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Many bands fuse styles and flavours from distinctly different landscapes, cross genres in hopefully individual explorations and one which is doing it more potently and enjoyably than many is Chaos Order, certainly going by their new EP Distant Chords of Disharmony. The encounter is our first personal taste of the band and taking a retrospective look at their previous releases courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp, easily their finest moment to date. Previous EPs have certainly been a potent proposal of hardcore/metal ferocity and prowess but their new proposal just shadows all before with its imagination, invention, and rich tapestry of sound.

Formed in 2011 by songwriter/bassist Jared Filsinger, the Memphis hailing Chaos Order quickly lured regional attention as vocalist/lyricist Neal Bledsoe, songwriter/guitarist Austin Russell and drummer Sam Davidson alongside Filsinger, unleashed their blend of hardcore punk, horror punk, and thrash metal. It was a rawer more unforgiving proposition in the early days as shown by debut mini album Regulus which was self-released in the January of 2013. Later the same year its successor, the Vultures EP was uncaged as a harder and darker confrontation to, as the first, praising responses. Last year saw the quartet sign with Blasphemour Records and made up one half of an acclaimed split EP with Californian band Werewolf Congress. Now label and Chaos Order are ready to unveil Distant Chords of Disharmony for one of the unexpected but warmly welcomed treats of 2015.

Chaos Ordercover_RingMaster Review   The EP opens with Crucified Now Forgotten and a barrage of battering rhythms and nagging riffs, all clawing at ears whilst simultaneously exciting them. The impressive roar of Bledsoe is soon entangling its emotion and ire in the swirl of hardcore enterprise and metallic predation, this punctured by increasingly venomous scythes from Davidson. Soon into its antagonistic stride, the track is soon a magnetic tempest of furious energy tangled up in an increasingly diverse web of sound and textures. In certain moments it is pure hardcore, in others a thrash/groove metal proposal, whilst at times it has a character which is punk ‘n’ roll fused with a post hardcore, and constantly it is a fluid and dynamic lure of unpredictability and mouth-watering enterprise uniting in a storm of creative adventure around the band’s occult seeded lyrics.

The following Social Terrorist thrusts its punk breeding to the fore from the first breath, vocals driving the animosity and contagion which is swiftly oozing from the challenging encounter. At barely a sniff over a minute and a half, the song has little time to evolve into major twists but throughout in its lining there is a flirtation of additional essences which tease and hint before making bigger proposals within Yourself And All Together which follows. The third song strides in with a rhythmic swagger laced by post punk tinged hooks but within a lick of the lips erupts with hardcore hostility which just as quickly aligns itself to a melodic and punk rock imagination. Once more every new slither and fresh wash of flavouring is seamlessly involved, the song taking on new faces to its character without the schizophrenic drapery you might expect. As the craft of his companions, Bledsoe’s clean vocals just shine, so much so that hopes to hear more are a lingering thought following the departure of the excellent track.

The EP is completed by Eternal Recurrence, a more barbarous offering than its predecessor initially with a passion stealing bassline tone within. As now expected the song continues to grow, brewing a drama of sinister airs and turbulent emotions with again contrasting coarse and melodic vocals providing a captivating alignment to the sonically uncompromising angst and dark beauty colluding around them. It is an enthralling proposal which goes on to discover a gothic spice to the post hardcore expulsion which eventually steals the show in the song’s powerful finale.

Distant Chords of Disharmony is a release which is invigorating at one end and breath-taking at the other and only seriously impressive in between. If you too are yet to awaken your ears to Chaos Order then you really could not pick a better door into their still potential loaded and definitely quality bursting presence than their new EP.

Distant Chords of Disharmony is available from September 15th via Blasphemour Records on Ltd Edition cassette (25 on Rhodamine Red Shells w/ White Ink and 75 on Purple Shells w/ White Ink)

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2015

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