Nuclear Omnicide – Bringers Of Disease


Not just going for the jugular but ripping it out and violating it like a whirling dervish, Finnish thrashers Nuclear Omnicide uncages their new EP Bringers Of Disease. Six tracks of unbridled and rapacious old school thrash metal which rampages with a speed and voraciousness which cannot be denied, the release is an uncompromising assault on the senses easily giving healthy satisfaction whilst sparking an eager appetite for its antagonistic riot.

Consisting of bassist/vocalist Benny Raivio, guitarists Igi Ignatius and Kappe Koutonen, and drummer Alex Anttila, the 2010 formed Kirkkonummi quartet first made their mark with the Unleash Yourself EP of 2012, though it was debut album The Presence Of Evil in March of last year which brought the band to wider attention. Forging a rich death metal essence to their thrash aggression the band now has Bringers Of Disease poised to leap at the world on January 3rd via Violent Journey Records, an EP which gives the band’s sound a boost of raging adrenaline and intensive weight. There is nothing particularly new within the release and sound of the band, it drawing on well-trod genre toxicity and anthemic potency but equally it has a presence and contagion which is quite irresistible.

Opener We Came to Thrash! says it all for song and release, the track careering through the ear with riffs breaking sinew and Nuclear_Omnicide_-_Bringers_Of_Disease_Front_600cartilage whilst rhythms splinter bone under the infectious grooving and anthemic group vocal calls. Just exceeding one minute in length the song is the perfect introduction and indication of what is to come and what to expect from the EP, expectations soon rabidly fed by the next up Curse of the Undead. Rhythms venomously tumble down upon the senses within a scathing blaze of fiery and predacious riffery, the start instantly magnetic and raising a hunger in the passions which is reinforced by the savage progress of the track. The vocals of Raivio spread the lyrical poison with a raw growling lilt as raucous and merciless as the sounds around him, it all adding to a thrash assault which may not be original but knows how to utilise existing invention to its full potential and power.

Ruler with the Iron Fist stirs up the imagination with a tempest of imaginative endeavour and sonic twisting. Not as dramatically forceful as its predecessors but with a similarly intensive presence littered with melody crafted grooves and shifting changes of gait and enterprise, the track is an outstanding encounter taking the EP to another level alone. The guitar teasing and sculpting of Ignatius and Koutonen merge cute adventure with brutal riffery across the track whilst the rhythmic side of the band punish and coax throughout with an equally compelling temptation.

The opening slow dawning entrance of Institution (Execution) offers a doom clad bait which wraps its lingering suasion around the imagination before from within its dark heavy breath riffs spark into life and spear the air with fiery infectiousness alongside crisp rhythmic provocation. Once the vocals start their scarring squall the music kicks up a gear in pace and venom to score and ignite the senses all over again, the track like the one just before forging a presence which feeds and treats the instinctive thrasher in us all.

Both Merciless Butcher and Bringer Of Disease bring the EP to a pleasing end, the first immediately recruiting feet and neck muscles with its vicious chugging before exploding into an even more violent fury of riffs and rhythms, a Municipal Waste like element feeling its way through certainly the vocal and punkish essences within the maelstrom. Its successor is simply ravenous thrash at its nasty merciless best, every aspect gnawing upon and stirring up senses and passions.

As mentioned you will not find anything brand new on Bringers Of Disease but for thrilling use of existing invention and unbridled enjoyment which makes you overlook that lack of originality, Nuclear Omnicide gets the job done with skill and ease. The EP is a great way to set thrash metal on its way in 2014 and a release easy to be drawn back to time and time again.


RingMaster 01/01/2014

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  1. Finnish thrash metal…Ooops!
    Nuclear Omnicide coming with really old school thrash
    They are going to hell!

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