raise ya Vibration is a sign it will be another rich adventure stoked with surprise and enterprise, both aspects lighting up the new track from its first breath. Guitar and bass unite in a flirtatious start to the song; they courted by electronic intimation to which Rose soon adds her ever magnetic and creative tones. The track soon revels in its rock meets punk meets dub reggae body, twisting and turning with kaleidoscopic prowess as metal nurtured guitar strands light its skies.

Raise ya Vibration is superb, glam rock and alt metal as involved in its character as electro pop and the flavours previously suggested, the result a track which addictively hooked us in like no other Indya song before.

Raise ya Vibration is out now.

 Upcoming Live dates:

 Jan 14th – Dementia Aware Fest

Feb 11th – Camden Rocks

6th April – Vive Le Rock Awards

16th April – Heaven & Hell Fest

26th May – Call of the Wild Festival Marquee Stage

https://indyaband.com  https://twitter.com/IndyaOfficial
https://facebook.com/IndyaOfficial  https://instagram.com/indyabandofficial

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2022

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Kath & The Kicks – Stay Away From Me

With dispute in its veins and defiance in its breath, Stay Away From Me is the new single from alt rock trio KATH & THE KICKS, a track which alone gives rich reason as to why the UK band is the freshest thrill on the lips of a great many.

Emerging in 2017 and consisting of vocalist/guitarist Kath Edmonds, bassist Tony Harrison and drummer Matt Larkin, Leeds hailing KATH & THE KICKS has persistently picked up eager plaudits and new fans through their adrenaline fuelled live presence and voracity cured sounds. The band draws on grunge and punk for their alt rock individuality and as Stay Away From Me shows, equipping it with an untamed but skilfully crafted array of hooks and anthemic drama.

The new track opens with the destruction of safety, suggestive sounds soon erupting in a sonic invasion and rhythmic harassment, both as virulent as they are portentous. Quickly Kath’s tones are stirring up greater drama and enterprise, riding the emerging surge of the song with a matching mix of quarrel and tempting.

Lyrically snarling at a world bullying the individual, that song’s drama continues to soak every twist and turn, each hook and trespass shared to escalate the quickly addictive proposal. It is a song marrying the middle finger of old school punk from bands like THE RAINCOATS with the alt rock curiosity of a STOLEN BABIES and shaping it in their own distinct invention, the result being another reason to declare KATH & THE KICKS one truly exciting incitement within the UK rock scene.

Stay Away From Me is out bow through Kath & The Kicks Records.

www.kathandthekicks.com  www.facebook.com/kathandthekicks 

 www.twitter.com/kathnthekicks  www.instagram.com/kath_and_thekicks 

 Pete RingMaster 15/12/2022

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Sleep in Motion – All That You Are

pic – by Alisha Tamlyn

With a new EP set for release this coming January, UK alt rock/pop trio SLEEP IN MOTION have just unveiled the single, All That You Are. It is an unassuming song in many ways but one with real power in its lures and passion in its heart which swiftly hooked keen attention.

Hailing from Nottingham, the threesome of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Brooks, bassist Lewis Brade and drummer Alex Smith emerged around a year ago and earlier this year more than sparked the curiosity and pleasure of a great many with their debut EP. January 20th, 2023 sees its successor, Separate, released; the EP offering four tracks which going by All That You Are will raise the stock and reputation, let alone wealth of fans of SLEEP IN MOTION.

The band embraces the inspiration of artists such as PLACEBO, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ALTER BRIDGE, NIRVANA, ALICE IN CHAINS, PEARL JAM, BOB MARLEY, SLAVES, IDLES and others but All That You Are proves the trio have already forged their own individuality. The song gently sways into view, calm melodic strains of guitar luring ears with Brooks’ just as calm but angst lined tones soon alongside. It has already been proven that there is an emotive heart to the band songs and in no finer contemplation and anxiety rich tempting than within this offering which is just as irresistibly infectious as it is melancholy captivating.

With greater turbulence and enterprise rising as its musing becomes more impassioned, All That You Are had ears and attention in the palms of its creative and heart sharing hands, its persuasion alone ensuring that the Separate EP will be on our exploration list come January.

All That You Are is out now.


The Cavern Exeter on 20.01.23

https://www.musicglue.com/sleepinmotion/  https://www.facebook.com/Sleepinmotionoffical/


Pete RingMaster 15/12/2022

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