Immension – Love Never Dies

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Earlier this year British metallers Immension released their highly anticipated and impressively enjoyable debut album In Vain. It was an encounter wearing the Sheffield band’s influences openly on its sleeve whilst tempting ears with their own specific craft in songwriting and sound. One of the many highlights within the stirringly enjoyable embrace of familiarity and fresh imagination was the track Love Never Dies, a song now having its moment alone in the spotlight as Immension’s new single. It certainly stood out through its dramatic originality and emotive intensity amongst all the other successful persuasions within the album and fair to say it has lost none of its power as it tries to ignite another wealth of attention the way of the band.

Immension Promo Shot_RingMaster ReviewFormed in 2008 by Jake Kearsley (vocals, guitar, bass and piano) and Tim Dolan (lead guitar), Immension have blossomed into a band persistently grabbing attention and praise. Straight away their sound seemed to draw on inspirations ranging from Bullet For My Valentine and Metallica to In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold, a mix stirring up a quickly growing fan base live and through a self-titled EP and subsequently its successor The Enemy Within. 2011 saw the addition of drummer Jonni Sowter to the band’s ranks, a final piece of the puzzle found in many ways leading to the creation and acclaimed release of In Vain a few months back. 2015 has definitely been a strong year for Immension and is set to end on a high for them through Love Never Dies.

An initial and distant sigh of keys leads ears to the emotively charged piano of Kearsley, his fingers painting a melancholic picture as a similarly toned reflection escapes with his impressive voice. It is an alluring start becoming more potent as portentous shadows quickly cloud the song’s atmosphere; that springing punchy rhythms and a throaty lure of bass in tandem to contrast and accentuate the melodic and harmonic beauty also shared. From within that creative merger, a fiery climate brews too, veins of sonic enterprise and emotive drama wrapping the Metallica scented ballad as it arouses and seduces the senses simultaneously.

The song is a blaze of emotional angst and mesmeric beauty within a just as gripping tempestuousness. Certainly its character and body has a strong familiarity to it but not as potent as the creative theatre and anthemic prowess unique to Immension. For newcomers Love Never Dies is the perfect doorway into the band’s impressive qualities and rich potential, for fans it just confirms why they have taken the band to their breast.

Love Never Dies, with a great video as company, is released 11th December.

Pete RingMaster 10/12/2015

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Immension Online Press Shot

Steel City metallers ‘Immension’ continue their climb with the brand new video single for ‘In Vain’ which is taken from their debut album of the same name and out in stores now.

Watch ‘In Vain’ right here –

By pulling from a host of sources, but namely the layered webbing of ‘In Flames’ and the accessibility of ‘Trivium’ and ‘Arch Enemy’, Immension have carefully crafted a sound that cunningly blends the fundamentals of contemporary and metal; the end result is absolutely exhilarating.

Immension were originally formed in 2008 in Sheffield by founding members Jake Kearsley and Tim Dolan. Drummer Jonni Sowter entered the fray in 2011, and the aspiring riff beasts soon set to work on honing their sound. It wasn’t long before the Steel City crew hit the road and toured throughout the whole of the UK. The band then went on to record and self-release two EPs. Both records sparked extensive praise and support from Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Total Rock Radio, Terrorizer and Powerplay Magazine, all helping to catapult the band to a national level.

Immension’s debut album, ‘In Vain’, has just been nationally released and it sets a clear marker, drawing a definitive line in the sand for the trio. The riff slingers now lift the album’s namesake as a new video single and are set to charge forward. The single is an energetic assault on the senses that will undoubtedly pull you in, while highlighting the band’s maturity and careful texturing through perfectly woven guitar work and thoughtful arrangements. The Yorkshire metallers are here and are poised to reach new heights.


Immension – In Vain

Immension Press Shot

Continuing where their previous EP left off whilst showing greater rigorous invention and accomplished songwriting, British metallers Immension release debut album In Vain to reaffirm the potential of their already potent emergence. It is not an encounter destined to leave ears awe struck but certainly it is an album merging familiarity and fresh imagination in one persistently enjoyable proposition.

The Sheffield bred Immension was formed in 2008 by Jake Kearsley (vocals, guitar, bass and piano) and Tim Dolan (lead guitar), and soon began earning local attention with a sound seemingly Bullet For My Valentine inspired, certainly on the evidence of their self-titled first EP. Its successor The Enemy Within increased the band’s ever growing fan base whilst sparking a more national awareness too, its arrival also revealing a more Metallica influenced creativity and air was blossoming in the band’s sound and again part fuels Immension’s first and increasingly pleasing full-length. With drummer Jonni Sowter, who joined the band back in 2011, the trio are set to awaken the strongest and broadest spotlight yet with In Vain, with expected success.

Carrying a presence which is like nineties era Metallica meets Trivium, In Vain opens up with its title track and an enticing of guitar which in turn leads to a robust and skilfully tangled weave of melodic endeavour and rhythmic incitement. The vocals led by Kearsley, similarly have a tenacious and full presence, and like the music carry a Hetfield and co ring to them in varying ways. Rigorous in some moments, more energetically composed in others, the track grabs ears and attention with ease with Sowter a commanding and resourceful presence within the web of enterprise cast by Dolan’s guitar.

Immension Album Cover Art   The rich start to the album continues with The Fantasy, Sowtor’s heavy swings again instantly incendiary bait as riffs and grooves unleash a fiery magnetism against the dark swing riffs of bass. As the rest of the album, there are plenty of recognisable aspects to the song, of others and the band’s previous releases, but equally a new adventure is explored too via more provocative sonic textures and Middle Eastern spices. It is a climatic and richly satisfying encounter, its mix of deliberate prowling and ruggedly enthusiastic charges a contagious persuasion reinforced by the creative imagination and ever impressing vocals within all sides of the band.

All That Remains follows with a mellower and more restrained if still fiery character, vocals and guitar caressing ears as rhythms provide a sturdier framing. Impassioned energy flows through the heart and narrative of the song though, ensuring its more placid nature is always on the edge of emotional eruption before it makes way for the skilfully crafted and dynamic Lost & Forgotten. Neither track can match the persuasion of the first two on the album, and both also begin to reveal a surface similarity in certain areas between tracks within In Vain, but each has ears and appetite enthused for more with their also present elements of individuality, and again duly offered by In The Dead Of Winter and Shadow Of Yourself. The first of these two opens with an ominous yet regal ambience around dramatic beats before being further infused with wiry melodic hues of guitar. There is a rampancy to it which is just as highly persuasive as the ever evident technical and thoughtful potency going into songs. It is one of the loftier peaks of the album, a height its successor tries to emulate with its familiar inventive route clad in thoroughly engaging sound and creativity.

For maybe the first openly dramatic time a major twist of originality comes with the piano led and vocally harmonic Love Never Dies. Its opening charm and beauty is mesmeric but aligned to portentous shadows through the heavy tones of bass and firmly jabbing beats, it all gripping the imagination as much as ears. Continuing to evolve and expand its character and creative colour, the song becomes a blaze of melodic and emotional angst, sublimely capturing pleasure and thoughts before the just as excellent The Enemy Within uncages its barbarous and exhilarating turbulence. The track is never as aggressive and volatile as it might be due to the excellent smooth tones of Kearsley, but it thrills a treat with an enticing which is inviting and barbed simultaneously. The two tracks provide further pinnacles to the album before closing track The Father You Will Never Be offers a final imposing croon and emotional ferocity restrained by melodic temptation.

The song is a fine end to a consistently and increasingly enjoyable release. Immension are still a distance away from finding a truly unique sound but In Vain shows that in craft and sound they have taken big and impressive steps. This is not an encounter to be surprised by or find brand new terrains through but as a proposition to simply spend forty five minutes or so enjoying potent melodic metal, it is a success many other bands will envy.

In Vain is available from June 15th through all stores.

RingMaster 15/06/2015

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Immension – The Enemy Within EP

Immension Online Press Shot

Taking the promise offered on their debut self-titled EP, UK melodic thrashers Immension explore and take things to another level with new release The Enemy Within EP. Consisting of four accomplished and captivating slabs of thrash fuelled melodic metal enterprise, the release is a richly pleasing and thrilling further indication of one rather potent band emerging with UK metal.

Whereas previous EP had the strong scent of Bullet For My Valentine to its enjoyable bulk, The Enemy Within comes with a late eighties Metallica breath wrapped in flames from the likes of In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold. Like its predecessor the release has a familiarity which is unavoidable but again like the debut it works in only a positive and invigorating way with the Sheffield quartet putting plenty of their own twists and imagination into its presentation. Formed in 2008 by vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead guitarist Tim Dolan, the band like so many endured early times of instability in the line-up but once bassist Hasan Ahmed and drummer Jonni Sowter were recruited there years later things clicked into place and Immension began making their imprint into an awakening awareness for their sound. Pulling good critical acclaim their first EP put the metal community in the UK on alert and now with the new EP it is fair to say the band has set themselves up in a sure spotlight.

The self-released EP opens with its title track and instantly has the guitars creating hot melodic flames to warm the ear as strong rhythms Immension Cover Artworkfrom Sowter offers strong provocation. As the intensity steels itself and breaks out greater sinews, the track charges into an intensive romp of scarring riffs coated in a toxic tonic of melodic adventure matched by the excellent vocals of Kearsley which are just as impressively backed by additional tones from the band. It is a contagious anthemic call bringing extra addictiveness to the already compelling sounds where the guitar of Dolan stretches itself and the passions with excellent inventive craft and sonic persuasion.

It is a striking start from band and release which continues in the following Forevermore which seamlessly takes over. The only criticism here though is that the song is so similar in pattern and sound to the first that it is easy with less concentration to miss the fact that this is a new venture within the release. Despite that it is still a thumping encounter with the rhythms of Sowter and the throaty charm unleashed by the bass of Ahmed enslaving the ear for the vocals and once more scintillating guitar work to rise up and impress further within.

All That Remains takes top honours on the EP as it steps up next, the song stepping from a brewing emotive ambience cast by keys and guitar into a fiery expanse of melodic intensity courted by a muscular yet restrained breath. Steeped in Metallica like suasion and littered with at times metalcore bred vocals and sonic sculpting, the track is a masterful piece of songwriting and temptation stirred into a provocative wash of imagination and poetic melodies. Like elsewhere the fact that the song takes thoughts straight to an open source with ease is not an issue such the quality and skill presented within but it may be a problem ahead on future releases, though you also get the feeling that the band are evolving towards a truly distinctive voice anyway.

The closing In The Dead Of Winter returns to a similar appearance and presentation as the first two songs on the EP, but intensifies its rhythmic cage and melodic enticements to stand as another impressive and exciting confrontation of craft and passion. The mix of vocal deliveries is dramatic and outstanding as is the similarly blended sturdier and mellower essences of the sound, both aspects enrolled into a blaze of creative pulse racing, near riotous imagining.

The Enemy Within EP leaves you only wanting more from Immension and it is impossible not to return to it at least once more after any completion of its great offerings.  Though debatably we are still waiting for something truly original from the band, such the quality and inventive craft driving the EP, patience for that to emerge stance is steadfast and eager. Immension has all the tools to be a big presence in UK metal, just a matter of when if they continue to produce releases like this.


RingMaster 12/08/2013

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IMMENSION unleash ‘The Enemy Within’, on 12th August.‏

Immension Online Press Shot


Emerging Metal Crew ‘Immension’ stake a claim with the national release of their sophomore EP ‘The Enemy Within’, out in stores from Monday 12th August.
With influences spanning from ‘Metallica’, ‘ In Flames’ and ‘Arch Enemy’, Immension have forged an extremely attractive and inventive take on the metal genre.
Coming at you from Sheffield, Immension were born back in 2008 by founding members vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead axe-man Tim Dolan. The early days of Immension were plighted due to a series of unreliable members serving as their rhythm section. All of this changed though when the duo recruited bea-tmaster, Jonni Sowter, and bassist, Hasan Ahmed, who both came into the fold in 2011. Since then, everything has finally fallen into place for the ascending metal combo.
The aspiring metallers proceeded to play a number of shows throughout the whole of the UK, and in passing, gathered an impressive underground following before releasing their self-titled debut EP which racked up critical acclaim in Terrorizer Magazine and Rocksound, as well as notching up widespread radio airplay from Total Rock Radio and extensive online coverage.
Now after the successful release for their self-titled EP, the band are set to release their new EP ‘The Enemy Within’. The record is a mighty impressive piece of modern metal that is captivating and original —no easy task given the current climate. The EP oozes four spanking new tracks of galloping metal merged with melodic passages and inter-woven guitar lines. Immension drop ‘The Enemy Within’ this summer and it’s destined to drop you to the floor.
Look out too for the band live throughout May and June.
IMMENSION LIVE: 31/05/13 – Regents Bar – BARNSLEY; 21/06/13 – The Dove & Rainbow – SHEFFIELD; 27/06/13 – Pit & Pendulum – NOTTINGHAM; 29/06/13 – The Maze – NOTTINGHAM; 27/07/13 – Coalfields Festival – BARNSLEY
Immension Cover Artwork

Immension: Self Titled EP

Immension - Promo Shot

For some reason there seems to be a bit of negativity going round towards the debut self-titled EP from UK melodic metal band Immension, not that it has been a slating upon the release but an apparent to our minds anyway misguided lack of appreciation of what is on offer from the Sheffield quartet. Now certainly the release does not forge new avenues for metal or unleash a storm of originality but at the same time it makes for a satisfying and reasonably thrilling encounter for the ear. For their introduction it has to be said the EP is an impressive enough slab of creativity offering plenty of promise for the band in the future and enjoyment right now.

The main accusation towards Immension is their closeness in sound to Bullet For My Valentine on the release, something you cannot dispute but is hardly a bad thing when mixed with a brewing independence of sound from the band though that is arguably not as realised on the record as you would wish. Nevertheless accomplished in musicianship, thoughtful in structure, and stirring in intensity there are more things right than ‘wrong’ with their introduction to the world.

Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead guitarist Tim Dolan from jamming together five years ago, the band reached a stable line-up with the addition of bassist Hasan Ahmed and drummer Jonni Sowter. From there the band played a torrent of shows stretching from London to Leeds building a fine reputation and loyal fan base along the way. The EP is the first twist of the key to wider recognition and something which certainly amongst metal listeners if not the media seemingly, will stir up plenty more interest their way.

The release opens with the emerging power of Shadow Of Yourself, a track which initially stands tall with flaring riffs and rhythmsImmension Front Cover speared by sonic dazzling wrapping around its bulk. Soon it erupts into a charging fury of pummelling beats and scything barbed hooks and hungry riffs. It is not exactly formula stuff but using tested structures skilfully and to great effect. It is with the clean vocals of Kearsley that one is initially a little taken aback. Expecting the scowling squalls of malice and menace most bands employ the clean delivery is a refreshing variation with growling spite the additive rather than the other way round. Thoughts of In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold emerge from the muscular presence of the track as well as the previously mentioned band of course to make the song a familiar friend for the ear and an enterprising experience for thoughts and senses.

Like the opener the following Lost & Forgotten offers plenty of asides and unexpected ideas amongst the overall bluster of riffs and intense rhythmic assaults, the second song elevating things to a stronger aggressive level. The track is a raging tempest of spite and passion with again the dual vocal attack, and especially the sung vocals, quite compelling. Overall the song is treading the harsher territory of a Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying musically and is the best track and the biggest instigator of real promise from the band on the release.

The slowly brooding In Vain closes things off with a more adventurous gait than before on the EP. The initial mellow tones of atmosphere and vocals is a warm caress against the heated sonic play of the guitars, the infectious chorus merging it all into a brief fire with commanding drums to frame their flames. Soon it is another charged frenzy of energy and aggression which switches between full flame to simmer with seamless craft and ease. It is a song which takes time to make its persuasion but emerges as a dramatic and intelligent song, and again another showing the scope and promise of the band in songwriting and its realisation in the future.

Immension has arrived with an EP which deserves attention: it is not going to ignite the biggest ardour within most but certainly will be a pleasing and gratifying companion during its presence.

RingMaster 03/01/2013

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Flaunting speed slabs of melodic metal and riffs as dense as the basaltic layer, Immension have an incessant intensity and are geared to parade their message to everyone within ear shot.

Born out of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, the very original seeds of Immension were sown over five years ago when founding members, vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead axeman Tim Dolan, started to trade riffs with one another. For the next few years Immension struggled, largely due to a series of unreliable members serving as their rhythm section. However, all of this changed last year when tub-thumper, Jonni Sowter, and bassist, Hasan Ahmed, entered the fray and everything finally fell into place for the emerging metal crew.

With a solid line-up in place, the band soon began to play a barrage of shows throughout the country, ripping up stages from London to Leeds, and everywhere in between. Now having honed their live sound, Immension hit the studio to lay down tracks for their self-titled debut EP, and it’s a hidden gem.

The EP takes shape with the pounding riffage of ‘Shadow Of Yourself’; a potent opener for the Yorkshire metallers, the track suitably displays the four piece’s impressive dual prong guitar attack and dynamism. Next, the high velocity fret-flurries and Slayer-esque beatings of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ go straight for the throat, while the slow-burning ‘In Vain’ further highlights the quartet’s guile. Armed with a strong and stout EP, it’s evident that the Sheffield metallers are poised for a heady climb next year.

TRACKLISTING: 1. Shadow Of Yourself; 2. Lost & Forgotten; 3. In Vain.

BAND MEMBERS: Jake Kearsley – Vocals / Guitar; Tim Dolan – Lead Guitar; Jonni Sowter – Drums; Hasan Ahmed – Bass Guitar.

FOR FANS OF: In Flames, Metallica, Arch Enemy.