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Already proving to be punishingly brutal and mischievous, fiercely rabid and hilarious, Scottish metallers Party Cannon return with debut album Bong Hit Hospitalisation and take all those aspects in their presence and sound up another ruinous gear. Their first full-length is an uncompromising onslaught of slam infested death metal, but equally a party to spill your devilment, hostility, and guts to.

Hailing out of Dunfermline, the 2010 formed Party Cannon released a clutch of demos and singles in their early years before in 2013 uncaging the well-received Partied in Half EP. It put the band on the map for a great many, something the Rob Hobson produced Bong Hit Hospitalisation now looks to broaden with its voracious tempest. From its opening breath, release and band savage and incite, their “extreme comedic brutality” a hellacious onslaught of insidious vocals and psychotic rhythms aligned to technically deranged, sonically frenzied riffs and grooves.

It all starts with Russian Zombie Smack (Krokodil), its initial touch a percussive lead into a heavily imposing stalking of slam death metal. The early lumbering gait is soon a maelstrom of searing intensity and sonic ravishment bred by the guitars of Craig Robinson and Mike McLaughlin, the wounds they cast further pummelled by lethal strokes of drummer Martin Gazur and scarred by the bestial savaging from bassist Chris Ryan and vocalist Stony Reddie. The track is merciless, the ringing in ears after the song’s departure proof alone as it makes tinnitus seem like a serenade, and there is no respite as Jack Vs The Exotic Crustacean takes over within moments with the same intent.

Party Cannon 2015 - Bong Hit Hospitalisation_RingMaster Review   The second track opens with one of a number of smile inducing samples within the release, moments often luring potent chuckles before the savaging just as here. The track itself is pure carnal barbarity and addictiveness, the nagging bait of riffs and energy as big a hook as the squalling variety and enterprise from vocals and guitars. Quite simply you will rupture everything inside getting involved with the track and love every minute, as you will with There’s A Reason You’re Single straight after. The bass of Ryan steals the show here, its throaty pestilence almost inviting as it swaggers within the reckless attack of beats and riffs, though its success is matched by the sonic tempting emerging later which infiltrates the tempest with contagious charm, no mean feat within the brutal turbulence around them.

Keg Stand By Me is cyclonic at best and outright death metal warfare in full swing. Every aspect of band and track makes an excruciating persuasion and though the track maybe does not quite match up to its predecessors it leaves body and emotions in pools of melted flesh and pleasure, wastage waiting to be resuscitated by the brief cruel and invigorating predation of Ectomy Part 1 (Get Back To Work) and the even swifter violation of Ectomy Part 2 (Brutalitarian Rhapsody). The latter is twenty eight seconds of physical defilement, though to be honest even its assault pales in viciousness and corruption compared to the opening of Interested Is Not The Word and indeed most of its exhaustive and evolving landscape of slamming carnage amidst a technically driven sonic orgy.

Another album peak and favourite deflowering of ears and senses comes with Battle Of The Spider-Men!, the track as virulent as extreme untamed sounds can possibly get whilst inflicting the fiercest damage as the swing to its grooves and swagger in its movement cast a deceitful tempting within one severely blistering examination.

The album continues to be as merciless as necrotizing fasciitis on flesh, Screech Even Sold His Body To Science stripping nerves bare whilst gutting the senses and We Prefer The Term Living Impaired lastly tearing up what remains for an irresistible death march within slam driven excessive violation. The pair, as every track upon Bong Hit Hospitalisation has their own identity and form of creative cruelty and it is fair to say that the album, if you can brave through its body wilting surface, does offer more diversity than a great many genre similar confrontations and more imagination.

Bong Hit Hospitalisation firmly hits the sweet spot; devours it, chokes it back up, and then stamps all over it again. Such fun!

Bong Hit Hospitalisation is available from July 7th via Gore House Productions on CD and digitally @

Party Cannon’s “Slamming Down the West Coast” tour with Epicardiectomy (Czech Rep) and Parasitic Ejaculation (CA) dates…

July 10/11 – Oakland, CA / The Oakland Metro (Bay Area Death Fest)

July 13 – Sacramento, CA / The Colony

July 14 – Portland, OR / The Tonic Lounge

July 16 – Salt Lake, UT / TBA

July 17 – Denver, CO / TBA

July 18 – Amarillo, TX / Friendz Bar

July 19 – Dallas, TX / Renos Chop Shop

July 20 – Austin, TX / Red Eye Fly

July 21 – El Paso, TX / Paulina’s Badland

July 22 – Scottsdale, AZ / Rogue Bar

July 23 – Los Angeles, CA / 5 Star Bar

July 24 – Las Vegas, NV / OMD

July 25 – Salinas, CA / RBG

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