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There has been a buzz brewing up around UK alternative rock band Lady Jane’s Revenge for a while now and with the release of debut EP 1554, it is understandable why. It’s collection of songs make a striking impression on ears and imagination, not one to warrant calling them the next big thing but certainly plenty to spark keen interest in their progress from hereon in.

Hailing from the beauty that is Cornwall, there is a calm and freedom inspired by that part of the UK which is matched by and reflected in the sound of Lady Jane’s Revenge, even when it is roaring away in ears. The band itself began in the January of 2015, the quartet of vocalist Billy Crook, guitarist Sam Kent, bassist James Coffey, and drummer Ash Jenkin coming together through online advertisements. Comparisons in sound with the likes of Mallory Knox, YouMeAtSix, Incubus, Alkaline Trio, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers soon arose, references the band itself equally suggests as inspirations to their openly evolving and still being established sound. In short time, they became a potent and eagerly followed proposal on the live scene across the South West of England, and now Lady Jane’s Revenge is looking at stirring up broader national attention with the release of 1554.

The EP opens up with Floodgates and its initial water logged storm. The song swiftly emerges from that tempestuous climate spawned first lure; breaking from the ill-clement weather with steely riffs and swinging rhythms bred in a mix of alternative metal and punk rock. Straight away the tones of Crook are enticingly stabbing and trespassing on the more welcoming stroll of the track, though it too is ripe with intimidating textures and senses smothering shadows. At times lying somewhere between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ill Niño and in its calmer moments finding a persuasion nearer to an Incubus or Hoobastank, the track is a thickly enticing start to 1554.

Lady Jane's Revenge Cover Artwork_RingMaster ReviewIt is more than matched by the spiky infectiousness of The Kid Within. Swinging along with attitude and spicy hooks, the song provides a captivating incitement within which vocals and anthemic calls make their similarly inviting play. It is the guitar craft of Kent and the song’s rousing hooks which ultimately steal the show though, plus a Skids like essence which simmers in the heart and enterprise of the compelling encounter. It is a success shared by the melancholic charm of Carbon, an again Red Hot Chili Peppers scented song also equipped with an emotive caress reminding of Deftones and a rousing intensity hinting at Million Dead. More of a slow burner compared to its predecessor, it grows in persuasion and stature over time whilst showing another shade to the raw and volatile rock ‘n’ roll of the band.

The melodic croon of Next Tuesday engages ears next, its emotive heart a strong hue in the fiery nature of the song. It lacks the spark of its predecessors for personal tastes but reveals more depth to the songwriting and imagination that fuels the band, as equally does the acoustic seduction of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Another with an Anthony Kiedis and co flavouring, the track is superb with Crook at his most potent on the EP. It is an encounter which beguiles from start to finish much as Sunny Side Up which continues the mellower side of the band’s intensity and sound. Once more guitar and voice hold ears and imagination firmly enthralled, ultimately matching the triumph of PMA before it.

Completed by a radio edit of Floodgates, the 1554 EP is a strong introduction to Lady Jane’s Revenge. It may lose its power mid-way, in relation to its excellent start and ending, but the release more than suggests Lady Jane’s Revenge as a band moving in the right direction and carrying the potential to be a dynamic part of the UK rock scene ahead.

The 1554 EP is available from 26th February through all stores.

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2016

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