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It would obviously be a dumb thing to say that Absolute Profit from Serbian metallers Putrid Blood is one of the very best thrash album of the year so far but whilst being ravaged by its inventive and tumultuous creativity you know that the same claim in more than a few months time will be just as undeniably valid. The release is an outstanding storm upon the senses from a band which has evolved from their impressive Fire At Will demo of 2009, into a masterful and accomplished unit with a compelling and enterprising sound.

Formed in the opening strains of 2008, Putrid Blood has certainly drawn and found a good recognition and loyal following in their homeland which has spread further afield in recent years. Formed by guitarist Srdjan Ranisavljevic and bassist Slobodan Stanic, who left soon after its formation to be replaced by Srdjan Hardi, the group was just a project in progress in the first year or so as they worked on writing thrash cored material. During this time the band expanded with the addition of vocalists in Stevan Milankovic and Bojan Goluza, and drummer Petar Barna, and as the new members made their contributions the sounds being created evolved further with strong elements of hardcore and black metal flavouring the music, which the new album impressively shows. Fire At Will as mentioned brought the band to the eager attention of many people as well as earning a good depth of acclaim and with the recruitment in 2011 of second guitarist Vladimir Jašćur the sextet began the recording of their first album last year.

Absolute Profit builds on the attention marking EP by showing a maturity to the song writing and a level of imagination and 302787_375950965823717_1441238005_nadventure which has grown and flourished from that earlier recording. The band is as aggressive and formidable as ever but  has honed their invention and sound into something which is unpredictable and intriguing whilst arguably safely within the already set walls of thrash metal. Opening track on the album, Vulture is immediate proof of what the band is about and evolved into. With demanding rhythms and ravenous riffs the track is a feisty charge of energy and sounds which run with a hunger through the ear whilst a inciting and mischievous groove grips the passions tightly. The dual scowling vocals are as raw as the intensity borne from the caustic breath of the song whilst the sonic sparking of the guitars which shower the track with searing heat leaves one basking in joy . The track is in many ways a straight forward riot but brought with a skill and passion alongside outstanding sounds, it is just an irresistible bruising.

The corrosive Silovanje unleashes its venom on the ear next, caustic melodies and rabid riffs a greedy tempest upon thunderous rhythms. There is a death metal grasp to the storming malice conjured and in less than two minutes the song causes more damage and unbridled pleasure than the majority of much longer plundering exploits found elsewhere over the past clutch of months. Both tracks leave a  breathless reaction but the album is just warming up and in For God’s Sake unveils greater heights within its course. From the pulsating rolls of drums and the classic metal lilted guitar flames opening the song a strong variation is beginning to be ventured into by the band. The track is still a thrash cored brute but with the insatiable delicious groove and grinding stance is also a raw seduction of originality and incendiary enterprise. Again it is short and of any gripe you can think of it is that songs often end just as the heart is in full blaze.

Tracks like the intimidating Kontraudar and the black metal veined Re-Animator without reaching heights already attained continue the deeply satisfying onslaught with ease and accomplishment whilst the song Zver scars and tramples the ear with a uncomplicated thrash outrage for a rewarding and merciless confrontation.

New plateaus are breached when Prey upon warning sirens and a brewing atmosphere makes its arrival. Stretching its back and driving its muscles into action, the song stomps with unrelenting riffs driven by a greedy appetite and barbaric rhythms which show no sense of mercy or lessening in the potency of their tirade. As throughout the album, the bass of Hardi prowls and stalks the senses with great skill and power, whilst the track itself is an excellent aural predator drooling and leering over its victim.

The Miner Recordings released album is completed with further impressive brawls, firstly by Rođen za Pakao with its heavy metal spicery, the blackened and harsh vastness Nespokoj, and the thrilling instrumental Moment Of Clarity. They complete an album which is so easy and irresistible to return to and to recommend to all. Putrid Blood has come of age and one can only hope their time is now.


RingMaster 18/01/2013

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