The RingMaster Review biography, tailored features, and press release services.

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As often as their music is the doorway into the creative adventure and heart of an artist, it can also be the first words read in the biography of or surrounding a band/musician which provides the spark for further investigation.

In our view a few brief words or lines with little impact is not enough to intrigue and subsequently coax exploration, especially if music and videos are not available.

We can conjure up the kind of bait which will entice attention for an artist, whether in a bio, features tailored to the artists’ needs or simply press releases.

If interested in our services with undemanding rates, please feel free to get in touch at

The list of bands we have worked with on bios include In Vain, Feared, Solar Halos, Seneron, The Capsules, Mr. Stramge, The Duel, In Isolation, Fahran, Machine Rox, Crashgate, Able Archer, Lower Automation, Putrid Blood, Centre Excuse, Mordecai  and many more…

Press releases for albums etc. include the likes of Ruts DC, Wilko Johnson (both through FFR UK for Cadiz Music), The Duel, and Centre Excuse whilst press releases for shows include headline events for Ruts DC, The Duel, Conflict, Freedom Faction, Sylvain Sylvain, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the renowed FFR UK reggae punk nights.

For more information email us at below

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