Evoss – A Sense Of Time EP


Hailing from Liverpool, Evoss is an alternative rock band with plenty of heavier and classic rock tendencies which give their music substance and a presence which demands attention. Their sound is not anything to worry or break new or familiar sonic scenarios already well entrenched with plenty of other bands, but it has something which makes you want to come back for more and that is half the battle for any band. Consisting of four accomplished and enjoyably crafted songs the EP is a stylish open gateway into Evoss, an entrance you suspect will be well-trodden over years.

Evoss was formed in 2006 as an acoustic duo by guitarists Rob Boyd and Carl Serjeant but as their ambition and intent grew they recruited vocalist Shaun Luck in 2010. With songs emerging with a potency and heart that almost outgrew a mere trio, bassist Sean Nugent was brought into the line-up in 2012. A Sense Of Time, the band’s debut was written and recorded in 2011 with its initial online unveiling last year. With newest member drummer Tony Long recruited this year and the band working on their first debut album, A Sense Of Time has been made available as a buy now name your price download on the band’s Bandcamp profile, a gift no rock fan should ignore.

Slaves To The Puppeteer opens up the release, guitars and crisp rhythms immediately stirring the air whilst the bass prowls itsa3048774919_2 walls with a dark toned menace. As the vocals of Luck begin their narrative the sound relaxes around his delivery before raising the heat for the enticing chorus. As keys coax out a greater evocative feel to the song the guitars of Boyd and  Serjeant cast a weave of smouldering riffs and refined melodic endeavour which like the strong vocals only invite the imagination to embrace their skilled proposal. It is a strong and appealing start which without igniting fires still has attention and emotions busy in their appreciation and urge to indulge once again.

The following Hourglass is a similarly sculpted slice of melodic rock but with its own subtle character and flaming passion. From the nicely defined melodic lures of the guitars and the equally potent vocals to the firm rhythmic frame of guitar and bass, the track entices the listener into a blend of hard and alternative which is easily digestible by an appetite which is full of satisfaction from the wholesome offering. Like its predecessor the track does not step out from the crowd in body or flavour of sound but lifts its head above most in craft and passion.

Taken provides a mellower proposition in energy and force but loses none of the anthemic and infectious bait which marks the first two tracks. The chorus provides impressive crescendos to the song which are as catchy as anything on the release whilst its whole is another superbly created piece of heart bred rock n’ roll, just as its successor the closing Not Too Late. The final song is an engaging ballad which slowly burns and over time just as effectively recruits the emotions as the other more riotous explosions on the EP.

The A Sense Of Time EP is not going lead you into brand new or distinctively different realms of rock but simply for a for strong and refreshingly created encounter of unfussy yet inventive rock music with a fire in its heart, Evoss is a band to take a close look at.



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