Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Goth Beach

As summer breaks and holidays in the sun still endure threats, this time from strikes, queues and still aspects of restrictions there is one invitation to the seasonal party we can all easily lose ourselves in. Goth Beach is the new single from WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOYS, and no finer a spirit enlivening and fun fuelled escape can we recommend.

The sound of, and we suggest the world of, Walter Sickert and cohorts is like no other; an ever changing and unpredictable fantasy of the imagination and craft over the past decade which would just as ably soundtrack Alice’s descent to wonderland, the imaginations within Arkham Asylum or as it proves the schizophrenic realm we call the world today.  It presents webs of devilry and invention under the tag of steamcrunk which bear a new personality release by release yet consistently has the inimitably unique breath of its creators.

Goth Beach is a sand stomping romp of incitement; steampunk, gothic pop and psych rock all embroiled in its shenanigans. Like the mischievous offspring from a breeding of The B52s, The Filthy Tongues and James King & The Lonewolves, the track strolls in with mischief on its breath. A lone riff and initial vocal coaxing was enough to grip ears and appetite, lustful involvement soon evoked by eager rhythms and Walter’s vocal rascality.    

Contagion swiftly descended as the song’s seconds turned into energy sharing minutes, the band springing hooks and throwing out twists and turns from their beach hut funhouse with relish.

Like a social outing with the Monster Club and sure to bring feel good factor 50 to the flesh and rock ‘n’ roll instincts, Goth Beach is a tonic for the spirit with its video just as irresistible and manipulative; in a time of the worst kind of dark deeds a summer escape we all need.

Goth Beach is out now and available @

Pete RingMaster 28/07/2022

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