The Thanes – Dishin’ The Dirt


     We always have a healthy appetite for raw and fuzz bred sounds here and they do not come any more appealing than Dishin’ The Dirt, the new single from Scottish garage rock pioneers The Thanes. Consisting of two tracks which simply snarl at and rile up against the senses whilst treating them to a tasty blend of sonic acidity and melodic rapaciousness, the single is an infection soaked romp which ignites passions and commands feet.

    The Thanes began in 1980 under the name The Green Telescope. From day one their sound was sixties reaped, a seeding which has never faltered as the band created and expanded their distinctive sound. The band name changed to The Thanes (of Cawdor) in 1986 with their debut album, self-titled with the new moniker, arising a year later. Its success led to the Edinburgh quartet starting to support and play with the likes of The Soup Dragons, Primal Scream, The Remains, The Sonics, and ? & the Mysterians across the following years. With numerous well-received releases, including another three albums, uncaged over the past decades, the line-up of vocalist/lead guitarist Lenny Helsing, bassist Mark Hunter, drummer Mike Goodwin, and guitarist/organist Angus McPake, recently entered the studio to lay down two new songs, tracks making up the new Dirty Water Records release.

    Dishin’ The Dirt is an instant temptation of provocative beats and the delicious organ sound which always provides the heart of the band’s endeavours. As the deep velvety presence of the bass enters the scene soon followed by the eager tease of guitar, the song takes a tight and colourful grip on the imagination, a hold only strengthened with the nasally expressive tones of Helsing. There is a belligerence and disdain to his delivery, an attitude which sparks against the melodic enterprise but equally fuels its immersive fingers. The track is soon well under the skin, infecting the passions with its flaming waltz.

    The excellent provocation is quickly matched by second song I Don’t Want You. The track is the cover of the classic stomp recorded by The Anteeks and Traffic Jam (who became Status Quo). The song stalks the senses with energy and mischief within a sturdy framework to provide another exciting and inciting proposition. It perfectly shows the sixties passions of The Thranes brought through with a feisty and fuzz clad modern vivaciousness.

     Dishin’ The Dirt is a mouthwatering and richly satisfying slice of garage rock which reminds with ease that The Thranes is still an encounter to lead the genre to new inspirational benchmarks. They may be in their third decade but the fire inside still burns rather voraciously it seems.


RingMaster 18/03/2014

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The Thanes: Dishin’ The Dirt/I Don’t Want You

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