Silent Leges Inter Arma: Self Titled

Since forming in 2007, German black metallers Silent Leges Inter Arma has built up a strong fan base and reputation for their deeply shadowed sounds. Early releases brought good word towards their distinct black and death coated form of metal which now with the release of their debut self titled album, should spread much further afield and into plenty more responsive hearts.

The trio from Rostock, take their name from a quote from  Roman politician and philosopher Cicero, which roughly translates as “Under the weapons the laws keep silent”. From the moment of their first demo in 2008 they have drawn a keen response their way. Their EP Synästhesie followed in 2009 and was given great reviews and acceptance upon its release through Deviant Records. This was surrounded and continued with impressive live shows alongside bands such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Endstill, Angantyr, Endstille, Mathyr, and Todtgelichter as well as a tour with Totalselfhatred and Hypothermia. From the end of 2010 going into 2011 the band set to work on their debut album, its release coming through Eisenwald Records. It is an album one can only seeing further enhancing their reputation, its imaginative and thoughtful sounds bringing a fresh and captivating breath. It arguably falls short of challenging best of lists come the end of the year but as a release to inspire and hold longevity in an enthused companionship, it stands with any other.

As the drooling bass opens up We Are the sense that things will not be sticking to a formula is immediate, the subsequent eight tracks soon providing the proof. The track spreads into a storm of pounding rhythms and enveloping riffs and though it is not particularly destructive or venomous it certainly has a sinister breath to leave the senses smarting but awakened by the skilled guitar play. The song is not ground breaking but offers something undeniably different. The vocals are a dark rasp upon the ear without trying to be corrosive but still provide plenty of shadowed threats in their expression. The core groove of the song is catchy and welcoming whilst the guitar and bass flare and scythe across the air with expertise and a magnetic presence.

    Falcon-Headed One and the excellent I Will Hunt You Down follow with equally impressive enterprise. The first  is a brewing atmospheric weave which moves into a heavy cloud of intense energy and punishing rhythms. The vocals bring a darker growl to their crawl whilst once more the guitars mesmerise with imagination and craft. The song is not as accessible as the first or its outstanding successor but enthrals and ignites satisfaction from first grasping note to last. The other is a teasing and twisting romp which wraps a delicious unforgettable groove around the ear. Its attraction is full and distracting whilst the nastier rhythms and vocals take full advantage with their intensive intent to bring a great balance and ally to the contagiousness of the track.

The scorching melodic lure of Beyond The Light drags one willingly into its tempest of aural vehemence whilst Shades is a beautiful guitar instrumental which evokes the imagination and provokes the heart . The album has a pleasing and thoughtful diversity across its length, this pair as prominent and rewarding as anywhere on the album.

Silent Leges Inter Arma  continue the compulsive experience through the remaining tracks For The Dead, Wings, and In Shadows Again, all skilful and absorbing slices of invention with the last another enchanting guitar piece to leave a lasting warmth.

Silent Leges Inter Arma has created a fine album with a strong energy and creativity which has plenty for any black and melodic metal fans.

RingMaster 15/10/2012

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Lost In Alaska: Time Of Solution EP

A sonic canker as contaminating as it is toweringly impressive, the Time Of Solution EP from Russian deathcore band Lost In Alaska is a magnificent and rewarding assault on the senses. It devours and consumes with enterprise and skilled invention to leave one gasping for breath but basking in the intrusive experience.

Formed in 2008, Lost In Alaska consists of five musicians who ‘took up one of the heaviest directions in music to express what they actually feel – that was the pain of disappointment and pain of salvation.’ They immediately set about creating music which would demand and earn strong attention and responses, their debut EP Words Full Of Ice of 2009 a well received piece of brutality from fans and fellow local bands alike. Similarly their debut album of last year Zodiac lifted their stock to build on their enhanced and elevated reputation across the years from their immense shows and performances alongside the likes of Norma Jean, Caliban, Napalm Death, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Sonic Syndicate, and Tasters Choice. Recently the band signed a management deal with GlobMetal Promotions and whilst listening to Time Of Solution you can only feel this is the time of and big step into the widest recognition, certainly the key to its lock. Consisting of three colossal tracks of power and invention, the release out via Headxplode Records, is a devastating and rewarding slab of nasty, vindictive, and satisfying intensity.

     The Inevitable Changes is the first to bruise the ears and beyond, its incendiary energy and abrasive guitar flames instantly mesmeric and eager to continue their charm from within the soon to envelop and blister thunderous rhythms and annihilatory riffs. The emerging groove is irresistible and still whispers in the ear when it makes way for the offensive beats and sonic intrusions. Though a full abrasion and dripping malice, the song shares a great melodic solo which is as cutting as the forceful weight of the assault surrounding it is oppressive, the song greedy to engage and intimidate. Ivan Nikolaev growls and scowls with anger and spite, his vocals dripping bile from each syllable to match and drive further the aggression and vindictive nature of the track.

It is a taunting and barbarous beginning easily supported by the title track. It is another insatiable absorption of light and safety, the carnivorous bass and vicious rhythms gnawing and resonating bone whilst the guitars of Maxim Zadorin and Vladislav Suharev scar and set flame to the senses with their sonic fires and imaginative unpredictable ingenuity. Like the release as a whole, the song twists and turns without warning but ensures the onslaught never loses its impact or might. Like the first it is unrelenting and leaves thoughts and senses mere husks beneath its violent tempest.

The closing Pursuit Of Happiness is no different, its effect and immense strength a continuation of previous songs though its body is distinct in its structure and gait with a breath as inventively depraved and wonderfully corrupt as before. The pulsating air of the song burns like acid within the molten fire of energy and aggression to bring further variety and imagination to the release. As across the EP the drums of Antony Poddyachiy show no mercy or lack of invention whilst bassist Alex Kurochkin is a hungry beast snarling and biting from within the collision of hateful intensity and unbridled aggression.

The Time Of Solution EP is an outstanding release showing that Lost In Alaska is one of the more accomplished and impressive deathcore bands around, there time is nigh.

RingMaster 15/10/2012

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