Depopulate: Till Man Exists No More

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Rich in primal malevolence and driven by bestial spite, the debut EP from Polish death metallers Depopulate is a towering threat to the senses and an equally rewarding treat for the passions. Till Man Exists No More does not venture to unknown places of originality or intrigue but simply unleashes invigorating violent assaults borne of well-trodden but accomplished violations. It is a crushing release which brings solid satisfaction and inciting maliciousness; whether it is good for the health is debatable but no one truly cares when it sounds as good as this.

Originally formed in 2012 as Eviscerated, the Katowice quintet of vocalist Kostek, guitarists Rumun and Bishop, bassist Skowron, and Jack on drums has become an emerging force within a full and busy Polish underground scene. The release of Till Man Exists No More is a step which with its strength and great sounds should take the band to the fore locally and to good attention further afield. It is a menace with muscles which leave permanent bruises on the psyche and a ravishment that shows no mercy or restraint, what could be better?

After a hellish but unsurprising intro, the album seizes control of the ear and beyond with Deranged I Slice. It is an instant 283767_375063755876283_2104401961_ncorruption of sonic lashing and crippling riffs from the guitars and bass, destructive unrelenting drums, and guttural bile cored vocal scowls which just captivate. It is basically a storm of aggressive spite and energy sapping malice brought with skill and enterprise. As mentioned there is not anything particularly adventurous going on but the song and release ignites something different with its raw and uncluttered presence. It is extreme metal dragged through hell by its strongest assets and Depopulate the accomplished deliverers.

The first track is brief and explosive, a pleasing trait for the whole release as the likes of Pandemic Lust and Wastesoaked next add their infernal corrosions. The first is a sand blast of caustic venom with again the drums of Jack nothing but impressive and the sonic scarring of the guitars a lethal confrontation to devour eagerly. The track gnaws and tears the senses from start to finish with rabid hunger, its inspiring passage a ragged embrace. The second emerges out of the wake of its predecessor and continues the unbridled pummelling. The bass finds an extra menace to its prowling intent whilst the song as a whole just bears flesh ripping rhythmic teeth and sonic viciousness throughout.

The romantic Show Me The Way To Your Heart steps up next… well with a title like that there is an uncertainty as what it will offer but rest assured it is as hateful and deadly as what came before with no sap included. Like all the tracks it is not always an easy listen but completely rewarding. It is a monstrous outrage which demands many returns to its lair, though the release is exactly the same to be fair and both receive their wishes.

Closing with the final sonic humiliation of the senses with the excellent Harvesting Human Flesh, the EP is a mighty release which one can only recommend to all genre fans. It provides all the fruits to satisfy all needs from a death metal release and for an introduction will ensure Depopulate is a name to be noted. Certainly for fans of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Devourment, Obscenity, and Aborted, Till Man Exists No More is a recommended listen.

RingMaster 12/12/2012

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