godMONSTER – Statik Utopia

A couple of months back a slightly surprising and totally exciting release shone in the shape of The Dischordian Society EP from US band godMONSTER.  It was a debut release that caressed the ear with ambient and emotive soundscapes that soothed and provoked.  godMONSTER the solo project from Sindelle Morte one half of impressive industrial hellrock duo Scream Machine, left many who were definite disciples to their harsh and provocative sounds open mouthed and enthralled by her elegant tapestry of captivating and fertile instrumental music. With her new album they are sure to be smiling broadly.

Statik Utopia sees Sindelle unveiling more of her expansive and equally intimate sounds, bringing ten pieces of expressive aural imagery that invoke and inspire. As with the EP the album consists of music that wraps itself around the listener permeating thoughts and senses with darkly macabre spiced vibrant sounds that light up the ear and beyond whilst inducing dark elements and feelings to keep one wary and mesmerised. In the band’s bio Sindelle states “godMONSTER was created as an opposing force to balance out the aggressive assault of Scream Machine. It’s different in that it is more about catching a feeling and holding it, rather than screaming it out.” This sums up the music perfectly and though it is not as challenging or intrusive as the sounds she is known for it is an equal in drawing feelings and emotions from its recipients to feel an experience that is lasting and pronounced. 

The great thing about the music is it is open to individual interpretation, the compositions themed but emotively inviting to each to find their own personal and singular feelings and vision. There is also an engaging contradictory feel across the whole release too, the darker tones and imaginations brought forth with a vibrancy and glow of light that provokes and emotionally incites. Opening track ‘Funeral March’ is a wonderful example, its dark electro opening pulsating and addictive to lead in a mournful flow that is countered by a siren like melodic palpitation that is hypnotic, its beckoning light smiling against the deep blackness. It gives a “Something wicked this way comes feel” in the same way the darkness invites and captivates one in to its dark depths.

Suicide Symphony’ is another stunning example and the favoured track here. Again darkly themed its senses manipulating wicked touch fuelled by a rousing melodic beauty that lightens up the shadows. Though I know the composer will not have intended it or agree the song gives a calming grace and eloquence to the act and subject of the song that can evolve but few see.

Each piece of ambient joy is emotionally and aurally satisfying, the album working as a whole or in its individual movements as an animated symphony of spellbinding harmonies and enthralling creativity. Statik Utopia beguiles with hex like charm throughout and an at times subtle varied imagination. From ‘Ghost Walker’ and its beacon like harmonic light within pressing shadows, ‘Requiem Of Sorrow’ giving a melancholic ambience that permeates every welcoming sense, to the chilled flight through the radiant beauty of ‘Night Passage‘ and its emotive search and hopeful quest, the album explores and pleasure every corner of the mind and heart.

Statik Utopia is a wonderful album of sonic soundscapes carrying a rich ambience that nourishes the heart and inflames the senses. Exquisitely crafted the spread of musical colours tinged with a dark enticement devours as it pleasures to ensure genuine relish and deep contentment.

To find out more and future projects as well as to download Statik Utopia for free go to the brand new label of godMONSTER and Scream Machine Digital Pain Productions  @  http://digitalpain.moonfruit.com/

RingMaster 11/12/2011

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godMONSTER – Funeral March


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