Jingo – Wake Up

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Hot on the heels of Black Flowers, London based Jingo release their fifth single Wake Up, another song which stretches the expansive scope of their sound and songwriting. It is fair to say it is impossible to predict what will come next from the creative minds and skills of the band as up to this point every song has had a distinct character which ignites the passions and imagination like a sultry puppeteer. The new release is no exception and though it had a tall order to follow the brilliant Black Flowers it lays down its own unique blaze of smouldering beauty and potency to reinforce the stature and thrilling presence of the band.

Once again on the single the quartet of husband and wife Jack (vocals/guitar) and Katie Buckett (lead vocals/keys/guitar), Joseph Reeves (drums), and Sahil Batra (keys/bass/guitar/vocals), have bred a weave of melodic and expressive elegance which rest easily upon a feisty and sinewy energetic charge, the song an ever evolving and moving blaze of psychedelically flavoured heavy rock incitement, but one honed into something warm and seductively compelling tempering any weight and intensity borne.

The last time out we suggested that Jingo were moving into a sound which was more at home alongside the mellower moments of a Blood Ceremony and Jess & the Ancient Ones rather than the comparisons to Fleetwood Mac and The Magic Numbers which the earlier singles arguably raised. Wake Up is again in the camp of the latter references but as with all the previous releases has its own character which takes it into another fresh breeze of sound.

From the lone jangle of guitar soon joined by big bulbous beats and a tangy bassline, the song embraces the ever riveting vocals of Katie who also seems to have added another indefinable tint to her delivery. There is a thrilling hint of a rapacious snarl at times to her voice which rides the melodic washes like a temptress whilst adding a little intimidation to ward off interlopers.  The muscular rhythmic web of the track is exceptional as is the stronger flamed and acidically absorbing cast of guitar and enterprise which streaks across the continually shifting encounter. All combined the aspects fuse into an experience which teases and secures a full submission to its melodically breathing intensively crafted fire.

Wake Up is a song which is immediately accessible but also a slow burner in revealing all of its depths and sultry vices. Black Flowers is still the band’s finest moment to date but Wake Up is breathing strongly on its neck; roll on the next release which the band say is only again a couple of weeks or so away

Go grab Wake Up @ https://soundcloud.com/jingomusic/wake-up



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