One Life All-In – Letter Of Forgiveness


As maybe for many others, American-French hardcore outfit One Life All-In have evaded the radars here up to this point but certainly now explode on screens with the release of new EP, Letter Of Forgiveness. Unleashing six tracks which rip at the senses whilst inciting ears and appetite, the release is a stirring and striking incitement ensuring the Cleveland based band will be given rich attention ahead.

Back in 2016, One Life All-In was formed as a side project when, after former The Spudmonsters / Run Devil Run vocalist Don Foose appeared as a guest singer on the Seekers Of The Truth album Oldskull Revenge that band’s guitarist Clem and bassist Franco invited him to join them in a new adventure. The following year saw the release of One Life All-In’s debut EP, The A7 Session; praise carrying reviews followed by tours across Europe the result of its success.

Now the quartet, its line-up completed by drummer Kevin Foley (Abbath, Benighted), have returned with the second assault on the senses and imagination, and we for one are now keenly giving them attention. Hardcore tagged, the band’s sound soon reveals itself a richer mix with alternative metal and rock essences entangling with punk within a forceful incitement, as uncaged by the EP’s opening title track.

Letter Of Forgiveness instantly erupts in a harassment of invasive riffs and concussive rhythms, its initial trespass soon a purposeful stride through ears with authority and attitude driving every note and stirring step. Straightway the multi-flavoured character of the band’s sound is an open incitement as too the strong presence of Foose’s vocals and the great earthy snarl of Franco’s bass. In truth every aspect of the track proved a magnet for ears, its fusion of metal and hardcore with a classic rock bent a thick lure we soon eagerly chewed on.

The excellent start to the EP continues with Cold and Struggles, it too an immediate attention grabbing enticement with a vocal holler as manipulative as the nagging sounds around it. The senses swiping swings of Foley allow no escape from a quickly found addiction, nor the hook laden enterprise of guitars and bass matched in tempting by the band’s singular and united vocal incitement. Hungry and inescapable contagious, the song soon took favourite track honours though seriously challenged throughout the release, its moments of Shelter like rapacity that extra telling temptation.

Sacred Heart is next up, a dark tide of riffs following rousing drums the opening gambit for attention, one soon rewarded by the track’s brewing cloud of intensity and lively imagination. Again Foose provides a potent weapon and lure for ears and thought, guitars casting a sonic web around him as rhythms stalk the senses with matching infectiousness. The track is a predator, a threatening arousal as irresistible as it is barbarous, that ruthlessness growing and erupting with contagious hunger as the track evolves.

Melodic invention is just as potent an aspect of the song and again an alluring hue, if less prominent, to the emotionally erratic and creatively psychotic Hey man!, an outstanding track which from start to finish of its brief but dramatic presence aligns provocative control and urgent frenzy in one gripping proposition.

The EP concludes with firstly 83rd dream, a weave of melodic intimation and vocal suggestion which brews its own particular tempest of sound and drama, and lastly Discharge. The penultimate song epitomises the ability and agility of One Life All-In to align contrasts and diverse textures in an equally mercurial landscape of trespass while its successor revels in the band’s dexterity in going for the jugular whilst inciting spirit and defiance upon world ills. It’s anthemic energy and fervour again echoes that of all songs within Letter Of Forgiveness whilst forging its own greedily devoured moment of utter enjoyment.

Letter Of Forgiveness has been described as the best thing to escape One Life All-In yet and with a hindsight listen to its thickly enjoyable predecessor we can only agree. Finally the band has erupted on our radar and left an indelible mark and we suggest, if you have not done so yet, giving the band a moment to score your hardcore appetites too.

Letter Of Forgiveness is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 04/07/2020

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