Hails of metal and imagination; talking Shattered

US metallers Shattered have a sound which quite simply made us take notice so with big thanks to guitarist Tony Pettry we explored the band , its beginnings, sound, and plenty more…

Hello and thanks for taking time out to talk with us.

Can you first introduce the band and give us some background to how it began?

Hello, we are Shattered out of Tampa Bay, Florida. I, Tony Pettry and Tony Weaver decided to put a band together in 2014 because our musical styles of playing fit perfect.

Have you been or are involved in other bands? If so has that had any impact on what you are doing with Shattered?

Yes, I was in a couple different bands in the past and learned something from each one of them which I still carry with me today.

What inspired the band name?

After that we went through a bunch of names and made sure they were available and Shattered stood out above them all.

Was there any specific idea behind the forming of the band and also in what you wanted it and your sound to offer?

I thrive on being unique and all the different styles of music everyone brings to the table makes us stand out.

As the band has grown and evolved it is the same core intent driving the band?

I still have the drive as when we first started the band. Loosing members from different situations really helped me mature for the most part and I approach things in a different manner.

Since those early days, how would you say your sound has evolved?

Our music is getting more technical as we grow together for sure.

Is that simply an organic growth or more you deliberately wanting to try new things?

All of us have so much music built up inside so we mix it all together till it moulds into a song.

Presumably across the band there is a wide range of inspirations; are there any in particular which have impacted not only on the band’s music but your personal approach and ideas to creating and playing music?

Every member in the band is different but personally King Diamond has always been my inspiration because of his uniqueness in music and stage performance.

Is there a general process to the band’s songwriting?

We share ideas and it goes forward from there.

Where do you, more often than not, draw the inspirations to the lyrical side of songs?

Our vocalist likes fantasy and storyline type of songs which is always awesome in my book.

Would you give us some background to your latest release?

The last album was named “PRIDE” which was about bullying and standing up for yourself, an aggressive album on not letting people get the better of you and standing your ground. Our new album coming soon is called “SKINWALKER” focusing on stories about werewolves and more. It is going to be out this year.

Are you a band which goes into the studio with songs pretty much in their final state or prefer to develop them as you record?

Yes, we like to walk into the studio fully prepared to record.

Tell us about the live side to the band, presumably the favourite aspect of the band?

I love that not only do we have a blast sharing our music but doing crazy stuff during our performances to get the crowd going.

It is not easy for any new band to make an impact regionally let alone nationally and further afield. How have you found it your neck of the woods?

I found that the social media helps a lot promoting. Honestly, it is hard to make an impact in the music scene so our best shot is being unique from other bands so we get noticed.

You mentioned the internet and social media, is it something the band easily embraces?

Social media is a positive 100%. We learn something new every day to get our name out there.

Once again a big thanks for sharing time with us; anything you would like to add or reveal for the readers?

I just want to thank you for the interview and Sinister Guitar Picks, Fireball Whisky, From The Depths Entertainment, and Rogue PR for everything.

Check Shattered out further @…

http://www.shattered727.com   https://www.facebook.com/pg/Shattered727

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2019

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