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Ophelia's Eye-RingMaster Review

For the past couple of years real attention has been gathering pace around Swiss metallers OPHELIA’S EYE, a band which though previously gathering its craft and qualities together for growing interest truly lit public awareness around 2020 and certainly a year later with the  Fight For Us EP and their acclaimed clad single The Demon behind My Mind. Now, the Dulliken hailing outfit has just released a new mini album, a release feeding off the potential of those earlier encounters and unleashing a blistering fascination of sound and ravening of enterprise.

Hopeless World offers up six tracks of blistering, multi-scented metal; tracks which seduced, scorched and trespassed the senses and imagination in equal measure. Within each body of rapacious sound and invention, the quintet of Michel Egloff-Sieber (Vocals), Remo Lemp (Lead Guitar), Corinne Ryter (Rhythm Guitar), Stefan Bijkerk (Drums), and Sandro Suter (Bass) create a cauldron of melodic death metal, metalcore, groove metal and modern metal voracity. It is all merged into a proposal which song by song devours expectations and spits them out into individual furnaces of sonic and melodic toxicity yet each of those creative pyres called like a seductive siren, calling lustful attention upon their rocks of technical and imagination driven animosity.

Hopeless world EP-RingMaster Review

 It is a release which also shares the intimate and observational angst and scars of themes such as “suicide, misused trust, divisiveness, envy, greed and selfishness.” The band exposes the venom and antipathy within each with creative and emotional ferocity, and mercilessly from the album’s first breath as opener My Honor rose up in a flume of sonic enticement and erupted in a tempest of hungry riffs and invasive rhythms. Subsequently wired in melodic threads and dexterous flames of enterprise the track tunnelled under the skin as Egloff-Sieber’s primal yet canny vocals roared.

It is a template to the album’s character and design and also to the individual temptations and corrosiveness of each track. Swiftly both Fuck my Trust and Hopeless World bare their creative craft and individuality, the first within its uncompromising and rhythmically adept insistence and the second through atmospherically and melancholically coloured emotional enmity and its subsequent turbulence. Both weave a web of sonic dexterity and melodic intoxication to their dilemmas with instinctive imagination which further drew keener involvement and richer fascination.

The psychotically breathing Human Abyss similarly gripped ears and imagination’s courtship with predacious incitement and equally magnetic unpredictability before I’m Explosive brought us to a boil. Every song within Hopeless World had us hooked but this track easily gripped favourite moment, the song a tempest of spiralling grooves, rabid riffs and punishing rhythms uncaged in blistering ferocity. The track is superb, vocals just as precociously inciting and involving as the hellacious sounds and invention around them.

Completed by Pain and Sorrow with its tapestry of acute grooves and melodic causticity, a track driven by just as impacting animosity, tension and gripping dynamics, Hopeless World simply set our instincts and passions for hell spawned ruthlessness crafted in technical and impassioned metal prowess alight. The likes of As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Lamb Of God and Periphery are among references offered to describe OPHELIA’S EYE but as their new protagonist proves they are already standing apart from most with greater uniqueness promised ahead.

Hopeless World is out now; available @ https://opheliaseye.bandcamp.com/

https://www.opheliaseyeband.com/   https://www.facebook.com/OpheliasEye   https://www.instagram.com/ophelias_eye/

Pete RingMaster 05/05/2022

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