Dehuman: Black Throne of All Creation

Black Throne of All Creation the debut album from Belgian death metallers Dehuman does everything right with skill and passion, a release and band borne from  a devotion to the cult early to mid nineties death metal scene of the US and Western Europe. With threatening intensity, intimidating riffs and rhythms to leave emotions and senses sprawled in a heap, the album is a fine and wholly satisfying collection of nine consumptive beasts. It is impressive and easy to see why the acclaim is beginning to build upon the band, and whilst the release did not ignite a lingering personal enthusiasm or fire it is impossible not to be impressed by its technical and melodic prowess and the provocative energy fuelling it.

Formed in 2006 Dehuman has made a noticeable mark in the genre through their live shows and sharing stages with the likes of Agathocles, Arkangel, Hangman’s Chair, and Leng T’che. The band found its full strength in 2010 with the addition of drummer Layhe Louhenapessy to the ranks alongside guitarists Rafaël Sellekaerts and Mathias Boulougouris and vocalist/ bassist Andrea Vissol. The following year saw them enter the studio to create Black Throne of All Creation, the result  a crawling and thunderous brute of an album to delight all fans of old school death metal. If the likes of Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Death, Pestilence, and Nile leave your veins and senses a blissfully satiated mesh of ruptured emotions than Dehuman and their album is definitely one for you though it offers plenty to appeal to those preferring a contemporary breath.

Released through Kaotoxin Records the album immediately seizes the ear and beyond with dazzling melodic guitars and atmosphere to herald in the opener Apocalypse and Perdition. Even in this warmer opening the senses of power and darkened energy is rife through the building intensity and rhythms, its outbreak soon following in a swarm of muggy sonics and scorched melodic invention. The track captivates the attention throughout but when the strong groove stares eye to eye as the guitars violate with precision and the drums of Louhenapessy pillage the ear there is a heightened attraction to the aggressive assault.

As the likes of Monstrosity in the Hands of God  and Eyes of a Thousand rampage and stomp all over the senses the skill of the players bringing the invasive sounds is unmissable, the guitars striking and intelligent whilst the malevolent vocals of Vissol coats every syllable in black spite. It is the drums of Louhenapessy which make the biggest and most striking element to the album, his touch and skill as thunderous and demanding as it is hypnotic and mouth watering.

Stand out tracks include the likes of the flesh stripping Down with the World, the spiralling corruption that is Harvest the Sun, and Black Mamba a track with venomous melodic imagination to light up any ear. It has to be said there is not a weak track on the album with their relative success here down to personal taste and requirements and not the openly obvious invention.

Black Throne of All Creation is a must check out for all with a heart for what they would call the golden age of death metal. Well crafted and superbly written let alone presented the album is formidable  and Dehuman a band to watch closely.

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