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Another band with a bit of a potent buzz brewing up around them in recent months is UK rockers The Cheap Thrills, and though only one song and our introduction to the band, it is easy to get a gist on why thanks to their new single. Rusty is a flaming brew of melodic rock with the infectious roar of pop and the sultry hues of psych rock; a union creating one very flavoursome and enjoyable stroll.

cover_RingMaster Review     Hailing from Liverpool, the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Lewis Pike, lead guitarist Terry Eaves, bassist Fitzy, and drummer Anton Eager seem to have had little trouble in raising eager attention locally and then further afield since forming a clutch of years ago. Aged eighteen and nineteen, The Cheap Thrills has created a potent reputation and following for a live presence which has seen them play with the likes of Cast, The Rifles, The Moons, The Jezabels, Wave Machines, Skaters, and Superfood, light up numerous venues in London and headline 02 Academy shows, successful gigs backing up their winning the coveted Liverpool Sound City Youth Award 2012 in 2012 and playing the Calling Out stage of Kendal Calling that same year. With previous songs and EPs under their belt, The Cheap Thrills now look and sound ready to poke national awareness with their alluring sound and new single, which if its energetic and vivacious manner alone has anything to do with it, will be an easy persuasion.

Rusty lays a gentle melodic caress on ears initially, guitar and keys stroking with a hazy elegance before bass and firm beats balance things with their catchy shadows. With the vocals of Pike an inviting croon within the appetite catching mix, the song continues to builds into a feistier yet controlled stride, rhythms driving its energy and contagion with a garage rock rumble in the belly. Around this pungent core keys and guitars cast evocative sways of sonic enterprise, enriching the lively smoulder of the song as it grows and thickens. There is a whisper of familiarity to Rusty also yet it only adds to the persuasive drama and freshness of the increasingly persuasive song.

It is clear that The Cheap Thrills are still on the journey towards their final sound and just as open is the anticipation of much bigger things on their future horizons when taking Rusty as a marker of progress so far.

Rusty is available from July 13th

RingMaster 13/07/2015

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