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Let us introduce you to some rousing punk ‘n’ roll from a band which most probably you have yet to make the acquaintance if placed outside of their homeland. They are Akoso and have recently released their third album Todas Putas. It is a storming collection of middle finger raising tracks roaring at the world with a view emulating the album’s title, which in English translates as All Whores. It pulls no punches and even with all track sung in the band’s Spanish tongue, there is no escaping its lyrical aggressiveness and musical contagion.

Hailing from Montblanc and with a name meaning “harassment” or “abuse”, Akoso began some when between 2002 and 2003. They have released two albums previously, a self–titled offering in 2010 followed by Noctamid para dormer three years later. The years has seen numerous line-up changes around co-band founder and guitarist/vocalist Xavi Nuez and at one point after the recording of their second album, Akoso seemed to split or go on hiatus with Xavi going on to form The Sick Side. The album still found itself uncaged to strong responses but it was only in 2014 when the band re-emerged, initially for a one off show. Now a year or so later, Akoso has their third and most impressive offering to date snarling at the world, a fusion of antagonistic punk and raw rock ‘n’ roll very easy to get excitedly vocal over.

Mañana Será Otro Día sets the aggression fuelled treat off, though the song itself arrives on a relatively restrained canter of riffs and punchy beats. It has a growl to it though which stirs ears and a sonic enterprise to feed the appetite straight away, and though the song is not tearing up trees it is an enjoyably solid and satisfying start to Todas Putas.

Things get a touch spicier with the following Habitación 46, the guitars swiftly sending tendrils of bluesy endeavour through ears as a more grouchy mix of riffs and rhythms court the distinctive vocals of Xavi. As enticing as it is throughout, the track most catches fire when it kicks its energy and attitude up another notch, a move which lures in great backing calls and a more predatory nature in the grooves and bestial tones of the bass. It discovers a more adventurous nature over time which is explored much further in the album ahead, here that boldness coming in hints adding more flavour and spirit rousing urgency to the track before ¿Qué Es Esto? takes over. The third song equally opens on a controlled intent and energy only to find its greatest persuasion once it also explodes with creative tenacity into another charging attack, mixing both gears with pleasing results from thereon in.

The next up Esto Es Punk swings its rhythmic and belligerent prowess at full throttle from its opening breath, jabbing at the listener whilst inciting their eager involvement, especially when the great unruly and anthemic mix of vocals leads the way. The track is a proper, rebel rousing punk song setting up emotions and energy ready for the similarly tenacious Ella Arruinó Mi Vida and its musical and bedlamic vocal hooks. Like its predecessor, the track has everything you want from a slice of adversarial rock ‘n’ roll and plenty more to get additionally excited over, just as La Guerra. Opening with scene from the battlefield, the next track is quickly spilling tangy sonic bait as vocally Xavi explores the tale of a soldier on the frontline, his wife back home, and their ill-fated chance of a reunion. Again it is an encounter which just gets hits the spot with no extra frills or any intent other than to provide one meaty and thrilling slab of punk rock.

The social commentary of Crisis blazes away next, the guitars merging hungry riffs with fiery endeavour throughout its infectious provocation, especially in a volcanic expulsion midway. The bracing roar of the song is matched by that of the outstanding Fuck The System, which from its opening contagion fuelled hook, has ears and imagination enslaved, only increasing its grip with the repetition of that irresistible start and a fist raising chorus where for the only time English its used in a simple repeat of the song title.

The thicker adventure of that song seems to spark Islamismo Radical straight after too, its initial bait of brooding bass quickly followed by swarthy grooving which just gets more potent with every dangle of its tempting, which in turn seems to spark greater flirtatious hooks and melodic imagination elsewhere as it heads to another middle part which just erupts with compelling imagination inspiring subsequent adventurous exploits through the keys to emerge. The best track on the album by far, amongst nothing but great growls of sound and attitude, the track gives a clear view along with the song before it, of where Akoso has the invention and prowess to really stir up attention from a broader punk world.

Closing song Llegó la Hora, also takes a leap into new imagination in the band’s sound, its opening caress of piano emotive and elegant as it leads ears into the addictive textures and hard rock meets punk ‘n’ roll infectiousness of its body. It is the perfect anthem to end the rebel rousing exploits of Todas Putas and a final stomp to get thoroughly and keenly involved in.

Fair to say Akoso are not trying to inject major originality into punk or rock ‘n’ roll with Todas Putas, though they do have it within them as a couple of songs show, but rather provide a slab of sound to simply get people excited and invigorated. That they do with ease through an album that definitely deserves more than a moment of anyone’s time.

Todas Putas is available for streaming and free download now.

Pete Ringmaster 22/09/2015

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