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Bury St Edmunds is having a heyday right now with the wealth of impressive and imaginative bands emerging from its music scene. With bands like Horse Party, The Machismo’s, and The Vitamins leading the way, the Suffolk market town is making its mark on the UK music map. Now there is another potential soaked and seriously captivating proposition to emerge from the same creative bed. Gaffa Tape Sandy is the band, a trio on the evidence of debut single Smart Dressed Guy creating their own flavoursome form of rock ‘n’ roll by fusing the rich essences of garage punk and alternative rock.

Formed last year, Gaffa Tape Sandy consists of vocalist/guitarist Kim, vocalist/bassist Catherine, and drummer Robin; three friends “with an undying love for music that makes you want to move around and punch your best friend in the head.” They certainly back up that description with their two-track single; a pair of songs with attitude and an instinctive catchiness impossible to ignore.

Gaffa Tape Sandy - Smart Dressed Guy (Single) - cover_RingMasterReviewSmart Dressed Guy swiftly has ears alive and hips swinging, an initial rhythmic volley sparking a lively stroll of jangly chords and eager beats split by a pulsing bassline. There is a scent of rockabilly to the song but equally there is indie revelry reminding of bands like Strangler Figs, it all colluding to stir up the imagination whilst the blend of Kim and Catherine’s vocals adds another enticing hue to back up the former’s naturally energetic delivery. With a further touch of tenacious devilment carrying a touch of Damn Vandals/Top Buzzer to it, the track is an incitement for an exhausted body and a greedy appetite for more, something the track’s companion soon helps with.

L’appel Du Vide is a slightly more reserved proposal; the key word being slightly as it too unveils a frisky mix of dirty riffs and gripping hooks as garage rock inspired as they are punk spiced. Again, little time passes before limbs are flinging moves and energy is shared with the boisterous rock ‘n’ roll of the song and just as quickly that lustful hunger is inspired to greater greed.

This is only two songs of course, so a touch early to claim that Gaffa Tape Sandy is destined to make a major impact on the British rock scene, but Smart Dressed Guy as a whole suggests they certainly have the potential. More of the same or even bolder incitements will only confirm it.

Smart Dressed Guy is available now for free @

Pete RingMaster 09/03/2016

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