The Bad Flowers – Self Titled EP


Since forming in 2014, UK rockers The Bad Flowers have been persistently been drawing attention with their groove woven and enjoyably imposing rock ‘n’ roll, Through singles, a previous EP, and a live presence which has been no stranger to strong praise either, the trio has being pushing towards national attention. That spotlight just might be broken with the release of their new EP, a self-titled offering of four tracks which just rumble and tempt with increasing persuasion.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Tom Leighton, bassist Dale Tonk, and drummer Karl Selickis, the Cannock hailing outfit released their well-received debut EP Vicious Lullabies in the March of 2015 while earlier this year the singles Killing Time and City Lights did the growing reputation of The Bad Flowers no harm at all. Backed by a live presence which has seen the band play with the likes of Crobot, The Sheepdogs, and The Sonics among many, the band is a coming force. A thought and expectation only reinforced by their new proposal.

The EP opens up with Can You Feel It?, a track which instantly descends on ears with a wall of biting beats and sonic enterprise as forceful as it is inviting. Cored by the dark lures of Tonk’s bass, the song mellows a touch as melodies and Leighton’s quickly impressing vocals open up their energetic suggestiveness and emotion but still has a weight and raw boldness to it which commands attention. Further into its body the more grooves and sonic enterprise is unveiled, the heady beats of Selickis a potent link and though the song maybe is at its most compelling when roaring heartily, it is a strong and fiercely enticing opening to the EP.

the-bad-flowers-cover-artwork_RingMasterReviewCity Lights is next sharing bluesy liquor from its first sway of sonic enticement around the expressive tones of Leighton. As it gathers up its imagination, the song prowls the senses, courting the imagination with its heavy rock grooves which at times carry a touch of Red Fang to them as a spicing best described as Black Sabbath meets Electric Woodland gets involved in the magnetic textures of the outstanding track.

Easy to understand its successful lure as a single, the song is more than matched by Big Country and its own web of arousing bass grooves and swinging beats within the infectious and inventive sonic endeavour of Leighton, his voice a matching potency in another fine proposition from band and EP. As in its predecessor there is something familiar to the song if hard to pin down yet but this only adds to its enjoyment and urging of participation as well as expectations that it is a real crowd pleasing arouser at the band’s gigs.

The EP is brought to a close by Run, Run, Run. It too is a riveting slab of grooved temptation, at times a  blues punk toned piece and in other moments simply sweltering rock ‘n’ roll hard to see many resisting with its uncompromisingly catchy demeanour and spirit rousing energy.

The same applies to the EP as a whole, its sound and character very easy to embrace without question especially as the release seems to blossom more with every listen. The Bad Flowers is certainly moving in the right direction with a sound which is refusing to take no for an answer.

The Bad Flowers’ EP is released November 4th

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Pete RingMaster 03/11/2016

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