Black Widows – Among The Brave Ones

Formed in 1995, BLACK WIDOWS soon left their indelible mark on the Portuguese metal scene but recognition further afield could be said to have been slow in latching on to the band. It is something we can only see changing with the release of the band’s new album, Among The Brave Ones. Quite simply, it is a release which demanded attention and as quickly and eagerly embroiled our instincts in the Almada hailing band’s unique realm of sound and ferocity.

Recognised as their homeland’s first all-female metal proposition, BLACK WIDOWS have been on a journey of praise gathering releases, stage searing live shows including memorable moments alongside the likes of KING DIAMOND and SINERGY, and numerous line-ups changes and tragedy. It is also a time which saw the band pretty much go on a decade long hiatus before returning in 2018 but a comeback seeing Black Widows evolve their sound to bring out its most adventurous, dramatically bold and voraciously compelling depths. Its fusion of heavy and gothic metal with groove and death bred inclinations is challenge and captivation in one unpredictable imagination clad body, and within Among The Brave Ones one predacious incitement of pleasure.    

Consisting of remaining band founder vocalist/guitarist Rute Fevereiro, bassist Solange Campos, guitarist Íris Prado, keyboardist Mónica Rodrigues and drummer Marta Brissos, BLACK WIDOWS immediately go for the throat with their release.

Dedicated to the resilience of musicians in the chaotic world we live in, the album opens with Black Orchid where drums instantly call on all the waiting attributes of the track with their rally cry, the sonic surging of guitars, their riffs and the predatory lure of the bass soon alongside. It is an invasion of punk, metal and an array of ravening flavours as quickly joined by Fevereiro’s voracious tones. As soon proven across the release and indeed song itself, she is a magnet of style and vocal enterprise alone, whether scarring her throat, melodically calming the tempest or soaring symphonically a striking element in the band’s equally arresting sound and invention.  

Also sharing the invention and predictable nature of the album, it is an outstanding start to the release immediately backed up by the creative maelstrom of Schizo. It is a kaleidoscope of a song, drama and theatre shaping every twist and turn but equally harmonic beauty and grievous irritability get involved before the album’s outstanding title track aligns piano cast melodic elegance and rabid enmity with imagination gripping invention, every passing cunning second a beacon of the glorious unpredictability within the release.

Philosophy Of Fools is a mix of seduction and combat from its first second, continuing to merge both within its mercurial dark and melodic metal honed landscape while Electrify Me allies its rapacious tendencies with sonic and melodic contemplation, keys and guitar beauty and the beast like rabidity in the controlled but untamed storm similarly echoed in Fevereiro’s vocal webs.

Similarly, I’m A Monster and Drowning fascinated and assaulted, the first with its sinister gothic lures and rhythmic manipulation within a predator body and the second through its crepuscular dawn and visceral discontent with Dead Heaven’s Vibe matching their incitements and hold courtesy of its stalker like prowl and increasingly animated symphony of temptation and provocation. As those around them, all three flourished with the individual creative tapestries woven by the band, offering much more in their character and craft than these words can portray.

The album concludes with firstly Forgive To Forget, a hellish proposal with the lures of a siren and lastly Eden Denied, a prowling growling incitement of trespass with an instinctive nagging to its groove and invasive virulence. It provides a gripping end to a glorious encounter where every twist and turn brought fresh rapacious menace and temptation.

Among The Brave Ones is the moment we expect BLACK WIDOWS to be embraced indeed devoured far beyond their homeland, dare you venture into its ravening?

Among The Brave Ones is out now via Inverse Records; available @

 Pete RingMaster 11/11/2022

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