Scream Machine: Worlds Collide & Heavy

Following up their successful and acclaimed double album The Chronicles of Sin earlier in the year the hell rock/industrial band Scream Machine return with their new double a-sided single Worlds Collide & Heavy, and what an infectious little soul grasping creature it is. The Chronicles of Sin within its mighty and bulky mass brought forth the ever infectious and dark energy of the band but also sent sparks of new directions and ideas to brew up an intriguing and satisfying mix. The new single takes a further step as the band explores an openly lighter melodic path littered with shadows and evocative darkened essences.

From Washington DC, the husband and wife duo of Sindelle and Cosmo Morte have been challenging and thrilling dark electro/industrial rock hearts through the impressive likes of Electrowitch and Zero to name just two of their provocative albums. Never ones to sink into formulaic familiarity or rest on laurels the pair have opened up a new avenue with the single to inspire a fresh anticipation and eagerness for future creations. Both songs lie somewhere in between recent Scream Machine songs and the solo project of Sindelle, godMONSTER, especially Heavy with its thick enveloping atmosphere.

Worlds Collide opens with a brooding ominous swell of sounds, its electro clasp building the sense of an impending dynamic intervention in sound and premise, two volatile emotional forces set to clash with blistering resonance.  For existing fans to the band the notable thing are the vocals of Sindelle, she has swapped her impressive aggressive and senses antagonising attack for a warm flowing delivery, on both songs she allows her natural singing voice to explore the music and it is strikingly pleasing and impressive. The track is as impactful as anything the band has done before, the new flavouring assisting rather than diminishing the intense consumption and impact the pair always unleash. Worlds Collide boils up the further it progresses to take us aboard the delicious and irresistible yet cataclysmic ride for the relationship within.

The accompanying Heavy blisters the ear with a rain of sonically spawn melodic shards of delight.  There is an almost medieval feel to the sounds, elements the likes of progressive bands  Hawkwind and Horslips would infuse in their music. The song is based in repetition bringing an insatiable siren quality to lyrics and the crawling drone spiced sounds which consume and immerse the ear. A perfect example of infusing light and darkness, Heavy is an ambient cloak for every emotion whether from the brightest skies or deepest pit, a soundtrack to fuel and encapsulate any heart.

Worlds Collide & Heavy is exceptional, a return to the inciteful and imaginative vision they are known for not that they had drifted far from that expected element. The single shows Scream Machine as a band unafraid to stretch themselves and explore their depths and one can only hope the essences unveiled upon the single find a constant place upon their inventive canvas.

The single is a name your price release and a must investigate for all electro/industrial/EBM, melodic…well for everyone. grin We recommend you check out and grab Worlds Collide & Heavy  at and with a knowing smile and mischievous remind a certain person, told you so.

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godMONSTER – Statik Utopia

A couple of months back a slightly surprising and totally exciting release shone in the shape of The Dischordian Society EP from US band godMONSTER.  It was a debut release that caressed the ear with ambient and emotive soundscapes that soothed and provoked.  godMONSTER the solo project from Sindelle Morte one half of impressive industrial hellrock duo Scream Machine, left many who were definite disciples to their harsh and provocative sounds open mouthed and enthralled by her elegant tapestry of captivating and fertile instrumental music. With her new album they are sure to be smiling broadly.

Statik Utopia sees Sindelle unveiling more of her expansive and equally intimate sounds, bringing ten pieces of expressive aural imagery that invoke and inspire. As with the EP the album consists of music that wraps itself around the listener permeating thoughts and senses with darkly macabre spiced vibrant sounds that light up the ear and beyond whilst inducing dark elements and feelings to keep one wary and mesmerised. In the band’s bio Sindelle states “godMONSTER was created as an opposing force to balance out the aggressive assault of Scream Machine. It’s different in that it is more about catching a feeling and holding it, rather than screaming it out.” This sums up the music perfectly and though it is not as challenging or intrusive as the sounds she is known for it is an equal in drawing feelings and emotions from its recipients to feel an experience that is lasting and pronounced. 

The great thing about the music is it is open to individual interpretation, the compositions themed but emotively inviting to each to find their own personal and singular feelings and vision. There is also an engaging contradictory feel across the whole release too, the darker tones and imaginations brought forth with a vibrancy and glow of light that provokes and emotionally incites. Opening track ‘Funeral March’ is a wonderful example, its dark electro opening pulsating and addictive to lead in a mournful flow that is countered by a siren like melodic palpitation that is hypnotic, its beckoning light smiling against the deep blackness. It gives a “Something wicked this way comes feel” in the same way the darkness invites and captivates one in to its dark depths.

Suicide Symphony’ is another stunning example and the favoured track here. Again darkly themed its senses manipulating wicked touch fuelled by a rousing melodic beauty that lightens up the shadows. Though I know the composer will not have intended it or agree the song gives a calming grace and eloquence to the act and subject of the song that can evolve but few see.

Each piece of ambient joy is emotionally and aurally satisfying, the album working as a whole or in its individual movements as an animated symphony of spellbinding harmonies and enthralling creativity. Statik Utopia beguiles with hex like charm throughout and an at times subtle varied imagination. From ‘Ghost Walker’ and its beacon like harmonic light within pressing shadows, ‘Requiem Of Sorrow’ giving a melancholic ambience that permeates every welcoming sense, to the chilled flight through the radiant beauty of ‘Night Passage‘ and its emotive search and hopeful quest, the album explores and pleasure every corner of the mind and heart.

Statik Utopia is a wonderful album of sonic soundscapes carrying a rich ambience that nourishes the heart and inflames the senses. Exquisitely crafted the spread of musical colours tinged with a dark enticement devours as it pleasures to ensure genuine relish and deep contentment.

To find out more and future projects as well as to download Statik Utopia for free go to the brand new label of godMONSTER and Scream Machine Digital Pain Productions  @

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godMONSTER – Funeral March


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godMONSTER – The Discordian Society

For the past three years there has been a constantly growing underground force within the industrial scene in the shape of the Washington hell rock band Scream Machine. A greater intense awareness in 2011 has seen their ‘stock’ leap in recognition and acclaim as an ever increasing fan base discovers their dark flavoured charms and notable exponents of the industrial scene eager to use their formidable skills. Now hot out of the studio arrives The Discordian Society, the first EP from one half of Scream Machine Sindelle Morte, with her new side-project godMONSTER.

Anyone expecting the challenging and sinister, hellish sounds from her ‘day job’ think again, with godMONSTER Sindelle takes the listener on a rewarding journey through her thought provoking and expressive soundscapes. Where with her Scream Machine persona Sindelle stands and defiantly portrays each songs premise, theme and controversial statements musically and verbally directly and forcibly, here she crafts songs that wrap themselves around the listener, ambient and emotive caresses spiced with dark macabre elements that frequent her musical world.

The Discordian Society delivers five distinctly varied and immense tracks that induce imagery and take thoughts down to the shadowed terrains explored by the sound. The songs individually play on an emotive feeling and instead of swiftly stretching and bringing in associate elements they centre on the one thing examining as well as inciting the listener to themselves consider and become part of the whole experience.

The EP opens with the dark exuberance of ‘Grind’, a track that from the moment its resonating beats throb and spread their welcoming fingers thrills and excites in equal measure. The song is an immediate statement that this is something completely different from Sindelle’s fertile mind and also proof of what many have suspected for a while that there is a much larger pool of creativity within her. The track plays with what its title states but carries the lure of the captivating darkness all sweet evils instinctively have.

Gravedancer’s Nocturne’ takes the stage next with a vibrant swirl of electronic beauty recalling the likes of Landscape and very early Ministry with its delightful swells and hooks. As with the first and revealed in the subsequent songs, Sindelle reduces her vocals to an additional instrument rather than a focal point and it works wonderfully. The music alone provides all the weaponry to inspire and render the emotion and content the song has, the songs audio imagery of the strongest level.

Digital Waste’ is the one track that carries a more tangible link to the sound of Scream Machine, its poignant musical cybernetic commentary as powerful as any spoken scathing word; the heady throaty bass sound that storms through the track is brutal and glorious in equal measure too and demands repeat play within seconds of its close.

The remaining tracks ‘Necromancer’ and ‘Zombie Fantasy’ bring a mellower ambience and dare one say tenderness that the electro witch hides well in her other musical guise. This is not to say the songs are soft or less powerful in effect rather they reflect the thoughtful and layered creativity that her more direct work shields without a concentrated focus. The two songs play like a duo the first casting the melodic spell to enable the latter to lay its mesmerising dance at our ears.

The Discordian Society is a fascinating and beguiling joy that will pleasure anyone’s ear and senses. Its creativity and inspiring sounds plays like a kaleidoscope of musical colours tinged with a dark essence that intrigues and feeds all caliginous hearts.

To find out more and future projects as well as to download The Discordian Society for free go to the brand new label of godMONSTER and Scream machine Digital Pain Productions

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