Mr. Strange – The Bible of Electric Pornography

Mr. Strange 2015 pic 5_RingMaster Review

For a long time Mr. Strange has been one of the British music scene’s most imaginative and unique songwriters and artists, and one of its biggest unrecognised talents. Whether as the frontman of the brilliant circus rock steampunks, The Shanklin Freak Show or in solo adventures, he has teased and stoked the imagination whilst exciting ears with perpetual regularity. Potent spotlights have always seemed to fall elsewhere though, but that might be about to change, in fact expectations are sure it will as new album The Bible of Electric Pornography spreads its electronic seeded sermon.

The persona and sound of Mr. Strange has undergone a rebirth, a major evolution in all aspects in the time between acclaimed previous album Wonderful World Of Weird and the new slab of alchemy from his deviant creativity. Embracing fresh industrial and electronic temptation whilst weaving in numerous other rich flavours, Mr. Strange has opened up all sides of psyche and imagination whilst wrapping new songs in the so-called deviancy that others claim is pestilence. Thematically The Bible of Electric Pornography is defiance and a middle thing to the oppressive ‘normal’, an anthem for the supposedly grotesque, for the freaks and the like-minded unique; an encounter which also happens to rock like a thousand orgies to stand in the words surrounding the album, as a “sacrilegious assault of electro-influenced filth!”

Mr. Strange EP album cover NEW_RingMaster Review   The album opens with Born Again, and the birth of they, of Mr. Strange. Upon arrival electro pulses and shimmering melodies crowd around the creative cot, his vocals providing the commentary as synths strengthen their drama and the atmosphere becomes shadowy. There is a portentous air to the track but one breaking into the dawning of climactic sounds and the heralding of Mr. Strange’s new realm of invention, which in turn sparks the stomp of Deviant Ritual. Making a sort of bridge between past triumphs, the song sharing open essences of The Shanklin Freak Show and previous solo album, keys swing and vocals entice as beats grip with potent temptation. In no time the track has the body acting like its puppet, limbs and energies flung around to the wicked swagger and infectious seduction of the outstanding protagonist.

Disco Bitch is on an immediate prowl next, though its gait has a more boisterous than predatory energy and design to it. Quickly into its robust stroll with compelling walls of electronic tenacity and enterprise, the track resonates with Being Boiled era Human League potency and colouring, a scent dirtied and fuzzed up by the craft of Mr. Strange as electro squirts lure and bassy rhythms dance with the passions. As its predecessor, the track is a blaze of dance-floor devilment and raucous sonic eroticism, incitements to get the defiant and proud party started before the album begins setting its sights on prosecutors, Electric Pornography continuing the festivity whilst flirting with the devil and its breed like a seductive pout of devilment. Amongst inspirations for the album, Mr. Strange offered Electric Six recently and definitely the track shares their kind of dance/rock devilry.

A thicker air of intensive energy soaks the following Tension, its emotive breath crafted and accentuated by darkly enticing rubs of guitar and moody bass tones as synths cradle the warmer hues of voice and melodies. It all unites in provocative electro rock persuasion which again has ears, hips, and thoughts emotionally and psychically involved.

A tirade of sample pieces spouting religious and social bigotry fattens God Hates Me next, keys initially a misting of melancholic elegance eventually brewing into more dramatic smog, though still with despair rather than outrage as its hue. The piece leads into the remarkable Jonathan, easily one of the pinnacles amongst a constant range of peaks within The Bible of Electric Pornography. It is a narrative for and growing support of the track’s oppressed champion which as the character, grows into its mesmeric creative skin as simple melodies align to weaves of electronic and industrial resourcefulness. Ebbing and flowing in intensity as the voice of Mr. Strange reveals all, the song is simply glorious, as lyrically impacting in its croon as it is invigorating musically, and easily one of the best things heard this year.

Do It Like… is another exhilarating whipping up of body and soul, a song inspired by Pete Burns and his life/attitude whilst musically drawing on the contagious invention of Dead Or Alive and indeed Nightmares In Wax which evolved into the former, and merging it with Celldweller like steeliness . Every element of the song has the body, inside and out, bouncing and swinging whilst again nudging thoughts with its lyrical potency.

The bubbly punch of I Like Girls & Boys is the next to take over, sculpting rousing crescendos of skittish beats and scuzzy electronics along its magnetic body, expulsions conducted by the ever Mr. Strange 2015 pic 7_RingMaster Reviewalluring tones of its creator. Though not in an obvious way, there is a definite feel of Fad Gadget to the song, to its theatre and emotive richness whilst My Addiction gets down and funky offering up hints of a Heaven 17 and Blancmange in varying degrees. By now it is not unusual to leave a song without a smile on the face and appetite, this of course no exception with its warmly stimulating hug.

The noir jazziness of Sodom Nights brings yet another eclectic shade to the album, its melodic waltz and electronic seduction a sultry fondling of the senses and inciter of lusty contemplations, that dark romance followed by the rapacious sinister sizzle of D/s, a fuzzball of temptation featuring Global Citizen. The crawling magnetism of the track is just sonic addiction matched by the bold lure of Stormtrooper In Drag, a striking cover of a solo song released in the eighties by Tubeway Army guitarist Paul Gardiner and featuring Gary Numan who co-composed, sang lead vocals, and played on it. It is one of those ‘lost’ gems now given new life, re-vitalised by Mr. Strange’s innovative touch.

Closing up the album is firstly Fag, a leviathan of rhythmic tempting with a Manson-esque snarl providing the most irritable proposal upon The Bible of Electric Pornography and in turn one of its numerous slices of ear slavery and lastly The Last Song. Providing a bewitching serenade with a message for those who hate change, and might argue about the new direction Mr. Strange has taken, its defiance to any complaints openly and mischievously argued by the strong and highly enjoyable Kraftwerk influence, the track is pure captivation bringing the album to a thrilling close.

Familiarity and uniqueness collude within The Bible of Electric Pornography, with the latter the overriding substance, the album leading the second coming of Mr. Strange and easily eclipsing previous solo offerings, as impressive and they were and still are. We are looking at a release boldly challenging offerings from the supposed electronic big boys and girls, challenging and surpassing.

Mr. Strange is dead. Long live Mr. Strange!” Time for all to join the resurrection.

The Bible of Electric Pornography will be released November 16th, pre-ordering available now @

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2015

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Hiraeth – The World Ends With You EP

Hiraeth_RingMaster Review

As a wave of new and emerging melodic hardcore bands seems to swell with every week, Hiraeth are attempting to ride its crest and grab attention with their new EP, The World Ends With You. It is intent easy to see succeeding as though the four-track offering is not bred from an entirely new template, it has a freshness, energy, and indeed imagination to it that separates its presence by at least one step, or two, from the crowd.

The UK quartet comes from the suburbs of London and has taken little time in earning excited support in the local and general melodic hardcore scene. Their raucously sonic live presence and now The World Ends With You has seen to that; the EP, as the band continues to ignite venues and their reputation, an injection of turbulent energy and voracious sound stirring ears and appetite within its opening seconds.

Its start is provided by Words to Echo, its first breath by a sonic breeze of guitar as acidic to the touch as it is provocative to the imagination. Swiftly firm beats and a blaze of additional guitar enterprise from Cohan Woods smothers ears to alluring effect, the tempest abating a touch as the raw emotive vocal squalls of Charlie Clayton begin spilling into the latent roar of the song. Darker hues and hooks edge closer, especially via the bestial tone of Pete Woolven’s bass, subsequently colluding in a rabid onslaught of metal seeded ferocity. As quickly learnt, Hiraeth allow their songs to twist and meander, to blossom unpredictability within sounds that are familiar but refreshingly, and often violently, engaging. It is a gripping and potent start to the EP but just a teaser to bigger things starting with its successor.

cover_RingMaster Review   Barely Breathing is a carnal protagonist from its first moment, the hefty swings of drummer Daniel Berkes steering a ravenous horde of predacious riffs with lethal and gripping precision. Again a restraint is employed as the song grows into its creative skin, a mesh of aggression and varied flavours uniting in a web of anthemic and corrosive enterprise. Featuring William Alex Young of Clockwork, the track stomps, almost stalks the senses with a magnetic swagger and irritable nature, the chorus weaving its own rich contagion to match that bred through the barbarous rhythms of Woolven and Berkes. Arguable the track is not offering anything majorly new but it is one hellacious enjoyment which alone ensures Hiraeth are a firm fixture on our radar now, a persuasion backed by the just as pestilential and gripping Beside Me. Vocals roar, guitars conjure, and rhythms bombard as the band spins a tapestry of savagery and melodic temptation, harmonies flowing with the latter to equal success. The fusion of metal and melodic hardcore continues to engross and whip up a hungry appetite for its storm, Hiraeth in turn showing themselves to be one hellacious rock ‘n’ roll incitement.

The outstanding Walkers brings The World Ends With You to a pungent and vitriolic end, once more caustic punk and metal spawned animosity entangling for a virulent ravaging equipped with barbed hooks and hostile infection. As across the previous trio of songs, there is something almost indefinable in the band’s sound that lifts it from the familiar into an invigorating and seriously gripping proposal, and whatever it is, long may it continue as the band blossoms in originality and invention ahead; of that there is no doubt.

The World Ends With You EP is digitally out now @ and on CD @

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2015

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Demons Of Old Metal – Dominion

DOOM 2_RingMaster Review

We all know rock ‘n’ roll is spawned in hell and eager through hordes of bands to spread its glory, an infestation proven over the decades to only thrill especially in the hands of bands like Demons Of Old Metal. Theirs is a forcibly vocal and thrilling stomp consuming the senses which is in full roar within the glorious shape of new album Dominion. The UK band has been around a little while, working away at trying to “win back the souls of those that have turned their back on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll!” From the fact that their new release is our and a great many others introduction to them suggests it has been a slow battle to date but things are about to get hot and dirty we suggest once their outstanding album uncages its contagion.

Formed around the time 2010 turned into its successor, Demons of Old Metal emerged as four veterans of the UK metal scene united to play “what got them into music in the first place – classic metal.” Casting a sound, presence, and stage show coloured by schlock horror inspiration, the band released their debut offering on the Halloween of 2012, in the riot of mini-album, The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I. It as a well-received and praised proposal followed by the band creating metal havoc across the country live and the subsequent releases of Vol. 2 and 3 of The Demonic Chronicles over the next couple of years.

The Torbay hailing band’s sound is mutant rock ‘n’ roll rising with creative bloodlust from a twisted blend of Pantera, Them County Bastardz, Hell Yeah, Steel Panther, and Machine Head, to give its hellacious voice some description. And as Dominion swiftly reveals, it is an infestation of ears and imagination refusing to take no for an answer with its virulent hostility.

Dominion Artwork -_RingMaster Review   The album announces itself with the brief theatrical Domintroduction before launching itself at the senses, with nostrils flared, through the outstanding Fakeskin. Riffs and rhythms quickly build a wall of spite and enticement, already badgering and welcoming a just as instant appetite for the provocation. As the expressive punkish tones of vocalist Tombstone Cowboy leap into the brewing tempest, electronic slithers and teases play, a side-helping of temptation to the full meal of a voracious onslaught luring away as the guitars of Tombstone Cowboy and Psycho Wing continue to rampage and flirt with the throaty toxicity spread by bassist Babyface Stephens s. With the scything violence of drummer Dr Doom simply nasty and gripping, a rich Slipknot essence can be added to the suggested breeding of song and album, but all flavours here and ahead stretched and mutated into a web of metal distinct to the demons.

You Version 2.0 leaps on the listener next, its physical and emotional agitated an open toxicity within another storm of merciless rhythms and riffs bound in nagging grooves and confronting vocals. The electronic sparks of the first song is replaced by a more industrial metal predation, thoughts of Pitchshifter teasing throughout whilst heavy and more classically honed spices venomously soak the pores of the track and senses. It’s addictive quality is emulated by both Dance of the Damned and Open wide and Scream, the first stalking its victim with rugged textures and the electronic toxins woven by Digital Death whilst growing into its spite with an increasing weave of flavours and inhospitable but gripping enterprise. The successor to this Devildriver like animus of a song, stomps with a dirty rock ‘n’ roll swing and theatrical snarl, its lure smothered by a sonic climate of intensity and rancor. The band seamlessly fuses the contrasting yet similarly belligerent winds of that invention, creating a hellish primal nursery rhyme as catchy as it is intimidating.

There is a ‘mellower’ trespass next with The Quiet Ones, its southern rock flames and dirt lined grooves locked into a thick turbulence of riffs and rhythms, neither outweighing the other but mutually leading to a moment of groove heaven and an increasingly explosive and vicious outpouring of sonic rabidity. A borrowing of a Rage Against The Machine tempting only adds to the fun, and as much as the album bruises and devours it also offers a rich tongue in cheek layer through lyrics and mischief.

Grind was a little ‘disappointing’, though only in the fact with its title hopes were it would burrow into flesh and psyche like a drill bit. Instead it spun a wiry web of grooves and sonic tenacity amongst a threat of rhythms and riffs; the result being another inescapably persuasive and seriously enjoyable intrusion before making way for the writhing and relentless nagging of Behind the Mask. With a ripple of rap metal to its persistent niggle of riffs, the song demands attention, evolving new strains of melodic and cantankerous imagination in return. Longer to hit the same rapturous reactions as most of its predecessors, the song easily succeeds in leaving satisfaction full before being over shadowed by the excellent The Star of your Nightmare. Its electronic coaxing amidst prowling riffs is almost Marilyn Mansion like but in no time a cancerous violation unique to Demons Of Old Metal with the track emerging as a theatre of cinematic mayhem and sonic ingenuity.

Cast around a fiery acidic groove, See How They Die seduces and menaces before overpowering its initial rich flame to dominate through bearish riffs and ill-tempered rhythms, the vocals bridging both emotions with open relish. Like The Union Underground with anger problems, the song is a grizzly treat leaving Get Outa Dodge to provide one last growl of insatiable and uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll, and ending the album on another big high.

British metal/rock ‘n’ roll is building towards a new heyday going by releases over the past few months, and when it erupts in full voice, there is no way Demons Of Old Metal will not be there leading the thrilling riot.

Dominion is out December 1st with pre-ordering available now @

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2015

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Metal Devastation Compilation Vol. #1

Metal Devastation Radio - Metal Devastation Compilation Vol #1 - cover_RingMaster Review

Put together and unleashed by Zach Moonshine and Metal Devastation Radio, Metal Devastation Compilation Vol. #1 offers two mighty reasons all metal/rock fans should go check it out and treat themselves. Firstly it was created to raise funds for those battling cancer and to help the families involved, which sadly includes Zach’s own mother-in-law who was recently diagnosed with stage 3a large cell squamous carcinoma of the lung that has spread to her lymph node. With all involvement from the album creators to artists purely voluntary and all proceeds going to the cause, the compilation is very worthy of attention and add the second mighty lure in the fine horde of independent bands, 39 of them, offering their support and sounds, the album is a no-brainer involvement for all.

Within its first handful of tracks the quality and diversity of artists and sound is gripping, a trend never deviating until the final triumph offered by one man Canadian death-grinders Pink Carnage and their glorious trespass of ears and psyche going by the name of Children Of The Damned. The track is a brilliant conclusion to a release which starts off in riveting style too, that variety of temptation springing from opener We Will All Be Trees by Ottawa death metallers …From The Deep. Its ravenous stalking and infestation of the senses makes way for the raw metal of Cape Town quintet Nethercyst and in turn the grooved punk metal of 94 Blades and after the Arizona outfit, the dark invasive black metal courtesy of Iranian band Akvan. The four tracks epitomise the strength and diversity of the album and indeed global underground scene, but still just the tip of the creative iceberg.

It would make War and Peace look like a novella to make a comment on every single song within the album in this review so allow us the indulgence of revealing particular favourites, a choice hard enough in all honesty such, without exception, the mighty propositions making up the album. The thrash/death metal incitement of Le Règne du Chaos is one to grab ears; its creators the French band Amzera who recently released their debut EP to potent responses.

The melodic metal adventure of Canada band Dark Insignia had ears and imagination entwined too through their Longest Day whilst straight after them in the song line-up, Buffalo hailing Dark Morning had feet and neck muscles energised with the sinew driven hard rock revelry of Devour, again the two band’s position side by side showing the potent mix of styles and textures making up a perpetually enthralling playlist.

There are plenty other incitements raising personal lust including Chicago five piece Destroythm, their track Dead Man’s Switch a ravenous slab of groove/alternative, and rapacious metal, whilst another Cape Town hailing band in Devilspeak snarl and chew at the same senses to thrilling effect, the effect of the pair’s hostility soothed by the glorious swagger and charm of EVP from DC trio Hellpie, its bluesy, dark rock ‘n’ roll irresistible.

Danish power rockers RedWolves are another creating an inescapable excitement for our ears with their melodically flavoursome yet muscular sound whilst Rock N Roll Villain Society do what they do best, create a boozy rock ‘n’ roll anthem to get fully involved with.

That vast stretch of styles impress again as side by side both the gripping extreme avant-garde metal of Skindrone and tempestuous antagonistic metal of Skin Kage inflame ears and imagination in their specific ways, successes backed by an array of subsequent storms and provocations including one from Burlington bred death thrashers The Desolate and another through the Antwerp thrash/hardcore crossover sound of Toxic Shock. As mentioned earlier, there are respites from the furies within the album, rich propositions like the bewitching atmospheric stoner seeded exploration of Californian duo Tvsk but generally they are quickly followed by more rousing confrontations like the stirring blues spiced heavy metal/rock uncaged by N. Carolina twosome White Knuckle Black Out.

With the album brought to a rich close by firstly Italian symphonic metallers Winterbreed and their song You Will Cry My Name and the earlier mentioned Pink Carnage, exhaustion is matched by thick pleasure and an urge to explore all those involved, a reaction no one will escape. With more mouth-watering songs from the likes of Critical Dismemberment, Ohol Yeg, Light Keeper… actually we will stop there because every band deserves a bold mention but space limits that so do peruse the track-listing below, hit the links in their names and explore all the bands making up the release, new favourites are a definite result. Then, or before, give yourself deserved pleasure by going over to purchase a copy of the compilation which in turn means helping a very deserving cause.

Metal Devastation Compilation Vol. #1 track-listing:
…From The Deep – We Will All Be Trees 05:28
Nethercyst – Deceit Of The Fallen 02:27
94 Blades – Capone 03:44
Akvan – طبرستان 06:53
Amzera – Le Règne du Chaos 06:12
Anschluss Amor – Faith 04:54
Brutal Death Fuck – Baptized In Cum 03:40
Clawhammer – Damn The Man 05:29
Critical Dismemberment – Feel My Wrath And Tremble 03:46
Dark Insignia – Longest Day 06:43
Dark Morning – Devour 04:04
Destroythm – Dead Man’s Switch 06:59
DevilSpeak – Violently Leading The Blind 05:02
Distis – Destiny 05:23
Dying Eyes Of Sloth – Flesh Collector 03:26
Gravehuffer – Husk 03:12
Hellpie – EVP 05:14
Into The Coven – The Haunting 05:08
Light Keeper – Hard Ride To Hell (Devil’s Train) 04:09
Nostra Cantus – Mind Of Diseases 09:31
Moloch – Nur Der Tod Ist Wirklich 04:40
Morkta – Sorrow In Suffering 04:00
Necrotion – Tormented Unrest 04:16
Ohol Yeg – Obscure Is The Human 04:40
RedWolves – Letting You Go 05:17
Requiem For Oblivion – A Grim Jest 05:27
Rock N Roll Villain Society – Outlaw Trucker 03:06
Shotgun Justice – Nothing Left To Fear 05:54
Singe – Scorch 04:34
Skin Drone – Death Sentence 04:57
Skin Kage – Of Wolves 05:04
Splithammer – Down 03:41
The Desolate – Sentinel 04:55
The EyeSores – Monstrosity 03:45
Toxic Shock – Feeling The Pain 04:19
Tvsk – From Ashes 06:26
White Knuckle Blackout – Gravel 06:50
Winterbreed – You Will Cry My Name 06:24
Pink Carnage – Children Of The Damned 02:16

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2015

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