Woody Woodgate – In Your Mind

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It is a bit of a surprise that Madness drummer Woody Woodgate has only now unveiled a debut solo album, though given the busyness of the man over the years with various projects as well as of course with the Nutty Boys similarly it is not. Anyway the time has come and the enjoyably charming In Your Mind does not disappoint.

Taking the opportunity to hit the studio with fresh ideas whilst the Magic Brothers has been put on hold due to an on-going battle with mental health issues for his brother Nick, the other half of the acclaimed band, Woodgate has created a collection of melody rich pop songs which vivaciously dance on the senses and imagination. They also carry an openly personal and intimate aspect to them, playing like a kaleidoscope of reflections from the life of their creator whilst shimmering on and seducing the ears.

With vocalist Dan Shears aligning his unique and captivating tones to the sounds of Woodgate, contributions from guitarist/keyboardist Tim Maple, bassist Dan Drury, Madness’ brass section The Brass Monkeys, wife Siobhan Fitzpatrick, and brother Nick bringing their skills to the magnetic release also, In Your Mind swiftly has thoughts engaged as it opens with This Is It. The track is a brief scene setter, a glimpse of life breeding the spark to go on ‘romantic’ escapades, they starting with the following Magic Train. Instantly the song, through keys and a jazzy air, is an escape from the mundane into vibrant adventure, melodies and grooves flirting with the imagination whilst beats dance with ears and feet. The expressive tones of Shears bring their alluring colour to the ‘trip’ soon after, his voice courting songs like an enjoyable mix of Ian Broudie and Ste McCabe, and indeed here but more so across the album strong whispers to The Lightning Seeds kiss the music too. Becoming richer and thicker with every passing temptation, the song is an inescapable infection getting the album off to a strong and highly pleasing start.

woodywoodgate_inyourmind-_RingMaster Review     A spicy tang coats the following Something, guitar and keys bringing a smattering of country rock to their enterprise whilst vocals and harmonies swing with catchy revelry throughout. A bluesy tone also adds to the energetically creative waltz of the song whilst the brass seducing is simply the cream on the top of another captivating persuasion before the bewitching stroll of the album’s title track slips in. Bred in a sixties pop smile and melodies which quickly bring the sounds of Kirsty MacColl to mind, the song is a serenade for the summer, a warm kiss of pop which simply blossoms in strength and persuasion with every listen, in sound and the just as potent intimacy fuelling the lyrics.

Come To Me is just as irresistible straight after, though admittedly taking longer to find the same depth of reactions as other songs upon the album. There is a strong resemblance to UK indie pop band The Tonics in the song at times, but once the brass free their rich flames, the song soars into celestial climates. One of the numerously pleasing aspects of songs is the ‘simplicity’ of the lyrical side, a repetitious flare which just works, in choruses especially, but never defuses the thick emotive strength of words and intent as it graces the tenaciously spun web of catchy sounds.

The Beach marks our arrival at the seaside, its joyful lure the lead into the warm embrace and festivity of We’re All Going To Brighton. Everything about the track from the smouldering brass caresses and swaying vocals to the energetic but relaxed rhythms says escape, relief from the pressures and boredom of life’s normal days whether as a child or adult we have all felt, its charm and presence sublimely relating those emotions and excitements.

The ska seeded Friday Night To Sunday Morning saunters through ears with a dreamy glaze to its poetic pop hug. The song almost glistens as guitars, harmonies, and brass venture into their imaginative exploits, rhythms in turn bringing their own pulsating shadow, wrapped bait to the sultriness of the song. There is no escaping a feel of Madness to the rich atmosphere and happy-go-lucky sway of the song either, or another potent slice of distinct variety within the album as also on offer in Everything Is Sunshine and its tantalising croon awash with an eighties pop lure which occasionally whispers Squeeze and The Bluebells. The track quickly has the listener involved though it is soon outshine by the excellent Flower and its psyche pop beauty. ELO has reportedly been an inspiration to the songs within In Your Mind, and for sure the legendary Birmingham rock pop band is a delicious hue to the siren-esque majesty of the album’s best track, though that choice does vary from listen to listen if we are honest.

The funky psychedelic tango of Mother comes next, the song a sweltering breath of seventies inspired blues/pop rock which at times feistily simmers and in other moments enflames with tenacious ingenuity. Its success is followed by the electro rock exploration of Shaman where within its relatively gentle hug on the senses drama bubbles away, creative and emotive shadows colluding with emotive energies for a fascinating and invigorating theatre of sound.

The album is brought to a close through Thank You and its melancholic yet vibrant balladry of emotional textures and words. You can feel the heart of Woodgate fuelling its presence and sentiment, portrayed potently by Shears and only accentuated by the expanding and evocative sounds around him.

It is a fine end to an increasingly enthralling and enjoyable proposition. It is easy to assume something similar to Madness from the encounter but In Your Mind swiftly sets that thought straight and just grows with every listen. At its height it is majestic and throughout is one nonstop summer of nostalgic incitement and warm enjoyment, an encounter you firmly resolve to hurry back to time and time again even before it runs its first course.

In Your Mind is available now via DW Records


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Maff – Self Titled EP

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It is not too hard to guess some of the bigger influences upon Chilean band Maff whilst listening to their self-titled debut EP, the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine amongst them, yet fair to say the Santiago quartet weaves it all into songs which reveal their own distinct characters. Bred from an evolving fusion of shoegaze, alternative rock, noise pop, and indie to try and pin down the mix, sound and songs are a striking and tenacious shimmer on the senses which it easy to find yourself getting a touch greedy over. The release is a captivating introduction to a band with all the potential and imagination to evoke a worldwide appetite if not now surely ahead.

Maff began in 2012, formed by Richi Gómez (vocals/bass/guitar) and Nicolás Colombres (drums), two childhood friends who had previously played together in various punk rock bands. The line-up expanded with the addition of Nicolás’ brother Martín (guitar) in 2014 and was completed earlier this year by Talo Correa (guitar/bass /vocals/synth). Creating, recording, and producing their EP in their own studio, Maff has already sparked potent reactions to their music, dreampop duo Ummagma already amongst those enamoured, recognition which should now ignite through the EP’s release. Exploring themes such as innocence, mysticism, true love, loss, drugs, freedom, and timelessness within its songs, the Maff EP is a sultry romance for ears but one unafraid to ignite an unpredictable blaze or two in sound and energy.

The EP opens with Act 1, a spatially atmospheric instrumental evolved from post punk and eighties alternative rock which swiftly brings the imagination to the boil with its evocative soundscape which is best described as Joy Division meets My Bloody Valentine. It is a dramatic and rousing start to the release, an incitement of dark rhythms and sonic exploration wrapped in vibrant freshness and familiarity.

Maff - Maff Cover Art_RingMaster Review     Its potent persuasion is followed by the just as invigorating Linger Around, a hearty stroll of riffs and beats which relaxes a touch but simultaneously increases its fiery atmosphere and dark shadows as the mellow effect lined vocals of Gómez step forward. That influence of The Jesus and Mary Chain is a spicy ingredient to the gripping incitement swiftly seducing ears, adding thick hues to a provocatively crafted blend of almost prowling dark tones and emotions aligned with melancholic beauty and shimmering resonance.

Walking On Fire slips in next on a slim and radiant melody, the simple coaxing soaked in childlike innocence and radiance. It is soon courted by pulsating beats and a darker celestial climate though as the song’s entrance increasingly captivates, the atmosphere and scenery becoming more inflamed and hazy respectively. Vocal harmonies are as much about texture as narrative here, more so in many ways as the song’s chorus revolves around bewitching singular repetition with the end result as all unite together, a magnetic piece of composing and enterprise which inspires body and mind from start to finish.

     A more indie toning comes with Million Year Picnic, the guitars exploring a richer creative clang against another enthralling lure of post punk seeded bass and crisp jabs of beats. Vocally and melodically the song still immerses in shoegaze imagination but its canvas has stronger clarity from clearer air for the craft and individual incitements of the band to weave their combined tapestries of temptation. The House of Love essence to the song just adds to its lure and sets up of ears nicely for the ethereal charm of Someday. Featuring guest vocals from Francisca Morandé alongside Gómez, the supernal seduction of the song’s warm balladry simply drifts over the senses, immersing ears in an electronically sizzling Lush like embrace.

A fuzzy courting of the senses with a deeply rooted growl comes next in the shape of You, its shapely and slightly scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll rumble toying with aggression and causticity whilst casting a sultry anthemic enticing. Its dirtier air is the perfect taster for the outstanding Planet Wave, an inventive maelstrom of garage and surf rock embroiled in a just as thrilling alignment of space and psychedelic revelry. It is the most exciting and exhilarating offering on the EP, standing out amidst a collection of tracks which are certainly not lacking in those resourceful traits either.

The release is finished off by the rhythmically forceful and sonically bracing Blue Seas. As all around it, varied strains of flavours combine to create an inviting web, though primarily the encounter is more indie rock with potent hues of rock, grunge, and electronic rock. Even if not whipping up the passions as much as other tracks, it is a highly satisfying ‘end’ to the EP, though the actual final track is a radio edit of Walking On Fire.

For a debut Maff makes a striking statement and as they and their sound evolve, it is probably safe to assume more and greater offerings and enjoyment are ahead.

The Maff EP is available now via http://maffmusica.bandcamp.com/album/maff-2

http://www.maffmusica.com/   https://www.facebook.com/maffmusica

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Party Cannon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation

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Already proving to be punishingly brutal and mischievous, fiercely rabid and hilarious, Scottish metallers Party Cannon return with debut album Bong Hit Hospitalisation and take all those aspects in their presence and sound up another ruinous gear. Their first full-length is an uncompromising onslaught of slam infested death metal, but equally a party to spill your devilment, hostility, and guts to.

Hailing out of Dunfermline, the 2010 formed Party Cannon released a clutch of demos and singles in their early years before in 2013 uncaging the well-received Partied in Half EP. It put the band on the map for a great many, something the Rob Hobson produced Bong Hit Hospitalisation now looks to broaden with its voracious tempest. From its opening breath, release and band savage and incite, their “extreme comedic brutality” a hellacious onslaught of insidious vocals and psychotic rhythms aligned to technically deranged, sonically frenzied riffs and grooves.

It all starts with Russian Zombie Smack (Krokodil), its initial touch a percussive lead into a heavily imposing stalking of slam death metal. The early lumbering gait is soon a maelstrom of searing intensity and sonic ravishment bred by the guitars of Craig Robinson and Mike McLaughlin, the wounds they cast further pummelled by lethal strokes of drummer Martin Gazur and scarred by the bestial savaging from bassist Chris Ryan and vocalist Stony Reddie. The track is merciless, the ringing in ears after the song’s departure proof alone as it makes tinnitus seem like a serenade, and there is no respite as Jack Vs The Exotic Crustacean takes over within moments with the same intent.

Party Cannon 2015 - Bong Hit Hospitalisation_RingMaster Review   The second track opens with one of a number of smile inducing samples within the release, moments often luring potent chuckles before the savaging just as here. The track itself is pure carnal barbarity and addictiveness, the nagging bait of riffs and energy as big a hook as the squalling variety and enterprise from vocals and guitars. Quite simply you will rupture everything inside getting involved with the track and love every minute, as you will with There’s A Reason You’re Single straight after. The bass of Ryan steals the show here, its throaty pestilence almost inviting as it swaggers within the reckless attack of beats and riffs, though its success is matched by the sonic tempting emerging later which infiltrates the tempest with contagious charm, no mean feat within the brutal turbulence around them.

Keg Stand By Me is cyclonic at best and outright death metal warfare in full swing. Every aspect of band and track makes an excruciating persuasion and though the track maybe does not quite match up to its predecessors it leaves body and emotions in pools of melted flesh and pleasure, wastage waiting to be resuscitated by the brief cruel and invigorating predation of Ectomy Part 1 (Get Back To Work) and the even swifter violation of Ectomy Part 2 (Brutalitarian Rhapsody). The latter is twenty eight seconds of physical defilement, though to be honest even its assault pales in viciousness and corruption compared to the opening of Interested Is Not The Word and indeed most of its exhaustive and evolving landscape of slamming carnage amidst a technically driven sonic orgy.

Another album peak and favourite deflowering of ears and senses comes with Battle Of The Spider-Men!, the track as virulent as extreme untamed sounds can possibly get whilst inflicting the fiercest damage as the swing to its grooves and swagger in its movement cast a deceitful tempting within one severely blistering examination.

The album continues to be as merciless as necrotizing fasciitis on flesh, Screech Even Sold His Body To Science stripping nerves bare whilst gutting the senses and We Prefer The Term Living Impaired lastly tearing up what remains for an irresistible death march within slam driven excessive violation. The pair, as every track upon Bong Hit Hospitalisation has their own identity and form of creative cruelty and it is fair to say that the album, if you can brave through its body wilting surface, does offer more diversity than a great many genre similar confrontations and more imagination.

Bong Hit Hospitalisation firmly hits the sweet spot; devours it, chokes it back up, and then stamps all over it again. Such fun!

Bong Hit Hospitalisation is available from July 7th via Gore House Productions on CD and digitally @ https://gorehouseproductions.bandcamp.com/album/bong-hit-hospitalisation

Party Cannon’s “Slamming Down the West Coast” tour with Epicardiectomy (Czech Rep) and Parasitic Ejaculation (CA) dates…

July 10/11 – Oakland, CA / The Oakland Metro (Bay Area Death Fest)

July 13 – Sacramento, CA / The Colony

July 14 – Portland, OR / The Tonic Lounge

July 16 – Salt Lake, UT / TBA

July 17 – Denver, CO / TBA

July 18 – Amarillo, TX / Friendz Bar

July 19 – Dallas, TX / Renos Chop Shop

July 20 – Austin, TX / Red Eye Fly

July 21 – El Paso, TX / Paulina’s Badland

July 22 – Scottsdale, AZ / Rogue Bar

July 23 – Los Angeles, CA / 5 Star Bar

July 24 – Las Vegas, NV / OMD

July 25 – Salinas, CA / RBG


RingMaster 07/07/2015

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