The Vitamins – El Santo Vs. Los Vitaminas / Look After Me

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With the release of debut single Keys To The Limousine, UK rockers The Vitamins introduced themselves in fine style and as one rather boisterously potent emerging force. The two track release was an eager and feisty blaze of primal rock ‘n’ roll, a pair of songs which brewed a heady exciting mix of blues, garage rock, and muscle. Proving it was no flash in the pan the Bury St. Edmunds trio return with the AA sided single El Santo Vs. Los Vitaminas / Look After Me, a pair of riots sure to accelerate the growing fanbase seeded by its predecessor.

Formed in 2011 and consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dick Phillips, bassist Ollie Swift, and drummer Neil Baldwin, The Vitamins continue their enterprising arrival on British rock with another couple of heavyweight and flame driven sonic endeavours. The 

644114_474853499280476_448366875_nsingle takes little prompting to seize ears and attention as El Santo Vs. Los Vitaminas flies at the imagination with its Mexican wrestling tale and challenge, the bruising intensive bass of Swift instantly pressurising the senses alongside the coarse and acidic riffs of Phillips. It is an incendiary engagement from the first note spiked by the punchy raps of Baldwin which has little difficulty in exciting ears and emotions. The vocals of Phillips backed by great band garage punk harmonies are as equally discord and scuzz coated as the sounds around them , the result a song which has a Stooges like punk blaze to its breath and Led Zeppelin seeded sinew to its hunger.

Look After Me is a different beast from the same inventive litter of thought and intent. It opens with a stomping keys crafted incitement soon joined by a glorious glam rock like burst of guitar. It offers a seventies rock spice which lingers throughout the track as the vocals jog keenly with their narrative and persistent rhythms forge an almost metronomic heartbeat and lure for the song. The guitar of Phillips also fires up its imagination across the expanding stroll of the song whilst the ridiculously infectious presence of the track provides slavery for the passions. It is a delicious stomp of pop rock and blues kissed garage punk and the best thing the band has conjured yet.

You sense there is no stopping The Vitamins as both El Santo Vs. Los Vitaminas and Look After Me make a compelling and irresistible persuasion and that it is just the appetiser to greater things ahead. Anticipation is already breeding impatience…


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