Johnny Wore Black – Gift of Desperation


Continuing a powerful emergence with UK melodic metal, Johnny Wore Black is poised to release new single Gift of Desperation, a song which cements the project as one exciting and creatively potent encounter leaving thoughts and imagination aflame and pleasure a fiery reward.

Johnny Wore Black is the creation of London songwriter/producer Johnny Jay, the former leading force of The Jay Harley Band. Across previous singles and tracks, Jay has built a formidable presence garnering strong acclaim which the new release only will add to one assumes. Renowned for his work with musical collaborators Jay linked up once again for Gift of Desperation with David Ellefson from Megadeth who contributed to previous releases Up In Flames and debut single All The Rage, a track released in conjunction with Help For Heroes to raise funds for Help for Heroes and Combat Stress. Co-written by Jay and Ellefson, the single out on October 15th is an enthralling teaser for forthcoming album Walking Underwater which is out early next year. It is also being released to accompany Ellefson’s biography, My Life With Deth, an eye-opening no punches pulled account of his journey from thrash metal legend to Lutheran minister.

The track is a provocative instigator of emotive and passionate reactions, its presence a vibrant mesmeric blend of intense shadows and gift-of-desperation-johnny-wore-black-cover-1600pxmetallic sinews around melodic flames which inspire adventure and contemplation in thought and emotive response. A pulsating dark lure opens up the song behind a singular guitar beckon, their tempting soon joined by a throaty bass call and an intimidating yet welcoming atmosphere. It is a relatively reserved introduction but one with plenty to provoke and suggest a tempest is brewing behind the excellent vocals of Jay and richly hued guitar play. Though the song never does explode into the hinting storm it never allows senses and thoughts to rest, continually engaging them with a riveting melodic tonic and rhythmic incitement which pulls the strongest hunger in their direction.

Themed by an exploration ‘of the harsh realities of finding a way out of the darkness’, the Grammy award winning producer David Bottrill mixed Gift of Desperation is a smouldering and irresistible bait to the artist and forthcoming album, another temptation which surely will see the first full length from Johnny Wore Black under the strongest anticipation.

The single is accompanied by a video also featuring David Ellefson which was filmed in London.


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