Euclidean: Self Titled EP


Swiss Post-Black Metal band Euclidean has ended the year by stepping forward with the release of their debut recording and making through it a loud suggestion that it is a band to watch very closely. Their self-titled EP is a two track demo which offers an expansive progressive soundscape soaked in black metal atmospheres and shadows. It is a provocative release which makes you think and assess the dark wrapping around the senses not only in its company but long after its blackened sonic fingers have released the ear  and conclude something special maybe be brewing. The EP does suggests that the band has yet to reach its inventive destination to take the band away from other like fuelled entities, but equally it declares Euclidean as an emerging force one will make high expectations of in the future, and a band which on the showing of the two songs here will match with accomplished ease.

Formed in 2010, the Neuchâtel trio of vocalist/guitarist Naser, guitarist Joachim, and bassist/drummer Valentin has worked long and deliberately on their sound, that work apparent on both tracks. The songs were recorded between 2011 and 2012 at Artefact Sound and mastered by Bornyhake (Borgne). The bio to the release states that the ‘demo’s aesthetics refers to the duality between being and non-being in the 5th century BC context.’ Something beyond our mere simple minds but all that matters really is how it all lies upon thoughts and satisfaction, and there are no negatives in that aspect, the release a compelling invasion which pleases throughout. Arguably it does not light major fires within but incites enough brightly burning flames to place the band in the centre of our radar.

First track Word of Democritus opens with an ominous air, its weighty breath and charged riffs a contrasting and enjoyable mix within a predominately prowling presence. The drums provide an energetic stroll within the thickening atmosphere of the song whilst the dark vocals squalls graze the senses with venomous rasps. It is a slowly corroding encounter with death and doom traits to its blackened metal body and a track which is successfully adventurous and teasingly intriguing without being firmly ground breaking.

Sphere of Elea is a ten minute epic doubling the length of its companion and one which is bred of the same intent though with an openly different guise. Vocally the track is a more insidious intruder and musically a coarser sonic scarring around a near mesmeric tight melodic weave. The air of the track is a fiery wind, the flames of sonic enterprise and thought carefully placed and layered to bring bruising and darkly seductive textures side by side. The journey of the song is evolving without removing itself from an essential sound but manages to fill its whole length with enterprise and intelligent turns to ensure it does not outstay its welcome.

The guitars are impressive throughout both songs ably and equally matched by the drums and to a slightly lesser extent the bass. The vocals like the intensity brewed make the release a testing pleasure which lights plenty of anticipation and hope for what comes next from the band. Listening to Euclidean you cannot help but think it could be something very notable and thrilling.

RingMaster 13/12/2012

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