Chris Lewington – Starfish Memories EP

With his new album, Starfish Memories, being unveiled August 26th, British singer songwriter CHRIS LEWINGTON recently released a sampler EP to whet the appetite. The teaser under the same title as its larger source, offered four tracks to court ears and imagination alike, two of which we look at as we urge you to entertain the release in your explorations.

Lewington was a founding member of THE SILENCE and the even more notable eighties outfit, THE BICYCLE THIEVES. By the early nineties though he had returned to his singer songwriter beginnings, the folky acoustic project, THE FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOATS, emerging  though it was in 2018 that Lewington finally released his official debut solo album, Landells Road, under his own name. Starfish Memories is his third full-length and it’s EP a potent lure to its release.

The Bridge At Midnight is a haunting piece of storytelling, its gait lively and breath shadowed beneath a swarthy psych shimmer. Within it, Lewington’s vocals and words are a narrator for the imagination, the song with its dark is almost cinematic yet equally intimately suggestive in its proposal. With keys a flirtatious wrap to the dilemma of rhythms and guitar, the song easily captivated as it had the body bouncing with its similarly dramatic catchiness.

Radio Radio embraces an Americana inclination to its pop rock breast, an essence which whispered in the song above but now a richer fuelling for the melodic twines of guitars and the rapacious liveliness of rhythms. Similarly there is an inspiriting urging in the vocals of Lewington, bringing greater virulence to a track which again had thoughts involved and attention hooked.

With the calmer insistence of Blue Skies, Fields of Gold and the melancholic contemplations of It’s Going To Be Okay making up the rest of the release and revealing further enticing aspects to Lewington’s fresh yet slightly nostalgic sound, the Starfish Memories EP easily warranted intrigue and attention, which we suspect will lead to stronger curiosity of his new album within a vast many.

The Starfish Memories EP is available @

Pete RingMaster 28/07/2022

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