Take The Seven – Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious

From their debut mini-album alone one can tell that UK alternative rock band Take The Seven have all the ingredients to make more than a big impression on rock music. From robust rhythms and riffs, scorching melodies, and smooth harmonies that engage and induce full attention the Chesterfield quintet eagerly show on Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious why they have garnered a strong and enthused support though only being a band for twelve months.

There has been an impressive array of great debut releases and bands appearing this past year, the months blessed with some inspiring and exciting sounds but there has not been many as rounded and virtually complete as Take The Seven. In their few months together the band has toured the UK extensively and played shows with the likes of Senses Fail, Glamour Of The Kill, Failsafe, and My Passion to great acclaim and success. Their sound is big, expansive, and refreshingly contagious, even in their quieter moments and an easy fit within the ear. The songs invite and entertain like old friends, their creativity and melodies a warm and stirring caress, which leads to the only criticism one can place upon the band. They bring songs that sound close to other bands of the same intent only these five accomplished musicians do it better. Criticism is maybe too strong a word as it is more a case of the band yet to find their own truly unique and distinct sound but with an album that is this enjoyable and music that is mesmeric and exciting even if familiar, Take The Seven are not only ones to watch but to put a wager on to find big success. 

From opener track ‘Welcome to My Town’ and its deliberate thumping riff over an inviting melodic guitar hook you know you are in for something powerful even with the subtle intro. The firmly guiding drums of Gaz Oldale frame a blaze of galloping guitar riffs from Si Redfern and James Hall that offer glowing meandering almost classic rock like asides. The bass of Joe Kitson prowls with an almost menacing surety and uniting all is the excellent clean vocals of Dan Molloy. This guy can sing, not once here or on the rest of the album is there a hint of him straining or struggling to make the emotive tones and clear melodic notes he produces, and backed by Hall and Kitson the harmonies are spot on. This is just the start and more and better is to come.

Through The Crossfire’ is a gem and arguably the best track, its slower pace and incisive melodies keeping heavier tendencies in check though they are always seemingly there waiting to break free. As with all the songs you find yourselves singing along quite early even upon the first listen, that familiarity again but to be honest it makes each track more of an event and an instant connection. ‘Duchess’ drops the pace even further though still its heartfelt emotion comes with a good vitality and ability to get the senses involved and Molloy gives more keen evidence of his talent to touch more than a few hearts ones suspects.

Throughout Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious everyone is on their game from the creative and infectious melodies and inventiveness of the guitars to the pulsating basslines and powerful and controlled drums. ‘Ships And Sails’ is semi anthemic and you can visualise live the crowd moving as one to this and ‘Burnout’ another slower paced but emotionally powerful song, both adding quality to a thrilling release. Completed by the epic sounding ‘History Is Written By The Victors’ and the acoustic ‘The Artist’ the album is immense and for a debut gives a flowing anticipation for what is ahead for Take The Seven, watch out 2012.

If you are looking for quality melodic rock to start your New Year than Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious is a must upon its release on January 9th. It carries touches of the likes of We Are the Ocean, Funeral For A Friend, Sick Puppies and Three Days Grace even a little Lost Prophets and it is a gem. Pass Take The Seven by and it is your loss, this is a wonderful album and any band that cites Reuben as a like has to be checked out, it the law.


RingMaster 14/12/2011

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