Japanese Fighting Fish – U Ain’t Gonna Win This

JFF_RingMaster Review

It has been a long two years since UK psyche twisters Japanese Fighting Fish set ears and passions ablaze with their album Day Bombs; a time where the band has never been far away from ears at The RR to be fair but too long to wait for something new from a band who to that point had only brought something unique and invigorating to the British music scene. Finally the wait is over though with the extremely anticipated single U Ain’t Gonna Win This about to uncage its devilry, and guess what… Japanese Fighting Fish are still amongst the most imaginative, inspiring, and yes warped bands around today.

Really that is no surprise as their 2011 debut album Just Before We Go MAD was a bold and virulent escapade of creative devilment and sonic psychosis too; rich enslaving qualities taken to another level by Day Bombs two years later. It is a surprise that they alone have not made the Leeds-born, London-based outfit a house hold name and passion, and if you add an impressive live presence which has seen them play with the likes of Space Hog, Wild Beasts, The Stranglers, De La Soul, and UB40, as well as ignite venues in their own name and right, it is a mystery. Now with the exotic spicery and revelry of U Ain’t Gonna Win This things might and should be about to change.

Front Cover_Win This_RingMaster Review   A teaser for their next album Swimming with Piranhas which is scheduled for release at the end of March 2016, U Ain’t Gonna Win This takes all the prize elements of those previous albums and their hosts of singles, and twists and hones them into a new kind of JJF temptation. From its first step of its erotic prowl, the bass is sonically gurning and guitars splattering spots of sonic tempting on the senses and imagination. The distinctive inviting growl of Karlost is just as swiftly to the compelling mix; his unique tones courting sound and ears as beats from Al jab and probe the same. The virulent bounce to the track’s carnival-esque stalking has feet and hips involved from the off; its funk spawned gait and noir jazz air simply chains of seduction, whilst slithers of noise rock, alternative pop, and psych punk only thrill as they entangle the maelstrom of imagination and enterprise to matching success.

An exploration of split personalities whilst also making a “homage to boxing greats like Ali, and Rocky “, the song is an alchemy of devilment, an infestation of crazed ingenuity that creeps into and manipulates every pore and brain cell. The same applies in a different way to its companion on the single Queen Marilyn, the song a dirty grunge seeded blaze of desert rock with more than a scent of Queens Of The Stone Age to it, if a psychotic and bedlamic version. The track rumbles along, throwing out increasingly gripping hooks like sonic confetti, rhythms barging away within the mix too as Karlost spreads his sandy tones.

As in U Ain’t Gonna Win This, the guitars of Gareth Mochizuki Ellmer and Karlost captivate and provocatively suggest whilst the bass of Matt creeps with salacious intent through the swinging raps of Al. It is a combination united by the band’s off-kilter imagination and craft into creating arguably the best single of 2015 and an already impatient anticipation for Swimming with Piranhas.

The Japanese Fighting Fish are back and irrepressibly better than ever, and even more inventively deranged.

U Ain’t Gonna Win This is released November 13th via CDbaby @ http://bit.ly/1SNr0wL

http://www.japanesefightingfish.co.uk/   https://www.facebook.com/Japanesefightingfishuk  https://twitter.com/jffuk

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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Pacific – What Are You Waiting For EP

Pacific_RingMaster Review

Already lighting up ears and a horde of eager appetites with two singles this year, UK alternative rock band Pacific finishes the year off in fine style with new EP What Are You Waiting For. With four tracks of the melody rich and adventurous infectiousness they are becoming renowned for, the release romances the senses and capture the imagination from its first lively caress. Equally there is a depth and invention to the Cheshire quartet’s sound and songwriting which invites numerous returns with new twists and layers being unveiled in return. It is maybe not a release to set the British indie rock scene ablaze but it is a proposition to give it a fresh and heavily flavoursome new proposition to enthuse over.

Pacific emerged in 2011 and quickly lured eyes and ears with early tracks like Dream of Mine and She Demands, with the first of the pair earning over 20,000 views on YouTube alone. The band soon found itself under the gaze and eager support of the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6’s Mark Radcliffe, and BBC Stoke Introducing’s Rob Adcock, attention only increasingly enticed by the two singles this year, Those Nights and before it Time to Forget, the track opening up What Are You Waiting.

Pacific - What Are You Waiting For_RingMaster ReviewA drama lined caress of piano from vocalist Anthony Orzel entices ears and appetite first, its quick persuasion soon joined by the melodic smile of Dave Bithell’s guitar and in turn the punchy beats of drummer Drew Burns. A thicker and darker texture courtesy of bassist Daniel Orzel brings depth and great shading to the song too, tempering in a good way the impressive and rich vocals of Anthony. Settling down into a feisty endeavour with rhythms an energetic shuffle of enterprise, the song is soon swinging with emotive and infectious zeal, the open invention and craft of individuals uniting in a feel good yet emotively intense canter of sound and expression.

It is a mighty start to the EP, quickly flowed by the similarly engaging if less imposing stroll of Catch Her If You Can. Swiftly an eighties air prompts thoughts, a China Crisis hue gliding over ears and thoughts as the song sways with poetic melodies and warm suggestiveness. Captivation is again the order of the moment, vocals and imaginative temptation leading the elegant proposal of the track before it makes way for Run Away Boy. A dramatic edge is never far from the surface of a Pacific song, the piano crafting such attraction in the third track’s vocal reflection in sound and Anthony’s expressive delivery.

Those Nights brings the release to a strong close, piano and vocals again the initial arm around shoulders. Their emotive union is a rich enticement, leading into the livelier air and an increasingly energetic endeavour spread by the band in sound and invention. Strolling alone with a smile on its melodic face, as all the band’s songs in their individual ways, it hints at and tempts with suggestions of explosive twists, but instead keeps it all under a creative rein which only leaves ears seduced and appetite involved, and agreed for more fair to say.

Pacific more than offered evidence through their singles, that they were a band to get very interested in and subsequently excited about. Now they have confirmed it with For What Are You Waiting For and it is hard not to go along with that train of thought.

The What Are You Waiting For EP is released November 13th @ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/what-are-you-waiting-for-ep/id1045791569

http://www.pacificofficial.com   http://www.facebook.com/pacificofficial   http://www.twitter.com/pacificofficial

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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Ummagma – Frequency EP

Ummagma_RingMaster Review

Having impressed and seduced with their previous pair of albums three years ago, Canadian/Ukrainian dream pop duo Ummagma finally release a long and eagerly awaited successor in the shape of the Frequency EP. The tantalising proposition is bred from the ambience infused dream pop/ shoegaze prowess the band is already renowned for but ventures into a far more expansive landscape in relation to the intimacy of those previous releases, a celestial lilt and universal imagination in tow.

Ummagma consists of Canadian vocalist/musician Shauna McLarnon and Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kretov, their project emerging in 2012 and quickly stirring up attention and acclaim with two simultaneously released albums, Antigravity and Ummagma that first year. Their success has bred a support and focus on the duo which has never wavered across the three years since the unveiling of their albums but things are sure to get truly aroused again with the release of Frequency.

Ummagma - Frequency (cover)_RingMaster Review   The EP opens with Orion, an immediate spatial romance for the senses and imagination from its first electronically cast atmospheric breath. The alluring voice of McLarnon is just as swift in laying charm upon the emerging flight of suggestion and sound, Kretov’s guitar potently hinting too with emotive textures within the wrap of electro seducing. In no time the imagination is lost in the immersive warmth and call of the song, submerged in its elegant hug and sparked to explore its own assumed passage of adventure and design. It is a mesmeric start to the release, the familiar Ummagma invention and tender sound venturing into distant climes and atmospheres.

As enjoyable as it certainly is, the song is soon eclipsed by Lama and its evocative cinematic travelogue of sound and expression. A guitar niggles away with a coaxing temptation as keys float across, they increasing in size and design like sonic clouds. It is a fascinating start but it is with the evolution into a compelling post punk stroll with a wonderfully shadowy bassline, that the track really comes alight, McLarnon courting it all with her captivating tones. Like a mix of Everything but the Girl and Murder Shoes, the song bewitches; its contrasts of warm beauty and slightly off-kilter dynamics just glorious.

Winter Tale looms up with its haunting breath next, electronics keenly entwining with McLarnon’s angelic vocals and matching harmonies. Again it is an immersion impossible to escape or resist, body and thoughts soon absorbed by its chilled radiance and cosmic enticing before the instrumental exploration of Galacticon takes the imagination and ears into a perpetually unfolding and expanding dimension of space and emotion, a soundscape as massive and planetary as it is provocatively intimate.

The following Ocean Girl offers an acoustic serenade with a Parisian hue delivered by the voice and craft of Kretov. It too is an enthralling and heavily pleasing proposal though personal hopes for some backing harmonies and contrasts courtesy of McLarnon are never realised. It provides a fine end to the EP all the same, though the actually conclusion of Frequency comes with three distinctly different and enjoyable remixes of Lama, a trio conjured by Robin Guthrie, Malcolm Holmes of OMD, and Lights that Change respectively.

It has been a while but the wait for something new from Ummagma has been well worth it. The only problem is now anticipation is aflame for another album of their fascinating sound and invention.

The Frequency EP is released November 13th available through Raphalite Records @ https://ummagma.bandcamp.com/album/frequency

http://ummagma.com/    https://www.facebook.com/ummagma/

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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This Is Shark Country – Chances

This Is Shark Country - Promo Photo_RingMaster Review

As you would imagine from a band name like This Is Shark Country, there is a real bite and unbridled tenacity to their sound; voracity bred in the fusion of technical metal and hardcore which the Berkshire quintet is increasingly becoming more and more acclaimed for. New EP, Chances, is further evidence to that fact and of the growing potency and potential the band embraces in their striking creativity; it a roar of four tracks fuelled by ire and sculpted with imagination seeded craft.

Formed in 2011, This Is Shark Country has also become renowned for their live hunger and prowess, a presence taking in most of the UK whilst sharing stages with the likes of ‘68 (ex-Norma Jean), Nexilva, Palm Reader, Exist Immortal and many more. Their debut album Saviour was uncaged in 2013 to keen fan and in some quarters, potent media attention. Taking a year to make, the Newbury band now unleashes Chances, an encounter revealing greater strength and invention in the band’s sound and songwriting which suggests that This Is Shark Country is a band bringing new adventure and striking promise to the UK hardcore scene.

This Is Shark Country - Chances Artwork_RingMaster ReviewThe EP opens with Sitting Pretty and within a breath the guitars of Ben Mercer and Nick Blair are spinning a web of technical prowess and enticing expression, the bass of Jamie Holmes no slouch in gripping attention either with his lure of dark strings. Swiftly the song is a climatic affair, emotion and sound colluding as vocalist Oli Cole lays down an antagonism of voice and narrative within the blossoming tempest. Calm and elegant moments also add to the temptation of the song, their shining passages still prowled by the predatory tones of the bass within a constant rhythmic web swung by drummer Chris Sheen. The track is a potent and welcomingly unpredictable start to the EP but soon eclipsed by its successor.

Ghosting is reeled in on a punk infused hook, a bait of rock ‘n’ roll seared in gripping sonic endeavour. Continuing to entice, its lead in grows into a noise/alternative rock turbulence with rhythms a carnal attraction as the guitars create a virulently caustic rain of riveting enterprise. Though no lightweight when it comes to skills, the song is a more out and out rocker than the technical compulsion crafted by its predecessor, and in many ways, it is that impressively crafted punk ‘n’ roll fury which sees the release breach another plateau.

The EP’s title track is a similarly cultured blaze of hardcore contagion, though this time the djent sparked zeal of the band is entangled in the tendrils of melodic acidity and sonic imagination shaping the track. Of course Cole is straddling all with his undiluted bellow, his angst soaked delivery unafraid to tweak its attack to ensure even there some level of variety adds to the drama of the lively incitement. Becoming more antagonistic and bruising with every minute, its metal seeds gnawing at the senses as its punk heart roars, the song fiercely impresses before flowing into closing track Forever In Waiting.

Instantly an intimidating theatre lines the bait of riffs and bass, and almost as swiftly the guitars are wrapping it in a weave of rapacious invention and challenging intensity. More of a grower than the previous pair of offerings within Chances, the song blooms into another impressive provocation if one lacking that final decisive spark of others.

To go along with the press release for Chances, the EP is something fans of bands like Periphery, Every Time I Die, and Sikth will get a kick out of but there is plenty more to This Is Shark Country and their sound, some realised here and some as potential for their future maelstroms of imagination. What is very clear though is that the British hardcore/rock scene has another seriously stirring protagonist in the making.

The Chances EP is released November 13th through all stores and digital platforms.

https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsSharkCountry    https://twitter.com/tisharkcountry

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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This City Limits – Here’s To Hoping

This City Limits Promo Shot_RingMaster Review

Much as recent single Too Scared To Swim took its time to seduce and fully tempt, so too does the new EP from UK melodic punks This City Limits. As that first teaser for its release, Here’s To Hoping ultimately succeeds in awakening a very healthy appetite for and strong enjoyment of its vibrant clutch of songs. This City Limits has a sound which maybe is unlikely to blow ears away first time around, but it rouses attention, tempts further investigation, and as found at The RR, becomes a lingering enticement; a success any band would embrace with eagerness.

Formed in 2014, the Leeds band consists of brothers Will (vocals, guitar) and George Turner (guitar), alongside Rob Burns (bass) and Josh Peters (drums). Their debut EP Brittle Brass & Broken Bone raised potent attention which was further inflamed by the singles, Amputate, Colourblind, and most of all, the aforementioned Too Scared To Swim. Each has lured fan and media attention, good radio play too which is sure to continue as Here’s To Hoping works its charms. Produced by James Hill, the EP is an accomplished slice of pop ‘n’ roll with attitude and steely endeavour its fuel.

This City Limits Cover Artwork_RingMaster Review   It begins with Thief and an immediate tempting of melodic guitar amid an emotive wash of sound. That parts as the enjoyable vocals of Will bring harmonic warm and emotional reflection to the emerging hug of gentle sound, though both aspects soon brew up into a fiery nature and flame brightly against the darker hues of bass. It is a magnetic affair luring ears and imagination with ease, even if maybe not exploding fiercely enough in its angst lined expulsions of passion. Growing with every passing minute in potency and impressiveness, the track seizes an appetite for its enterprise before allowing the infectious rousing of Too Scared To Swim to stir things up even more. With understated but strong hooks lining the melodic and harmonic walls of the certain crowd pleaser, the song canters along with a feel good factor in its heart and feisty nature to its energy, resulting in a stroll of pop punk to get fully involved in.

The calmer emotive croon of Runaway follows; its air intense and melodies inflamed whilst passion runs through it. Without setting a major fire, ears and emotions find themselves coaxed and drawn into the heart of the song, more often than not, vocal chords adding plaintive tones to those of the band as the track makes a smouldering and infectious persuasion. Equally there is no escaping the individual skills of band members; from vocals to guitar, bass to drums, each texture and imaginative twist is built for seduction as shown again by the final pair of tracks.

Neither song ignite personal tastes as fully as those before them yet with its provocative vocal and sonic hues aligned to robust rhythms, Saltwater fascinates and fully pleases whilst the melancholic serenade of So This Is Home, from a string blessed initial sigh, grows into a tenaciously dramatic and dynamic outpouring of craft and sound. It is fair to say that both songs only leave satisfaction full and enjoyment gripped, a success now expected as a minimum from any This City Limits endeavour.

Each listen to Here’s To Hoping leaves it impressing more but still there is feeling that they are in the midst of their journey to uniqueness and the realisation of all their potential. Theirs is a sound looking towards coming of age at some point, a potential and possibility ensuring each upcoming encounter will be keenly anticipated by a great many. Right now though, if bands like Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis, and We Are The Ocean appeal than This City Limits’ EP is very worthy of attention.

The Here’s To Hoping EP is released November 13th through all stores.

http://www.thiscitylimits.com   https://www.facebook.com/thiscitylimits   https://twitter.com/ThisCityLimits

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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The Dirty Youth – Just Move On/Atomic

The Dirty Youth Promo Shot_RingMaster Review

Reminding us of the impressive roar and contagion of their album Gold Dust which was released this past May, South Wales rockers The Dirty Youth now uncage a new double A-side single. It is confirmation of the tenacious potential and quality fuelling the band’s dynamic and virulent sound, and further evidence that The Dirty Youth is one of the bright sparks in British alternative rock.

For the new single, The Dirty Youth have united Just Move On from their aforementioned second full-length with a cover of the Blondie classic Atomic, the Americans one of the imagined inspirations of the band listening to their music. Formed in 2007, the quintet grabbed attention by the neck with acclaimed debut album Red Light Fix, it and a rousing live presence which has only grown to this day with the band sharing stages with the likes of Korn, The Rasmus, Heaven’s Basements, Fozzy, InMe, and Reckless Love along the way and making potent appearances at festivals such as Download; there numerous times. Fair to say Gold Dust opened up a new strength of spotlight and support over the past few weeks with its thrilling stomp, success which the new single can only build upon and prompt again.

The Dirty Youth Cover Artwork_RingMaster Review   Just Move On moves in with a feisty nature and on a roll of rhythms from drummer Freddie Green, the sonic coaxing of guitarists Matt Bond and Luke Padfield no less a lure with their emerging cascade of riffs. Once in full view, the song settles into a robust stride lined by the throbbing bass bait of Leon Watkins, it all leading, once the superb vocals of Danni Monroe spring in, to a busy and eager roar of energy and sound. The rhythms continue to be as galvanic as the fiery delivery of Monroe, whilst sonically the track sizzles with infectious enterprise. The flowing flame of keys, also cast by Bond, only add to the warm and incendiary character and contagion of a song which alone is a powerful call to newcomers to check out The Dirty Youth further and indeed Gold Dust.

It is a brave move to cover a song like Atomic, it so well ingrained in the psyche and with a design that there is little you can do with without dissecting it down to its DNA. Nevertheless The Dirty Youth have taken it on and done a fine job. Admittedly they have simply given it their own voice rather than twist it to their own recipe, but it works well and provides a thoroughly enjoyable time.

If you have yet to join The Dirty Youth there are two very good reasons why you should via their new single, with Just Move On an especially compelling and inescapable argument.

Just Move On/Atomic is released November 13th via Transcend Music.

http://www.thedirtyyouth.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thedirtyyouth/   https://twitter.com/thedirtyyouth

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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Plastique – Lips

Plastique_RingMaster Review

Earlier this year, after a time taken out to reflect on their direction and sound, alternative-electro trio Plastique uncaged the Quake single, a growl of electro rock revealing the new attitude fuelled exploration the band was turning to. Now the band confirm the potency of their new creative adventure with Lips, a track taking the snarl and intensity of its predecessor to an even more intimidating and thrilling place. The song is a rousing roar for ears and soul, a wicked manipulator of feet and hips, and further evidence that Plastique have opened up a vat of inspiration and creative voracity to impress and inspire.

Plastique_ Lips cover_RingMaster Review     As mentioned, the London based threesome of vocalist Anelise Kunz, guitarist Fabio Couto, and DJ/producer Gabriel Ralls decided to pull back on their productivity to reassess their direction and the next step for the band. It is not that Plastique were floundering but assumedly like everyone, there comes a time when batteries and maybe more so the passion for and challenge of doing things need to be re-ignited and it appears that was the same for the band at this point. Quake showed it was a wise and potent move, Lips instant confirmation too that the move was the spark needed to take the band to the next level in sound, invention, and in breaking into the strongest spotlights.

From its first breath Lips is a grouchy grizzle of intensity and electric rapacity, keys and guitars a fierce sizzle with a contagious strength and persuasion to match. The thickly alluring voice of Kunz quickly spins its web of mellow, melodic, and antagonistic potency too; her delivery weaving a Cato van Dyck of My Baby meets Suzi Quatro presence, the former’s band also an essence to compare to within the song at times, even though the delta blues funk of the Dutch band and Plastique’s raucous imagination are of different colour.

The fiery air and emotion of band and song continues to boldly boil and tempt as it rumbles and grumbles within ears, the compelling tenacity of the songwriting and the hungry appetite of the sounds its spawns, a ferociously thrilling furnace of electro punk/rock.

Quake was impressive but Lips out flames it with sheer power. Roll on a new album is our last thought and that no one should hang about for that though but go grab this treat now.

Lips is released 13th November @ https://plastique.bandcamp.com/album/lips-single

http://www.plastiqueband.com    https://www.facebook.com/PlastiqueBand

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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