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Whilst we might not be too taken with the name, their music is something to eagerly welcome as proven by Fairweather, the new EP from UK rock band The Rooz. The release is a slice of mature and rousing alternative rock which gives little hint of the band’s tender years, all aged between 16 and 19, but loudly declares the reasons why they are making a bit of a stir right now.

Hailing from Telford in Shropshire, The Rooz since forming has been crowned in their first year, Live Band Of The Year 2013, though no idea who by, been awarded the special Award For Innovation from Music For Youth in 2014, and found themselves invited to perform at the Brit Awards Big Music Project Final at London’s Indigo2 at O2 Arena. Alongside that and an increasing reputation for their highly energetic live shows, the band has supported the likes of Lawson, Union J, Boyzone, Alesha Dixon, and Fyfe Dangerfield as well as played the Royal Albert Hall. Fair to say it has been a lively emergence for the band supported by a trio of well-received singles and the Caught In The Sun EP. Now we have Fairweather to cement their place as one exciting prospect in British rock whilst enticing more new and eager appetites the way of The Rooz.

cover170x170_RingMaster Review     It opens with the mighty Sixpence and a brewing sonic tempting as shadowy as it is intriguing. Quickly it arrives in a burst of stirring brass and rampant rhythms before just as swiftly settling into a gentle but lively stroll with melodies from the guitar of Ralph Porrett and the piano of Louis Coupe aligning around the quickly impressing vocals of the latter. The bass of Peter Davis keeps darker hues around with its grizzly growl whilst the beats of Tom Russell are unobtrusive but firm to frame the freely flowing magnetic melodies. It is a powerful start to the EP which only increases weight and persuasion as crescendos erupt, invention flows, and the songwriting of Coupe, as his voice, enthrals.

Theatre in the speakers, the outstanding song finally takes its leave for the arrival of Sirens and its blues rock ‘n’ roll. Again there is an entrance to light ears and appetite, followed by a just as flavoursome canter of riffs and grooves entangled in anthemic rhythms. Across its infectious body, a harmonica sizzles and sonic enterprise blazes and though it does not have the level of invention as its predecessor, the track is pure rock ‘n’ roll to get very greedy and possessive over, as too its successor, the excellent Out On A Limb. More controlled but no less impassioned and fiery than the previous stomp, the song roars and charms with equal captivation whilst taking the listener on a heady ride which just gets more tenacious and boisterous with each passing rally of rhythms and flame of melodic adventure from Porrett within the inescapable vocal rebel rousing of Coupe.

The band’s recent single is next and if you want a teaser before diving headlong into The Rooz, Violins + Animals is the perfect tempting. Its first steps are less than spectacular compared to the songs before it, but soon its radiant lures in sound and voice are coaxing full attention as they lead ears into the brewing and ultimately dynamic catchiness of the chorus. Everything about the track is infection; the guitars a smiling incitement as the rhythms provide their beckoning shuffle, whilst vocally, Coupe is a blaze of expression and passion; it all rich bait for the fire of that incendiary chorus.

The release closes with Cold, though the CD version of Fairweather does also include the two tracks making up last single Lowlife. Coupe’s piano and voice open up the song, his inviting balladry the appetiser to an eventually arising swing of sound. After the first listen or two we would have said the track was a bit too show tune for personal tastes but over time there is no escaping the call of the orchestral roars, soulful rise and falls of melodies, and indeed the drama in the vocal delivery of Coupe as it ends the release in highly enjoyable style.

Fairweather is a big treat of a proposition, and an invigorating declaration of something rather special growing in the shape of The Rooz and easy to recommend.

The Fairweather EP and the Violins + Animals single are out now, digitally via iTunes and on CD through

Upcoming gigs include:

26th // Norwich / B2 / with Chasing Cadence, Speaking In Shadows and Cardinal

27th // London / Nambucca / with Chasing Cadence, Speaking In Shadows and Cardinal

28th // Birmingham / The Flapper / with Chasing Cadence, Speaking In Shadows and Cardinal

29th // Manchester / AATMA (formerly Kraak) / with Chasing Cadence, Speaking In Shadows and Cardinal

30th // Leek / Infinities / with Chasing Cadence, Speaking In Shadows and Cardinal

Pete RingMaster 06/10/2015

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