The Youth – Fancy You


The Youth

    Merging a raw and hungry sound with an assured swagger, Danish band The Youth provides one of those refreshing adventures which merges nostalgia and modern endeavour into a one vivacious party. Crafting beat music with a fired up appetite to stomp all over the senses, the Copenhagen quartet thrusts eagerly and appealing through the ears with new single Fancy You. The two track release is a magnetic and contagious slice of energetic revelry, an engagingly abrasive seduction which infects feet and imagination with insatiable ease.

    Formed in 2012 by guitarists Jesper Jensen and Lasse Tarp, bassist David Peter Jørgensen, and drummer Sune Christian Thomsen, The Youth emerged from the quartet’s mutual passion for blues, garage punk, R’n’B and beat music. Their live performances and thrashy sound has seen the band a hot proposition not only in their own shows but across a wealth of festivals and clubs taking in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and Spain. With their debut album on the horizon, the band impressively teases and tempts before it’s uncaging, with the limited edition 7” single Fancy You.

     The lead song leaps from a countdown into a hip swerving body of flaming acidic melodies and crisp rhythms aligned to a The Youth - Fancy You coverthrobbing throaty bassline. It is an instant infection which envelops senses and thoughts, enslaving them ready for the expressive vocals. As the guitars dance around the ears, twisting their hunger into an almost rapturous greed, the song continues to prowl and bounce with a fevered energy and unpolished touch. It is the groove from which everything hangs though that provides the richest enticement, a call equalled in potency by another similar sculpted by the bass. At times Fancy You raises essences of The Fuzztones and The Yardbirds within the inspiring sound but only as whispers in something individual to The Youth.

   The release is completed by Your Love, a similarly bred track but one with a sturdier punch to its rhythmic stomping and a hotter surface to its melodic causticity. The vocals as in the first impress, singularly and as a dual suasion, whilst the guitar craft is a maze of sonic tendrils which tease and intrigue as much as they excite. At not much more than two minutes in length it departs far too early for the only moan, but still reassures and confirms that The Youth is a band that anyone with a taste for beat music, garage rock, and sixties punk needs to pay close attention to.

     Fancy You also ensures that anticipation for the band’s upcoming debut album, on Dirty Water Records, is going to be eager and impatient, though the single provides plenty of fun and pleasure to fill the time and pull in more enthused hearts.


RingMaster 18/03/2014

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