Shevils – Black Eyes

Photo by Kristoffer Skjæringrud Photography

Photo by Kristoffer Skjæringrud Photography

On the back of their last single alone We Walk On Shattered Glass, Norwegian noise rockers Shevils ignited a strong anticipation and hunger for their forthcoming new album. Now just to seal the deal the Oslo quartet unleash the second single from the November released album Lost In Tartarus, a song which shows that the band has been holding back on us as it turns that hunger into a lustful impatience. Black Eyes is sheer sonically crafted devilry with a rhythmic trap to match in seduction and mischievous enslavement. If you thought its predecessor was the best thing the band had conjured, than you have heard and felt nothing yet.

Consisting of vocalist Anders Voldrønning, guitarists Andreas Myrvold and Christoffer Gaarder, and drummer Anders Emil Rønning, the band expanding to a sextet live with the addition of Kristofer Staxrud (bass) and Marcus Forsgren (guitar, synth, bass), Shevils has built up and earned a strong and evolving reputation for their fusion of hardcore, noise rock, and more flavours touched by a psyche mischief. They first made a good declaration after forming in the October of 2010, with debut album The Year Of The Fly the following year and subsequently the single Is This To be (Our Lives)? 2011 also saw the release of the Necropolis EP, which had another outing in Indonesia this year to again great acclaim and fervour. Each release showed the moving creativity and body of the band’s sound which came to a head with the exceptional We Walk On Shattered Glass, or so we thought. Black Eyes shows it was just the start to another thrilling and riveting twist in the invention of Shevils which only accelerates the almost rabid appetite for the impending full length release.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Forsgren at Engfelt Forsgren Studio in Oslo, Black Eyes immediately confronts the ear with sharp single_option3teasing riffs punctured by instantly addictive beats, their crafty hypnotic persuasion the lead into a submissive slavery soon secured by the short tempest of sonic fire and punk brawling which proceeds to switch and interchange with that ridiculously virulent staggered temptation. The vocals of Voldrønning squall and demand attention as effortlessly and enjoyably as across previous songs whilst musically the track matches his demanding stance, guitars and drums creating a psychotic tango of compelling invention prowled by the gloriously predatory basslines. With a swagger and diablerie to its intrusively enthralling gait, the song offers a riot which is as much Baddies/We Are The Physics like in its stomp as Coilguns and Man The Machetes in its corrosively epidemic persistence.

Black Eyes is a brilliant exploit and teaser leading up to Lost In Tartarus, the pinnacle of the band’s alchemy so far, though I doubt this will be the last time that claim is made.


RingMaster 20/09/2013

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