Ellice Blackout – Bad Tattoo EP


With more virulent toxicity and passion chaining irresistibility than a bondage party at the sex addiction wing of the local hospital, well one can dream right?…Canadian melodic punksters Ellice Blackout unleash their debut EP Bad Tattoo, a release which inspires mischievous moves and greedy hunger. Made up of three adrenaline driven tracks which riot with and ignite the passions, the release is the arrival of a new voraciously energetic force in pop punk.

Hailing from Victoria, BC, Ellice Blackout was founded by members with a wealth of experience through several successful Vancouver Island bands such as Fineas Gage, Reaver, Killing In The Name Of, Funk Vigilante, The June Fiasco, Calling All Wave, Saul, and Dead Eyes Open. Creating an insatiable rampage of predacious rhythms, acidically squalling guitars, and a wealth of addictively barbed hooks, the band leaves the air breathless and listener sweat drenched with one of the most excitable and exciting introduction this year.

The title track ignites the touch paper for the release, guitars immediately teasing before the band explodes into a charged stomp of crisp rhythms and jagged riffs behind the appealing vocals of David Fraelic. From its first notes the song has imagination and emotions swinging with its eager sway, those sharp riffs from Joshua Boudreau and Josh Desjarlais continuing to lure whilst the bass of Josef Faraguna without breaking sweat adds the right depth of skirting shadows to the incendiary mix. Fraelic is a busy and enthusiastic, not forgetting impressive driver of the runaway melodic punk wagon potently backed by the tones of Faraguna and drummer Derek Zemanek, and with all elements flirting with breakneck rampancy the track is a thrilling epidemic of an enticement from the band.

Pretty Sexy For A Sexist shows right away it is not prepared to let its predecessor take all the glory, guitars stroking the ears with a sultry melodic taunt which is soon joined by firm beats and a darker bassline. Once into full swing with riffs getting feistier and the bass throatier, the track strides like a combination of Offspring or Fall Out Boy aligned to Alkaline Trio and Billy Talent, sinews turning carnivorous at times and intensity intimidating. It is a powerful encounter showing the strength of the band’s songwriting and attack, a declaration soon matched and reinforced by the closing storm of The Best Revenge. Like the other two tracks, it is rife with addiction causing grooves and spiky hooks within rowdy riffs and commanding rhythms. The vocals of Fraelic and band are as catchy as the lures laid elsewhere within the song’s more hard rock like premise, whilst the tight sonic mastery and acute passion swarming through the song has an element of My Chemical Romance to it.

The song, like the Bad Tattoo EP is littered with appealing additives from numerous styles and essences providing a spicy form of melodic punk which leaves emotions racing and anticipation for more from this emerging force, hankering for it to be sooner than later. Ellice Blackout has the promise and sound to be a name on the lips of pop punk and melodic rock worldwide and with their EP a free download it all starts here.




RingMaster 22/11/2013

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