King Salami and the Cumberland 3 Interview

It does not matter which form of music floats your boat there are certain bands that transcend barriers to infect and ignite the fullest and naughtiest fun in everyone. One such band is King Salami And The Cumberland 3. Since their formation in 2006 the band has brought song after song of their irresistible and excitable sounds seeded in the fifties and sixties as well as leaving multitudes eagerly dripping at their live shows. Their current album Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers is an infectious explosion of punky R&B and rockabilly with more besides, a sure fire party for the senses each and every time. The RingMaster Review had the fortune to be able to find out more about the band before they left on a tour on distant shores.

Hello and a warm welcome to The RingMaster Review.

Would you please start by simply introducing King Salami and the Cumberland 3?

KING SALAMI – oral scintillation and maracas

PEPE RONNIE – guitar and vegetables

ERIC BACONSTRIP – drums and cholesterol

KAMIKAZE U.T. VINCENT – bass and karate


I have to ask about the name, is there a bit of boasting going on hehe?

We just love sausages.

How did the band begin, when and where did you all meet up?

KAMIKAZE UT & ERIC BACONSTRIP were together in a punk rock band called the Chinese Lungs, when it fell apart they decided to do a fun wild rock and roll party band; they recruited King Salami (who was only called Prince Chipolata at the time) and DIRTY SANCHEZ on guitar, who later got replaced by PEPE RONNIE. We all met at the Frat Shack & Wild Weekend gigs in London.

You all come from different parts of the globe, where is home for King Salami and the Cumberland 3

North London.

What are the individual musical histories for the band members? 

PEPE RONNIE’s one is too long & full of unknown bands.

KAMIKAZE UT VINCENT was in the Chinese Lungs and Speedstars before that.

ERIC BACONSTRIP was in many punk rock bands: the Ulcers, the Parkinsons, the UK SUBS, the Nipple Erectors (with Shane Mc Gowan), the Chinese Lungs…and many other even more unknown bands.

KING SALAMI never was in a band but was known as the best dancers at parties.

CHUCHI was a ‘fandango’ and ‘pasodoble’ sax player in bullfights.

With a wonderfully varied sound what are the major influences for you personally and musically?

50’s R&B, wild soul, rockabilly, and 70’s punk

How would you describe your music to newcomers to the band?

Party time!

Listening to your music the prime essence which oozes out from every note is fun, for us and for you. Is this the most essential element for you?

That and being as together as we can.

Could we ever get a political or deeply reflective song from you or would that not work with your style or for you personally?

Not obviously, but you never know. Sometimes inspiration can surprise you. As long as it was still Salami style why not? ‘Til then, the party rolls on.

Though not having seen you guys live yet watching videos of your shows you have a party as much as the audience. It is refreshing with still so many bands playing as if it is a job and looking as if it is a painful or unpleasant thing to do.

We smile through the pain!

Since its beginning in 2006 how has the band changed?

PEPE RONNIE replaced Dirty Sanchez on guitar who moved to Spain in 2009, and recently we have a young new member the talented CHUCHI on saxophone.

Music wise we are doing exactly the same thing as in 2006, and will probably always will as it’s the only thing we can do.

After a series of great singles you released you outstanding debut album Fourteen Blazing Bangers at the tail end of last year, a raucous and rampant festival of great sounds, refreshing energy, and infectious uplifting rock n roll. There must have been a great buzz releasing a fill length into the world?

Yes, a feeling of achievement!

Was there any intention with the album other than like the preceding singles just to give people a great time?

Just more of it in one go, to work everyone into a froth. One thing is that a lot of people were asking for a CD, so even though the band are more interested in vinyl we realised that not everyone is. It is the 21st century!

Where do songs start, music or lyrics?

Usually it starts with a cool title or theme, and then would come a guitar riff, and the rest just happens naturally.

I think it is fair to say your lyrics do not exactly put the world to rights but with their contagious invitation to join in and become one with them they probably do a more effective job than those pointing out all the woes going on?

We don’t aim to change the world, we just want to have some fun together and have a party.

With songs like Mojo Workout, Do The Climb, Pawnee Stomp, and Do The Wurst on the album do you guys have problems keeping still that the songs help alleviate? 😉

We all itch.

Going back to the live shows it is hard to imagine any one song that fans might clamour for out of all your great tracks. What are the ones that the audience calls for most regularly?

I Smell A Rat, Do the Climb, Pawnee Stomp are probably the most requested ones.

One imagines those attending your shows are a full array of people, punks, rockabillys, R&B fans etc?

There is all sorts of people, even people who aren’t really bothered about seeing bands like it. We haven’t seen many hardcore metal, dance or hip hop fans yet, but you never know.

You are obviously a hard working band and continually gigging it seems.

Yeah we are very lucky to have many gig offers at the moment, more offers than we can accept, let’s hope it lasts.

Who is Mum on tour, making sure you go to bed on time, get to shows etc hehe?

A bit of everybody, PEPE usually rouses The King, KAMIKAZE UT doesn’t sleep anyway.

It is hard to miss the wonderful record sleeves and gig flyers that surround your events; they just shine with a modern vibrancy and nostalgic feel and represent your sound perfectly. Is there a particular and regular person or company that creates them?


ERIC BACONSTRIP does the artworks.

June sees you off to Japan and China for a tour. One can see they will go wild for you guys, is this a first time over there for you?

Japan – for the whole band, yes, although KAMIKAZE UT spent 30 years there. Eric has toured Japan with The Parkinsons. None of us has been to China.

Where do you get the biggest response and enthused crowds around the globe?

It’s been equally great in every country we’ve played so far.

What have been your biggest and most enjoyable shows?

The biggest show was probably in Italy, when we played a massive stage in front of a huge empty field! Enjoyable: we played on the side of a mountain under the stars in front of the sea in Sardinia, that was cool. Most enjoyable Ð too many, but our favourites were probably the Funtastic Dracula Carnival in Spain, the Cosmic Trip in France, & recently the Munster Raving Looney Party in Spain was great, we had such an amazing crowd that went totally nuts. Wild & sweaty, that’s the way we like it.

Any fun but maybe less successful moments you could tell us about?

While on tour in Italy we got pulled over by cops for a serious check, and they ended up buying our CDs.

Any places you have yet to go to and would love to have toes a tappin’ in?

America, North and South; somewhere tropical not typical; Istanbul; Morocco; Mars; Russia; Croydon.

After you return from the tour what has the rest of 2012 got to look forward to from King Salami and the Cumberland 3? 

We have a tour in Australia in August, and we will finish our new album.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with us and good luck with the tour.

Would you like to leave us with some words of wisdom King Salami style?


If you pronounce JESUS backwards, it sounds like SAUSAGE.

And can we end with 3 brief choices from you?

Bo Diddley or The Big Bopper?

Bo Diddley is the man!

Vintage rockabilly or modern psychobilly?


Sexy intimacy or riotous orgy…of a live show?

Riotous intimacy!

Read the review of  Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers @

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You Had Me At Hello: Take It Off EP

Is there any room for yet another pop punk band, especially a British one with a definite American feel to them? Well when they sound as good as You Had Me At Hello the answer is a resounding yes.  With their debut EP Take It Off the quartet from Keighley, West Yorkshire more than prove their status as one of the best emerging punk rock bands in the UK.

Take It Off is a feisty little collection of songs with a passion and energy to make it catchy and undeniably consistent on the attention and ear. Yes maybe one would have liked a little more originality to the release to set it and the band apart from a multitude of new power pop punk bands  but there is an essence and promise to the music suggesting that will come and soon.

Formed the end of 2009 You Had Me At Hello consisting of vocalist Dan Hyde, guitarist Adam Doveston, bassist Jason Doveston, and Alex Riley on drums, took no time in finding themselves sharing stages with the likes of Army Of Freshman (who also produced the EP), Lethal Bizzle, Utah Saints , and Young Knives. February of last year saw the band over in Ventura California to record Take It Off as well as lighting up venues such as the O2 Academies in Newcastle and Leeds back home. With now a tour of Texas under their belt as well the EP marks the next step in their step onto the wider stage of music something the release suggests is a formality success wise.

The release hits the mark from the off with the contagious opener Diamonds & Pearls, the track bustling in with purpose and eager energy to rile up the senses. Enthused riffs and striking melodic enterprise alongside the immediately appealing hook of the song ensures nothing but warm satisfaction. With a video in the works to go with the song it is an obvious and infectious doorway into the band and their sounds though you can say that about a few of the songs on the EP.

The following Breathless continues the irrepressible drive of band and music, the melodies and harmonies stirring up a dust of pleasure at every twist and turn. The bass of Jason is a dark energy behind the song to add a depth whilst the vocals of Dan soar with a strength and smooth quality ably backed by the rest of the band. The track does not offer anything ground breaking though it is hard to remember many songs from similar fuelled bands that has left as good an impression.

The tracks Pull That Trigger, Say It Ain’t Much, and Kill The Catch do more than a fine job in satisfying the ear with their varying degrees of infectiousness especially the third of the trio with its more than keen Green Day like breath but it is the closing Carry On Regardless which pulls the release back to the heights of the opening duo of songs. Spined by an irresistible winding groove the song wraps its melodic arms around the ear with excitable emotion whilst the rhythms of Alex have their finest hour on the release, his play a hypnotic and bustling treat.

Take It Off is an great debut to mark the band as one to keep a keen eye upon. With an extra infusion of distinction to their sound it is hard to imagine anything less than growing success and status for You Had Me At Hello.

RingMaster 28/05/2012 Registered & Protected

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6:33 with Arno Strobl: Giggles, Garlands & Gallows

If you have not met 6:33 yet then be prepared for a musical journey and experience as eclectic, innovative, and as impressive as you could wish for.  Their new EP Giggles, Garlands & Gallows brings you into shadows, spotlights and the deepest rooted nightmares they can conjuror whilst igniting your own individual ones. The three track release featuring the vocals of Arno Strobl from Carnival in Coal, strikes with a schizophrenic core, exploring and firing up the senses with irresistible melodic invention and destructive power. Striking, wicked and most of all totally irresistible the EP is one of the best things to manipulate and violate the heart in a long time.

Giggles, Garlands & Gallows follows the acclaimed debut album Orphan of Good Manners from the Parisian quintet. As always the combined ingenuity of vocalist Rorschach, guitarist Niko, bassist S.A.D., plus Dietrisch von Schtrudle and Mr Z. on keys & machines, mesmerise, whilst confusing and treating the senses to compositions which draw on a myriad of flavours and textures to bring a maelstrom of sounds, energies, and unpredictable provocation. Veering from progressive metal/ hardcore through to electro pop and classic rock to name a few of the varied spices their music is an ever twisting and expansive weave that excites and triggers the mightiest fires. Describing them as a devilish mix of Five Star Prison Cell, Polkadot Cadaver, Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Queen and 12 Stone Toddler only scrapes the surface but it gives a good idea of the striking imagination and invention they bring forth. With a tongue firmly in place and a wink of the eye ever present the release plays on fears and amusements with equal strength, its heart a kaleidoscope of sonic colours and infectious energy.

The EP opens with Chapter 1: Order Of The Red Nose and takes a mere instance to have the ear and thoughts on full alert. From an opening warm vocals and keys beckoning the track starts bubbling as a stomping energy permeates the heart of the song. With its carnivalesque/steampunk breath already captivating the track starts flexing its muscles as the dark tale unfolds. The track swings through melodic flights of progressive rock to intrusive metallic disruptions and distortions, switching back and fro with a seamless skill as the song never lets one settle or concentrate on a single thought or instigated imagery.  As the shadows darken within the story and a call to arms like sense infiltrates the imagination the track raises the intensity whilst leaving its melodic passion full rein to intertwine with and soak the formidable sounds.

Chapter 2: M.I.D.G.E.T.S continues the mesmeric conflict and smooth union of sounds and evil within the tale as defiance and vengeance erupts in the face of the spiteful intensity which fuels the song initially. As before the music spans and meshes a multiverse of sounds and ideas to bring a consumption of persistently evolving energies and emotions. More violent and combative than the first part the song also brings harmonies, melodies, and hooks of the finest contagion to ride upon the tumultuous power that is rife throughout.  The tale closes on triumph though one suspects and feels the dark heart is never far away.

The EP is completed by I Like It, a melodic slice of rock n roll with smooth enveloping emotions and warmth. Ok this is 6:33 so it is never that simple with the song even with its open heart venturing into the darkest corners whilst the music is as hypnotic as it is exhilaratingly averse to staying attached to a straight forward idea.

Giggles, Garlands & Gallows is simply brilliant, an experience of pure magic and challenging ingenuity. With an album in the works this only goes to incite the strongest and most impatient anticipation, 6:33 a band igniting a fire for the promise of something ahead as forceful as the immense pleasure from the outstanding sounds currently gracing the ear.

If you are reading this before May31st then head over without delay to the official 6:33 website to grab Giggles, Garlands & Gallows for free.

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Dehuman: Black Throne of All Creation

Black Throne of All Creation the debut album from Belgian death metallers Dehuman does everything right with skill and passion, a release and band borne from  a devotion to the cult early to mid nineties death metal scene of the US and Western Europe. With threatening intensity, intimidating riffs and rhythms to leave emotions and senses sprawled in a heap, the album is a fine and wholly satisfying collection of nine consumptive beasts. It is impressive and easy to see why the acclaim is beginning to build upon the band, and whilst the release did not ignite a lingering personal enthusiasm or fire it is impossible not to be impressed by its technical and melodic prowess and the provocative energy fuelling it.

Formed in 2006 Dehuman has made a noticeable mark in the genre through their live shows and sharing stages with the likes of Agathocles, Arkangel, Hangman’s Chair, and Leng T’che. The band found its full strength in 2010 with the addition of drummer Layhe Louhenapessy to the ranks alongside guitarists Rafaël Sellekaerts and Mathias Boulougouris and vocalist/ bassist Andrea Vissol. The following year saw them enter the studio to create Black Throne of All Creation, the result  a crawling and thunderous brute of an album to delight all fans of old school death metal. If the likes of Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Death, Pestilence, and Nile leave your veins and senses a blissfully satiated mesh of ruptured emotions than Dehuman and their album is definitely one for you though it offers plenty to appeal to those preferring a contemporary breath.

Released through Kaotoxin Records the album immediately seizes the ear and beyond with dazzling melodic guitars and atmosphere to herald in the opener Apocalypse and Perdition. Even in this warmer opening the senses of power and darkened energy is rife through the building intensity and rhythms, its outbreak soon following in a swarm of muggy sonics and scorched melodic invention. The track captivates the attention throughout but when the strong groove stares eye to eye as the guitars violate with precision and the drums of Louhenapessy pillage the ear there is a heightened attraction to the aggressive assault.

As the likes of Monstrosity in the Hands of God  and Eyes of a Thousand rampage and stomp all over the senses the skill of the players bringing the invasive sounds is unmissable, the guitars striking and intelligent whilst the malevolent vocals of Vissol coats every syllable in black spite. It is the drums of Louhenapessy which make the biggest and most striking element to the album, his touch and skill as thunderous and demanding as it is hypnotic and mouth watering.

Stand out tracks include the likes of the flesh stripping Down with the World, the spiralling corruption that is Harvest the Sun, and Black Mamba a track with venomous melodic imagination to light up any ear. It has to be said there is not a weak track on the album with their relative success here down to personal taste and requirements and not the openly obvious invention.

Black Throne of All Creation is a must check out for all with a heart for what they would call the golden age of death metal. Well crafted and superbly written let alone presented the album is formidable  and Dehuman a band to watch closely.

RingMaster 28/05/2012 Registered & Protected

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