Dylan Mondegreen – Self Titled

Photo: Julie Pike

Thoroughly enchanting the new album from Dylan Mondegreen is a mesmeric gem of a release, a warm breeze over the senses and a sensuous piece of emotive elegance. The self titled release offers a collection of songs which are as reflective as they are wonderfully tender and atmospherically hazy. Like a summers dawn or evening sunset the album is a gently caressing treat to bask within.

Dylan Mondegreen (Mondegreen meaning misheard lyrics and Dylan referring to the legend himself) is the pseudonym of Norwegian singer songwriter Børge Sildnes, who has been creating his indie pop sounds since the mid-2000s. The new album is his third but the first to be released in the UK and continues his impressive releases of expertly crafted folk and rock/pop. It follows his debut While I Walk You Home of 2007 and The World Spins On two years later. Co-produced with Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, The Field Mice) the new release is an open yet subtle blend of aural whispers and heart borne beauty brought with sophisticated breath and organic textures.

Castaway wraps itself around the ear first with emotive strings and balmy ambience as the mellow tones of Sildnes stroke with soft and expressive emotion. The song is an instant draw which soaks the senses like compassionate waves to captivate from first note to last. It is an enveloping pleasure to start the album off though subsequent songs prove to be even more impressive.

The album is certainly a personal release with songs like Life As A Father shining in craft and passion. It is impossible not to be touched by the track or induced into a personal piece of reflective thinking. Not for the first time on the release the wonderfully sensual vocals of Maria Due add graceful flourishes to a song to light more simmering fires within.

As songs like The Heart Is A Muscle, the superb It Takes Two with its summery presence and steel drum incitement, and the irresistible You Make It Easy with its infectious heart and jangly pop energy, jump all over the ear with keen intent but a soothing touch it is impossible not to drift into a world of sunshine coaxed solitude of thought and feelings.

Different emotions touch the senses across the album with a delicate embracing across the songs through intelligent and expressive lyrics, their delivery, and the accomplished sounds which hold them. It is so easy to sink into the enveloping moods brought by the release, especially the sounds of the string ensemble, with the melancholic and dreamy sounds they conjure a grand beauty and a perfect companion to the dream pop flavours alongside, the combined union making for a rich orchestral landscape to explore and immerse within.

Dylan Mondegreen the album, is a delicious pleasure of bewitching passion pop to take one into serene realms and sparkling emotional experiences dark and light which all have experienced, whilst the artist himself is the one who holds the musical keys to make it all happen.


RingMaster 07/10/2012

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