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Already lighting up ears and a horde of eager appetites with two singles this year, UK alternative rock band Pacific finishes the year off in fine style with new EP What Are You Waiting For. With four tracks of the melody rich and adventurous infectiousness they are becoming renowned for, the release romances the senses and capture the imagination from its first lively caress. Equally there is a depth and invention to the Cheshire quartet’s sound and songwriting which invites numerous returns with new twists and layers being unveiled in return. It is maybe not a release to set the British indie rock scene ablaze but it is a proposition to give it a fresh and heavily flavoursome new proposition to enthuse over.

Pacific emerged in 2011 and quickly lured eyes and ears with early tracks like Dream of Mine and She Demands, with the first of the pair earning over 20,000 views on YouTube alone. The band soon found itself under the gaze and eager support of the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6’s Mark Radcliffe, and BBC Stoke Introducing’s Rob Adcock, attention only increasingly enticed by the two singles this year, Those Nights and before it Time to Forget, the track opening up What Are You Waiting.

Pacific - What Are You Waiting For_RingMaster ReviewA drama lined caress of piano from vocalist Anthony Orzel entices ears and appetite first, its quick persuasion soon joined by the melodic smile of Dave Bithell’s guitar and in turn the punchy beats of drummer Drew Burns. A thicker and darker texture courtesy of bassist Daniel Orzel brings depth and great shading to the song too, tempering in a good way the impressive and rich vocals of Anthony. Settling down into a feisty endeavour with rhythms an energetic shuffle of enterprise, the song is soon swinging with emotive and infectious zeal, the open invention and craft of individuals uniting in a feel good yet emotively intense canter of sound and expression.

It is a mighty start to the EP, quickly flowed by the similarly engaging if less imposing stroll of Catch Her If You Can. Swiftly an eighties air prompts thoughts, a China Crisis hue gliding over ears and thoughts as the song sways with poetic melodies and warm suggestiveness. Captivation is again the order of the moment, vocals and imaginative temptation leading the elegant proposal of the track before it makes way for Run Away Boy. A dramatic edge is never far from the surface of a Pacific song, the piano crafting such attraction in the third track’s vocal reflection in sound and Anthony’s expressive delivery.

Those Nights brings the release to a strong close, piano and vocals again the initial arm around shoulders. Their emotive union is a rich enticement, leading into the livelier air and an increasingly energetic endeavour spread by the band in sound and invention. Strolling alone with a smile on its melodic face, as all the band’s songs in their individual ways, it hints at and tempts with suggestions of explosive twists, but instead keeps it all under a creative rein which only leaves ears seduced and appetite involved, and agreed for more fair to say.

Pacific more than offered evidence through their singles, that they were a band to get very interested in and subsequently excited about. Now they have confirmed it with For What Are You Waiting For and it is hard not to go along with that train of thought.

The What Are You Waiting For EP is released November 13th @

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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