Gentian – NightLight

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Never be afraid to give a twelve year old an acoustic guitar because you might just be breeding magic. That is what happened with UK band Gentian, from the moment one of its members held the instrument, seeds were sown and creative blooms nurtured, with haunting and elegantly enchanting songs like NightLight their new single emerging. There is much more to the tale than that one instant in time of course but from Devon musician Jingle picking up the guitar and proceeding to devour its and her potential, the UK music scene been on course to meet one strikingly promising and mesmeric proposition in the shape of Gentian.

The creativity within Gentian is two pronged though, and has been from an early age. Once Jingle had mastered the song books at her disposal, she and sister D.D., who has already been singing along, began writing their own unique songs. The years have seen this develop with D.D. , who is also an author, writing the songs and creating the melodies whilst Jingle arranges and plays all the instruments. 2012 saw the pair emerge into the spotlight as Gentian and in little time their music was receiving support from James Santer at BBC Radio Devon on his Introducing show. Recently the duo released the In The Dark EP, a debut three track melodic tempting recorded with Andy Rugg (Coldplay, Beyonce, Jay-Z) at Resident Studios in London. The release is an embrace of evocative and tantalising beauty with new single NightLight its mesmeric pinnacle.

From the first kiss of dark strings, the song has ears and imagination enthralled, its melancholic seducing an inescapable and picturesque caress of gothic shadows and radiant charm. The alluring enterprise cast by the creative skills of Jingle is as spellbinding as it is emotionally provocative whilst the soothing but equally vibrant voice of D.D., backed by the bewitching harmonies of the pair, takes ears and thoughts on a celestial flight through the darker climate of the song. There is also a virulent infectiousness washing through the encounter, colluding with less open moments of almost sinister persuasion, a potency which by the track’s end had us thinking that if a British TV company did their own version of American Horror Story, this would be the prefect theme tune.

Though having being impressed by the EP, it was NightLight which actually blew us away, and it continues to do so as a single. Something a great and increasing many are finding too.

Nightlight and the In The Dark EP are out now.

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Hayes & Y – Dancefloor

Hayes & Y

As you read this Bulgarian indie band Hayes & Y are playing their first UK shows, and if new single Dancefloor accompanying their introduction to British audiences is anything to go by, show attendees will be treated to some quite captivating and exciting sounds. The song is a lively yet precisely cast stroll of melodic rock with a charm which simply lures attention. The Sofia quartet has already brewed up a strong following and success back home and it is hard not to suspect similar results in the UK and other places from new single onwards.

Hayes & Y began in 2011/2012 when three ex-schoolmates who had known each other and played together for 7 years decided to focus on and unite in creating their own music. Soon recruiting a fourth member, the band jumped in the deep end with their debut or certainly one of their earliest shows seeing them play the Radio?Active indie rock festival at the beginning of 2013. It was the beginning of a big year on the live scene, a horde of venues being ignited by their sounds with highlights including opening up for Bulgarian alternative rock band Ostava in front of 1000 people and playing an acoustic live on air set for the birthday sessions of radio Z-Rock. Last year saw the band begin working with Ostava guitarist Georgi Georgiev, become a part of the Homeovoxmusic group of artists, and in turn record their debut EP [ ‘heiz ənd wai ]. Released last December it found swift attention and acclaim and led by its single Dancefloor and a video for the track You Make Me Sick, which is currently on rotation of MTV Adria, the EP swiftly sold out of its limited edition first press. Now that single, which follows second video Slowly, is getting to work on ears further afield, and a potent lure it proves to be.

The song opens with a deliciously resonating bass tempting which almost sizzles on the ear whilst accompanied by crisp percussive beats. It is a strong alluring start quickly taken up another notch by the vocals of guitarist Blagoslav Anastasov, his tones mellow and expressive but with a strength and quality which matches the stirring brew of sounds perfectly. The beats of Georgi Deyanov show even firmer swings as the bass of Ivailo Delev prowls the song in hand with the wiry melodies of the other guitarist Radoslav Lozanski. The track never erupts out of its stroll across the senses yet everything shows more rigour and hunger as the track continues to grow, craft and invention seeping new intensity whilst a bluesy air and sonic enterprise adds to the inviting incitement of the imagination.

The song’s full potency and contagion is understated in many ways but it lingers long after its departure to reveal the strength and magnetism of the band’s proposition on ears and thoughts. Expect to hear much more of Hayes & Y ahead.

Dancefloor is available from May 4th with their EP available at now.

UK gig dates:

03.05.2015 – The Black Dog, Crawley

04.05.2015 – Legendary Labour Club, Northampton

05.05.2015 – The George Tavern, London

06.05.2015 – Dublin Castle, London

07.05.2015 – Carsons Bar, Manchester

08.05.2015 – The Royal Standard, Sheffield

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Yeallow – The Trick

Yeallow - Band pic (1)

Yeallow is a French band which plays Brit rock; well that is the unexpected sound which their bio states they produce. Taken from their latest album, the Strasbourg quartet has just released new single The Trick to follow up a series of shows in the UK and reveal what their music is actually like, sounds which have feet and appetite happily involved within moments. It reveals that the tag only vaguely hints at the flavoursome concoction of styles which actually converge within the band’s music, though there is no escaping opens whispers of bands like Muse, XTC, and Pulp either.

The band openly pulls on a wide range of styles for their music, sounds and ideas which come from the wide musical backgrounds to and influences upon its members. Everything from jazz to blues, alternative rock to thrash adds spices to the creative pot of four musicians on an adventure “built around a story of strong friendship where the vital need to make music is the common denominator.” The release of Yeallow’s first album 2891 seconds in 2010 quickly lured the attention of a promoter in the US, leading to the band playing a tour of legendary Los Angeles and San Francisco clubs which included venues such as Whisky a go-go and Cat Club. Back in France the band’s stature and success equally rose whilst a tour of the UK in 2012 had British audiences catching on to the band’s sound. It is fair to say that the band has made a widespread impact with a series of tracks/singles across the next couple of years continuing to keep things bubbling, especially the 2014 released Clocks. It is new album Homebred which has ignited the broadest attention yet upon the foursome of Fred aka PMGM (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ted (guitar, backing vocals), Bill (bass), and Ced (drums), backed by the tour and now The Trick.

Bass and guitars offer an initial drama with their potent entrance before the single quickly settles down into a feisty stride with raw riffs and sharp hooks. The song relaxes into a mellower gait though as the vocals come in, the bass providing a throbbing background to voice and jangling guitar tempting. The track’s scenery is ever evolving though, unpredictable melodies amidst flowing sonic enterprise teasing and sparking the imagination further whilst the rhythmic underbelly of the track never relents in offering low key but constant anthemic bait. Small and engaging crescendos only add to the infectiousness of the song and though it is not an encounter to blow your socks off, it worms under the skin and incites more enjoyment with every listen.

The Trick is a smart and inviting lure into the band and indeed their new album, a temptation ultimately hard to ignore.

The Trick is out now and the album Homebred @

RingMaster 03/05/2015

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