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For some reason there seems to be a bit of negativity going round towards the debut self-titled EP from UK melodic metal band Immension, not that it has been a slating upon the release but an apparent to our minds anyway misguided lack of appreciation of what is on offer from the Sheffield quartet. Now certainly the release does not forge new avenues for metal or unleash a storm of originality but at the same time it makes for a satisfying and reasonably thrilling encounter for the ear. For their introduction it has to be said the EP is an impressive enough slab of creativity offering plenty of promise for the band in the future and enjoyment right now.

The main accusation towards Immension is their closeness in sound to Bullet For My Valentine on the release, something you cannot dispute but is hardly a bad thing when mixed with a brewing independence of sound from the band though that is arguably not as realised on the record as you would wish. Nevertheless accomplished in musicianship, thoughtful in structure, and stirring in intensity there are more things right than ‘wrong’ with their introduction to the world.

Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead guitarist Tim Dolan from jamming together five years ago, the band reached a stable line-up with the addition of bassist Hasan Ahmed and drummer Jonni Sowter. From there the band played a torrent of shows stretching from London to Leeds building a fine reputation and loyal fan base along the way. The EP is the first twist of the key to wider recognition and something which certainly amongst metal listeners if not the media seemingly, will stir up plenty more interest their way.

The release opens with the emerging power of Shadow Of Yourself, a track which initially stands tall with flaring riffs and rhythmsImmension Front Cover speared by sonic dazzling wrapping around its bulk. Soon it erupts into a charging fury of pummelling beats and scything barbed hooks and hungry riffs. It is not exactly formula stuff but using tested structures skilfully and to great effect. It is with the clean vocals of Kearsley that one is initially a little taken aback. Expecting the scowling squalls of malice and menace most bands employ the clean delivery is a refreshing variation with growling spite the additive rather than the other way round. Thoughts of In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold emerge from the muscular presence of the track as well as the previously mentioned band of course to make the song a familiar friend for the ear and an enterprising experience for thoughts and senses.

Like the opener the following Lost & Forgotten offers plenty of asides and unexpected ideas amongst the overall bluster of riffs and intense rhythmic assaults, the second song elevating things to a stronger aggressive level. The track is a raging tempest of spite and passion with again the dual vocal attack, and especially the sung vocals, quite compelling. Overall the song is treading the harsher territory of a Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying musically and is the best track and the biggest instigator of real promise from the band on the release.

The slowly brooding In Vain closes things off with a more adventurous gait than before on the EP. The initial mellow tones of atmosphere and vocals is a warm caress against the heated sonic play of the guitars, the infectious chorus merging it all into a brief fire with commanding drums to frame their flames. Soon it is another charged frenzy of energy and aggression which switches between full flame to simmer with seamless craft and ease. It is a song which takes time to make its persuasion but emerges as a dramatic and intelligent song, and again another showing the scope and promise of the band in songwriting and its realisation in the future.

Immension has arrived with an EP which deserves attention: it is not going to ignite the biggest ardour within most but certainly will be a pleasing and gratifying companion during its presence.

RingMaster 03/01/2013

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