Shit Tinnies – Point to Prove EP

Deliver the bastard child of The Saints, Face To Face, and I Am Duckeye and in your hands you just might have something akin to Shit Tinnies, a band which has just unleashed one of the year’s fiercely enjoyable incitements in the Point to Prove EP. It is an unapologetic slab of feral rock misbehaviour and mischief hosting seven anthemic tracks epitomising why punk still excites.

Sydney, Australia based Shit Tinnies emerged from a conversation between vocalist/guitarist Brit Jam Moore and Kiwi guitarist Braydin in 2017, its line-up soon embracing Serbian bassist/vocalist Stefan Radulovic and Canadian drummer Ryan ‘Damage’ Powers. Last year saw the release of the band’s self-titled debut EP through, as now its successor, Riot Records (the label part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) and leaving a potent mark as their live shows on their homeland’s punk landscape. Point to Prove has already stirred attention further afield with acclaim riding the recognition which we can only eagerly add to.

The band’s sound is a mix of old school inspired punk spiced up with just as potent essences of skate punk, metal and ska. It makes for a compelling and unpredictable mix which as proven by the new EP, when aligned to attitude and boisterousness just hits the spot. The opening song swiftly proves the point, 301 enticing with a sonic thread which soon leads to the waiting drama of enterprise and vocal incitement. There is a slight post punk edge to the song initially, Jam’s rap tinged vocals courted by predacious chords and stalking rhythms. All the while the song is escalating its energy and punk inclination though leading to an eruption of sound and dexterity just as potent and fascinating. The cycle repeats with greater intensity, the outstanding song laying out the creative palette which makes up sound and release ahead.

It is a compelling and thrilling start to the EP soon compounded by the belligerent animation of Blah. Old school punk and melodic hardcore entangle in its mischievous shuffle, rhythms an harassment of rousing persuasion as guitars equally mass rich temptation with aggression loaded riffs and nagging hooks. A Stiff Little Fingers-esque spicing adds to the greed stoking incitement we swiftly devoured while next up the EP’s title track saunters in with menace and a ska nurtured gait to similarly grip ears and appetite. There is an echo of The Clash to that ska hue whilst its punk based roar has something of CIV to its ferocity and intent, a fusion which as its predecessor left us voracious for more.

Town quickly feeds that hunger with its rousing stroll, instinct stirring grooves winding its eager provocation and energetic swing. Pop and hard rock ensures yet another shade of flavouring adds to the song and EP’s creative canvas, its anthemic contagion inescapable and lustfully feasted upon before Deadline had the body swaying with its reggae lilted punk raw saunter. Unsurprisingly it is a virulent infection which bursts with punk rock rapacity and another song which had us stomping with its insatiable antics.

There is no let-up in quarrel and spirit within the following Quick, the song maybe not igniting our passions as lustfully as those before it but with its punk bearing reminding of bands like TV Personalities and O’Level it has urged numerous returns while bringing the EP to a thrilling close Hey Man with a similar breath bursts upon the senses with a mix of UK /US punk influenced, pop infused truculence.

It is a formidable and imposingly enjoyable end to one fiercely enjoyable encounter, one we seriously suggest you get close and personal with.

The Point To Prove EP is out now on Riot Records across all digital platforms worldwide.

Pete RingMaster 04/07/2020

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