ONELEGMAN – Event Horizon

Providing another reminder that as much as our radar keenly sweeps across the music world it is impossible to catch everything at any moment in time, Event Horizon is the new album from Italian metallers ONELEGMAN. It is the band’s third full-length and follows their previously and keenly acclaimed releases but emerges as our introduction to the Italian metallers. Maybe any personal discovery comes when it is meant to be and the time for us is now with an album which exploded upon the imagination like few others this year.

Reggio Emilia hailing and formed in 2003, ONELEGMAN as we suggested has garnered rich plaudits through their 2011 debut album, The Crack, and its successor DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS WORLD WAS MADE FOR YOU? Four years later, a record dedicated to those affected by the earthquakes that struck the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy during the May of 2012. The band weaves a sound which is almost in evolution within their new release let alone between records; a progressive metal/rock bred encounter embracing a myriad of other flavours and inspirations in its invention; something akin to a fusion of Voyager, Stam1na and Devin Townsend for these ears.

It is an adventure and voyage in sound matched by lyrical exploration, Event Horizon uniting the song’s individual concepts in an “auditory exploration of new worlds, the chaos theory, the last days of a star’s life, the direction of time, entropy, the fourth dimension that is gravity, love as an elementary form of existence, existence as a mere force of attraction and repulsion between electrons, existence as creatures of God or as sons of physics and chemistry.” It is a venture into word and thought as involving as the music which fuels the album’s swift captivation with these ears.

 Event Horizon opens with Chaos Theory, the track shimmering into view before churning up the atmosphere with gnarled riffs. It is an instant persuasion escalating with the melodic lure of vocals and the broadening web of guitars and keys. Celestial yet voraciously earth bound, the track greedily captivated in invention and surprise, every passing moment a fresh turn in the track’s eager quest.

The fusion of styles and flavours making up the song is only echoed and brought with individual uniqueness by the next track, Magnetar strolling in with grooved intent and stylish enterprise. Its calm reflection and matching sound made for immediate seduction, the subsequent rising of sonic flames and emotive expulsion adding to the track’s magnetic drama before the album’s title track with ever widening intrigue cast an intimate yet exploratory proposal for ears and imagination to take flight with; its orchestral inclinations a dramatic companion.

It is fair to say that already every passing minute brought sound and enterprise which bordered on the kaleidoscopic and a richness of unpredictability which equally shaped The Line and its rhythmic virulence and anthemic rock uproar. Equally each song is soaked in individual contagiousness which is let off the leash here and again given its head in Radiate. Both songs also revel in their own especial design and invention, the former with its pop punk hued energy and the latter through its flirtatiously acoustic beginnings and rising pop rock manipulation and experimental endeavour; a particular favourite album moment ensured with its fusion of the intimate and the cosmically vast.

Steric Hindrance similarly merges the emotively close with a broader landscape of contemplation, its music a matching mix of the closely seductive and widely anthemic within its metal/alt rock forged incitement while Black Holes Have No Hairs highlights the predacious essence of the ONELEGMAN sound with its almost carnivorous riffs and grooves against pop/progressive rock vivacity. The track is a serenade of enterprise and temptation which, like so many within Event Horizon, had us committing voice, body and spirit. 

It is a similar template seeding The Order Of Time though its heart is less trespass and more mesmeric captivation within a steely and often tempestuously cast framework before Cosmos soars through a universe of drama and tension to explore celestial tumult and wonder. A fusion of darkness and light, the track beguiled as it trespassed, every listen as with the album revealing new edges, depths and suggestion in its evolving presence.

The release is completed by Slaps Two By Two Until They Become Odd, a track uniting threat and invitation in every second of its emergence and continuing to exploit both aspects in its climatic uproar. Formidably invasive but equally inspiriting in its emotive resolve and hope bearing breath, the track is a fine fiery close to one glorious encounter.

Event Horizon proved a striking and enlivening proposition from the first listen and has only intensified in both by the listen to become one of the year’s most impressive and irresistible encounters.

Event Horizon is out now through ROCKSHOTS Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 11/11/2022

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