Mourning Shadows: an interview with Serge Ghoustly and Elena Supi from I Miss My Death

i miss my death

Following the release of their acclaimed first album At Her Funeral, Russian gothic doom band I Miss My Death stepped into a wider recognition. With the news that they are planning to work on its follow-up next year, guest interviewer Kostya Aronberg of Globmetal Promotions, grabbed the opportunity to find out more about the proposed album and the band itself by talking to vocalists Elena and Serge.

Hello Elena and Serge, and welcome to The RingMaster Review. How are you, guys?

Serge: Hello, RingMaster. We are fine, thank you.

I must confess to you it is the first time I have had the chance to interview a married couple that sings together in the same band 🙂 Can you please tell me firstly how you met and what led to you both deciding to form the band?

Serge: We met at the beginning of 2009. I Miss my Death had been already formed and was searching for a keyboarder. Elena first joined us in this post, and after, became also a vocalist. Creative relationship developed into a romance, and soon we became a couple and a managing face of I Miss my Death.

Let us talk about your music style. How would you describe your music and within which music genre in your opinion do you find a home?

Serge: At the beginning of the band existence, our genre matched mostly classic gothic doom metal; however, over time and the advent of new musicians, he has evolved into a gothic death doom. Recently, more and more manifest notes of gothic metal.

Elena: More broadly, our music is a philosophy of the beauty of love and death. “Family voice”, symbiosis of heavy guitar riffs and melodic keyboards – all this only emphasizes the whole dark atmosphere. Music of I Miss my Death is more than just soundset.

I Miss My Death, tell us about the name and why you chose it for the band?

Serge: We chose this name because of its compliance with our music. It symbolizes the ancient vampire who grasped eternity, 2survived his death, has known all of his life, eventually tired of it, and as something sublime and unique, misses about his death.

Through the years the band has changed a lot of members. Why have so many musicians left the band and how long does it take you to find new members?

Elena: In our country, playing metal music is unprofitable so many people prefer a good paying job to music. But it’s really easy to find a new musician – there are a lot of talented people in our country. From another side, it’s hard to find optimal person, who plays good, organized, communicated and likes the music he plays.

Serge: We have very good team at this moment, but this is result of hard searching work.

The band has announced that it is going to record a new album next year. What can you tell us about the writing process of it so far?

Serge: Yes, we are going to represent a new album next year. We were expecting for this moment for several years, and hope to surprise our listeners. The writing process has not begun yet, but we have already completed negotiations with the studio recording, produced material and in December will begin recording.

The new album is going to be in the same vein as your first album “At Her Funeral” or is anything going to change?

Elena: The new album differs from our old material. I think, it is better, of course. It will show amazing symbiosis of death doom and gothic metal. As for me, it’s something new for our market. The album is interesting also because of huge participation of other band members, whose influence made songs more fresh and completed.

The band sings in your Russian language but the album title was in English. Why did you decide to go with an English title?

Elena: Well, “…At Her Funeral” consists songs in Russian, in English and in Latin (Ave Maria). The title we album got from the name of one of the English songs from this album, which mostly compliance its atmosphere. The next album will consist of only English songs.

Serge: The title is English because we were looking to the future. The songs in Russian because most our listeners live in post-soviet countries.

Thanks for the interview. Any last words you want to pass to our readers and your fans?

Elena: We hope to visit your country with a concert in near future. Listen to good music that makes your heart beat faster. And, of course, follow us on.

Subjektive: Self Titled


If you are aware of Australian rock band Subjektive through their excellent My Perception EP of 2010, then you will have a good idea of what to expect from their debut self-titled album which has just been unleashed upon the world, though saying that you will still be blown over by the force of the storm which drives the excellently crafted songs through the ear. If you are new to the Melbourne trio then you are without doubt in for one muscular treat. Fusing the finest sinews and invention of rock to the strongest aggressive intensity and spite within metal, Subjektive creates a sound which leaves the listener bruised, battered and very satisfied.

The band was formed in 2008 by vocalist/bassist/guitarist and songwriter Aaron ‘AzCORE’ Stevenson, a musician who after playing in many successful and respected band wanted to create his own self termed rock driven metal, bringing the melodic textures and bone crushing might of both genres in a fluid and expressive bulldozer of a sound. The line-up was completed by the addition of drummer Luke ‘MasTemA’ Beltramello in 2009 and guitarist Joel ‘Chamber’ Moriss the following year with the band soon laying waste to audiences with their immense live performances and the release of My Perception. The threesome was soon drawing a rapidly growing legion of loyal fans not only in their homeland but around the world as well as receiving with radio play across the globe on the likes of The Bone Orchard. Their new album shows the band has evolved further since the EP, their sound still a merciless rage against the senses but with a further maturity to its textures and acutely crafted facets. The album is like a brawl between the likes of Machine Head, Mudvayne, Devildriver, Sevendust and Bloodsimple, an excellent fusion of sounds which caresses, charms, and lights up the passions with melodic excellence whilst unrelentingly turning the senses into a grateful staggering victim of explosive rhythms, destructive riffs, and combative intensity.

The release opens on insidious whispers as Veins emerges from the chilled mists. Soon tight highly charged riffs crowd the ear 111458whilst the bass prowls within their scorching touch and the drums cages the whole affair. It is not the most aggressive track on the album it emerges but with the continually licking serpentine sonics and ear lashing growls of Stevenson it is an intimidating pleasure. Into its stride the track herds thoughts and emotions into a blissful place whilst snapping the senses into satisfied slithers of primal engagement.

It is a great start soon slapped into its place by the rampaging R.D.M., a track which stomps on the wounds already incurred with heavy booted riffs and leaden rhythms. Throughout the tempest an infectious groove ignites an additional heated pleasure whilst the fiery solo is a delicious topping to an excellent song. The established quality is unrelenting through the likes of Too Far Gone with its stirring and rampant blaze of rock melodic warmth and corrosive metal abrasiveness, the blistering and intense Mental, and the expressive chewing of the ear masquerading as Watch This Space, all crushing riots of towering energy and attitude with honed weaves of melodic grandeur and imagination pouring from their formidable stances.

Further highlights come with the ever impressive Coward, a track which featured on their earlier EP, as do another pair on the album, and still stands as a classic and fully pleasing confrontation matched by the sensational Split From One Source. The first is a powder keg of adrenaline and anger thrust through the ear with crippling rhythms and unbridled creative energy whilst the second is a track which opens and closes on a wonderful emotive wash of just vocals and guitar within a chilling atmosphere. In between the song is a glorious journey of emotion, passion, and enterprise moving through multiple layers of intensity and sound whilst combining the warmth of melodic rock to the malevolence of extreme metal seamlessly and majestically. It is a song with a completely unique presence to the others showing the depths of the songwriting, imagination, and skill of the band. If you had to muster a slight criticism of the album it would be a similarity between some of the tracks in their breath but certainly not here.

Finishing on another sonic and merciless maelstrom in Shattered (Wasted), the album is an outstanding release which will ignite fires in rock and metal fans alike. Subjektive take no prisoners but they treat you right at the same time with one of the finest albums of 2012.

RingMaster 20/12/2012

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Bombers: Drawing / Buddy’s In A Cult

bombers 2

Crawling all over the senses with sonic clutches of psyche post punk, the new single from UK band Bombers is an unfiltered treat of barbed lures and raw expression. Offering a double track acidic caress, the release has a chilled yet hypnotic beauty which whips one back to the vintage days of the post punk whilst wrapping the ear in a fresh and inciting sharpness.

Released through Dead London Records on January 28th, the single follows their acclaimed debut EP Film Fanatic of just over a year ago. With further tracks in the pipeline, the two songs which make up the single confirm the Birmingham quartet of vocalist/guitarist David Duell, guitarist Matty Warke, bassist Darren Mullen, and drummer David Owen, as a band primed to turn 2013 into something big for them and us through their very satisfying frenzied abrasions of discord beauty and melodic scouring.

Drawing immediately starts on the ear with guitar grazes and a resonating bassline amongst snapping rhythms. As the vocals of 315701_535577199787986_2064140191_nDuell add their nails to the encounter the track is a near toxic rub of sonic teasing and fiery energy. It is a compulsive presence using simple barbed enterprise and small snatches of repetition to great effect and coming over like a slightly unhinged hybrid of The Fall, Joy Division and Artery. A fingertip short of two minutes the track is a thrilling excursion into tart aural shadows and quite simply mesmeric.

Accompanying the song is the equally irresistible Buddy’s In A Cult, its entrance on another delicious bassline and Joy Division inspired guitar coaxing an instant compulsive embrace impossible to ignore. Once Duell adds his cold tones the Exploding Seagulls song Johnny Runs For Paregoric springs to mind. Bombers soon take the senses into different dark corridors though with flames of passion vocally and musically to light the way whilst the drums of Owen rally energies with barracking rhythms to enthuse further the whole enthralling experience. Again barely long enough to warm up the speakers the tasty little sonic tartlet is a real gem and arguably outshines its partner.

Both tracks are outstanding and show that there are still creative melody violating artists out there with imagination and dark inspiring intent. Bombers are on the runway and ready to drop the biggest thrills for 2013 (oh come on there had to be an obvious flight reference from us at some point.)

RingMaster 20/12/2012

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