Mano’s Daughter – The Machine



    The Machine is one of those songs which start seducing with its first breath whilst also laying an underlying lure with its sublime and mesmeric textures which immerses the imagination and passions into an even deeper involvement. The first single from London based electronic synth band Mano’s Daughter, the song is a captivating introduction to an immediately absorbing proposition and simultaneously the most potent invitation to the band’s forthcoming debut EP.

     Mano’s Daughter emerged two years ago and brings the synth and programming artistry of Matthias Garrick, the rhythmic skills of Dan See, and the elegant beauty band sirenesque vocal charm of Sarah Carter together. As evidenced by The Machine, they create a spellbinding embrace of sound which provokes and evokes the imagination. Taking their initial time to write and craft a powerful sound and live show, the band began teasing and exciting the live arena from last year with the February of 2013 seeing Mano’s Daughter selected to go through to the second round of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition.

    The band released The Machine as a free download last December and now with the unveiling of its official video, the track unsurprisingly is brewing up and inciting a wealth of enthused and acclaiming reactions. The song makes a gentle entrance; electronically drawn melodies washing over the ears with a melancholic breath but also with bright hues lighting the way for the brewing narrative. As soon as the magnetic voice of Carter wraps her evocative tones around the continually coaxing and immersive sounds, the song raises its temperature and allurement ready for the impending burst of electro pop vivacity. When it comes the track strolls boldly across the senses right in to the passions with a tantalising saunter come stomp of virulently contagious melodies and expressively bred hooks. It invites rather than demands an appetite for the entrancing persuasion but also ensures it digs deeply from the off to increase the suasion so that you never forget the song and certainly specific moments of its immense attraction.

     Part Portishead, part Kate Bush, part The Mouths of Ghosts and still all Mano’s Daughter, The Machine is melodic and emotive alchemy leaving one of the strongest imprints from electro ambient pop in a long time. The previously mentioned new video for the single is equally as attention grabbing. Featuring the introduction of young actress Ria Ellis Burke alongside Sarah Carter, the video impressively brings the heart and emotive potency of the song into visual colour, the opening and subsequent scenes with the young actress evocative and enthralling whilst the thrust of the song vividly lit in picture by the cinematic presence of Carter bringing a richer urgency and scenic menace to the aural tale. Directed by Ian Gathard and filmed by cameraman Nick Pope, with Carter and Garrick editing, the picture brings another dramatic facet to the impressive track without altering its already full fascination.

     Thanks to The Machine it is very easy to be excited about the first EP from Mano’s Daughter; it is hard to imagine it will be anything but refreshing and bewitching when it makes its entrance in March, the release accompanied by a UK tour. This is a band where climbing on their certain rise at the very first stop is a must.


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