Only The Good: Time Flies EP

UK rockers Only The Good have earned a strong reputation for their vibrant sounds and live performances around their home county, the Midlands, and further afield. Listening to their latest EP Time Flies, it is easy to understand the enthusiasm to their music, the four songs making up the impressive and enjoyable release prime slices of thumping and energetic rock n roll.

The past four years has seen the quintet supporting bands such as Boots Electric, Cursive, Pride Tiger, Bryn Christopher, Disarm Goliath, Liberty Lies, and Skreamer, as well as lighting up local venues and places in London and Liverpool. It has been a steady ride and rise which has marked the band as one to watch. Listening to the release one still feels there is more for the band to find within themselves, a unique breath yet to be discovered, but such the enjoyment and quality of the Time Flies EP it just makes the future for the band one to keenly anticipate.

The title track opens things up and immediately has the heart and pulse dancing to its tune. Thumping rhythms frame sturdy riffs and tight melodic invention whilst the vocals are easy on the ear.  The combined group effort for the chorus simply incites an anthemic attraction impossible to refuse. The guitar play is pleasingly inventive, the incendiary solo and sparking enterprise around it instantly contagious. It is the bass though which steals the show, its growling presence equally dynamic and intimidating. The song does feel like an old friend yet to be met and wastes no time in making a longstanding and welcome connection with the emotions.

The following Manimal sizzles from its opening sonic caress with again the bass bringing a great shadowed depth to the song. Also openly anthemic, the track has a punk breath to its attitude and swagger which ticks all the right boxes. None of the songs can be described as bruising riots but there is a muscular and forceful energy to the track which ensures it will inflame a cross section of tastes.

The other two songs completing the release continue to offer something with a little diversity. Do Or Die opens with a slight Metallica like gentle beckoning before raising its energies to a mid paced thrash spiced slab of rock. The heart of the song is full of passion and finely crafted melodic flames to light up the senses and though the song does not quite live up to the previous pair it ensures a greedy appetite for its heated sounds.

Closer Shut Down is a song which evolves in personal tastes. The skilled and accomplished breath driving the song is refreshing and the song itself well crafted. Admittedly it did not fire up the same enthusiasm as for the other trio of tracks, but once into its stirring and dynamic climax it emerges another winner. The finale is a real adrenaline rush which leaves one on a high and making a decent song into an attention grabbing one.

Only The Good is a band with a strong future especially if they can evolve an individual element to lift them above similarly fuelled bands. On the evidence of the Time Flies EP, you would not bet against them.

RingMaster 24/10/2012

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The Mourning Sickness: Gets In A Ruction

Bored of the usual structures and routines in indie rock music, the safe and rule following creativity which leaves one satisfied for short bursts only? Then time to check out The Mourning Sickness and their latest album Gets In A Ruction. Now this is a release which will have you at times scratching your head in disbelief and struggling to understand what is going on but it is also an album which is a refreshing piece of fun. It is hard to know why it works so well and it will without doubt spark individual and distinct reactions from person to person, but it has to be said any time in the company of Gets In A Ruction is only enjoyable.

The Mourning Sickness is a progressive/rock/noise trio from Denver, Colorado. Formed by guitarist Matthew Maher, the band has been conjuring unique sounds for the past seventeen years or so. Completed by bassist Jeff Dunn and drummer/percussionist Joe Wilkinson, the band has gigged extensively yet been ignored by local media and the underground scene according to their bio. One can only wonder if their unconventional intent and sound scares most off but it is surprising they have remained relatively invisible over their years listening to their album. Gets in a Ruction is the fourth full length release from the band and  whether it will raise their profile any higher with its compulsive sounds one doubts though it deserves to;  if  they have struggled until now it is hard to imagine much changing, not that the band truly cares one suspects. Released on Enjoy Your Symptom Records, the album offers a mix which can only be described as Wall of Voodoo and Pere Ubu spliced into the genes of an offspring between Spizzenergi and Cardiacs. It is a sound which draws you in and then mystifies and excites equally.

The release opens with Snow Wimps, a track with quite irresistible grooves and unpredictable juggling rhythms. Unpredictable is the best word to describe the album, no prediction of what is to come has a chance of being accurate such the warped imagination going on. From its quirky swagger the track unleashes a brief punk driven rampage to be swiftly followed by a sultry progressive weave of elegance, the strolling jazzy shadowed bass sounds a constant core through all the aspects the song offers. Vocally it is a little challenging but with a slight Stan Ridgway lilt soon that part of the track proves itself too.

The following Beelzebufo with its ska tease and mischievous tale of prehistoric devil toads took a while to win its case against personal preference but ultimately did emerge as a decent enough pleasure though never to the heights of other tracks like its successor Octopus. The song can be best described as ska/blues  punk though no track fits a defined tag even remotely to be honest. One of  a few  which borders irretrievable chaos, it leaves a massive grin on face and emotions alongside the ever present quizzical look.

Richard, a song about men with the name ‘Dick’, and impressive instrumental Iron keep the fires of sheer pleasure burning bright, the first a simple melodic canter complete with Cajun discord and the second a neatly crafted and contagious piece of metallic enterprise. By this point the album has proven to be nicely varied and quite unassuming considering the directness of the maniacal imagination going on.

As songs like Distaste For Food And An urge To Vomit, a song about teenage eating disorders, the discord breathing  Only Good News Show, and Bubby Peak  taunt and disorientate thoughts with their devilish invention and lyrical irreverence, the last of the trio about outrageously large male members, it is impossible not to be engrossed in what the band offer. That enthrallment comes with strong enjoyment too to make the whole experience great  fun hand in hand with a slight disbelief to how it works.

Musically the trio are certainly skilled and accomplished which adds to the effect and strength of the release, their ideas and creativity maybe bent out of recognition for most but its technical delivery rivals any one. Ending on the excellent final scarred expulsion that is A Study In Tyranny, a song which would fit perfectly in a modern version of the album Do A Runner from Spizzenergi, The Mourning Sickness has produced a release which given time makes for one thrilling and unique experience.  Gets In A Ruction is not going to work for everyone but certainly deserves a chance to plead its case, anyway what have you got to lose….. apart from your sanity.

RingMaster 24/10/2012

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Tapewyrm: Nightmares & Noizescapes Volume 02

If you thought sonic beauty had to come from warm melodies and passionate harmonies then check out Nightmares & Noizescapes Volume 02, the new release from UK noiseweaver Tapewyrm. The five track inferno of corrosive sounds and stark consuming passion will not be an obvious attraction for some, for many it will be a scathing violation too far, but immersed within its industrial corruption it is impossible not to be mesmerised by the senses sapping and synapse blistering experience.

The studio project of Michael Drayven, Tapewyrm emerged in 2010 and took the following year to refine and define the startling and compulsive sounds which first graced debut demo Nightmares & Noizescapes Volume 01 and this its successor. The EP is a release you breathe, feel, and emotionally succumb to, a challenge to be met and a lingering infestation to lose composure and mental strength within. The primarily instrumental pieces making up the release expose raw thoughts and feelings, providing a further caustic rub to the wound with the oppressive reality of life and society brought through its unavoidable sounds. As mentioned it is not the easiest engagement to let gestate in the psyche but is certainly openly rewarding.

The opening Save Yourself is the bench mark for the release in how it will lie on individual tastes, survive its malevolence and staggering explosive textures and the subsequent cluster bombs of noise and aural vehemence will be devoured like manna from heaven, a cold and destructive one admittedly. The track sears the edges of the senses with its sonic scorching and distorted atmospheres, the torrid attrition even in its brief form equally numbing and deeply thrilling.

The track leads into the following Debased, a possibly less intense assault but with an insidious presence which envelops and consumes with distinct ease and merciless effect. The rhythms are a perpetual probing, their insistent and persistent raps like a rabid hungry sand storm forcing its charred and twisted metallic salt strikes into the now gaping emotive wounds.

Figments and Insomnia find different routes to unleash their warped pleasures, the first with an almost seductive entrance. It opens with an almost shy shuffling introduction offering a relative peace before the outbreak of still restrained but erosive steam punk like sonic expulsions. There is a blanket of heavy ambience through which shards of sound spear and cascade into the ear from, the almost unnoticeable build only breaking fully free in the final climactic crescendo. The second of the pair offers a more dare one say melodic heart, though it is all beneath and swamped by the surface acid which leaves its burning rasping sonic tongue across ear and heart. Spoken words emerge from the nightmarish failure to find wanted peace to spark obvious thoughts related to the title but also of life in a world where ‘sleep’ is never a given. The great thing about the EP is whatever the intent of its author and sounds personal interpretation is incited track after track.

Carbon Copy ends the release as the first began, as an unrelenting and emotion deforming storm of devastation, the scarring repetition a delicious and dehabilitating intrusion. As the whole release itself, the song has a nasty and unforgiving beauty. It spills its majestic noise bile with a merciless passion but all the while leaves one basking in the assault and its incendiary presence.

If noise and industrial spoils with the intent to ravish and bleed the senses  sparks any form of anticipation than Tapewyrm and  Nightmares & Noizescapes Volume 02 is a must encounter.

Download Tapewyrm – Nightmares & Noizescapes Volume 02 and volume 01 for free from

RingMaster 24/10/2012

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